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What Media Streamer?

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Hi guys,

What media streamer you recommend please for playing large MKV files?
I have an AC Ryan Veolo and when I play MKV files with DTS MA larger than 12GB
it stutters. It is connected with 1000mbs network. When I play same files with my
Laptop on the same network connection through MPC HC they play flawless.
Videos are stored in a Seagate Central NAS drive.

Thanks in advance
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I know the WDTV live can play them and, even though they are no longer sold, the Boxee Box can play them.
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I have a spare pc Windows 7 platform that is used only for running Mezzmo and I accomplish what your asking with out a hitch. No external media boxes, I use built in Samsung tv software.

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Thanks for your reply guys.
Have to decide between WDTV Live and Mede8er 400X2S. Looks like the Mede8er is more powerful.
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Is the Mede8er 600X3D worth the extra money. I won't be using 3D but it's better to have better processor for smooth playing.
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The WDTV plays smoothly up to bitrates of ~50 Mbit/s.
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