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Just moved into a home here in Southern California; looking for some advice on Home Networking.

Essentially I'm looking for advice from actual users of 802.11ac to stream 1:1 BD ISO rips over wifi. I know it's possible and a lot of people are using it. I've read plenty of reviews with real world testing of streaming full BD ISO rips over ac wifi.

I have an HTPC that houses all my media, including full BD ISO rips, amongst other high bitrate MKV's, etc. This is in my Home Theater. In my bedroom I have the Dune Smart D1 network media player. The Home Theater and the Bedroom are separated by a Living Room in the middle, but are on the same level.

Previously I was in a little apartment where I was running an Ethernet Cable to stream the media; I've looked at all options for running the cable in this home and it's somewhat impossible. I'd like to use the 802.11ac wifi to do the same. I've used 5Ghz N band to stream in the past and all but my 1:1 BD ISO's were able to stream ... since 802.11ac can handle full BD ISO's, I'd like to use that.

What I primarily want advice on to begin with:

- What Router/Adapter should I get (Brand/Model). If someone has experience doing what I'm doing and successfully stream BD ISO's, I'd be interested to get the same brand/model as you have.
- Since I'm streaming from a Windows 8 PC to a Dune Smart D1, how do I get this networking to work ... do I need to 2 Routers?

Any advice would be helpful.