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Noob question regarding HDMI switches....

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Simple scenario, but I plead ignorance to this sort of thing since it's the first time I've ever tried to do something like this.

I have a PS3 and a PS4 and two TV's: A large screen 70" Sharp and a smaller 42" Bravia. So what I want to be able to do without manually switching cables is to watch Netflix on one system while playing on the other, and I want to be able to do this with either TV. In other words, let's say tonight I want to play The Last of Us on my PS3 on the 70" while having the PS4 hooked up to my 42" with a youtube video on showing a walkthrough of the same game. Then let's say tomorrow I get the urge to play Resogun on the 72" while listening to music from my PS3 on the 42" (these are just scenarios I pulled out of my ass, so don't try to analyze that aspect of it. lol)

Can this be done? Is that what a switch does or do they just allow a single signal to be sent? Any and all advice is welcome....
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You need a 2x2 matrix switch, although you might want a 4x2 in case you add more inputs later.

As long as both TVs are the same resolution and you don't need multichannel audio, you shouldn't have any problems. Use High Speed HDMI cables.
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Thanks Andy - just the sort of answer I was hoping for..... Any recommendations as to which one I should get? Do I get what I pay for?
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You probably won't need an expensive one since you aren't doing anything fancy. Try the Monoprice website.
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The reviews of different models of the cheaper HDMI switchers tend to be far and few between and results remain mixed. Monoprice switchers certainly get more reviews, but read their reviews for more information...

So, $75 will get you in the door, but no guarantees of reliability, which is often the big thing. That's what more money buys, and it can often be a fair bit more money.

The Gefen Toolbox piece I've used personally and it did work well:

That's four times the price, with what ends up being a pretty similar product.

If I had unlimited funds, I think I would start a website that just compared different HDMI matrixes and put them through their paces.
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