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hdmi to ip stream ?

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Hello all, im currently using the belkin @tv or a monsoon blast to go from composite or component video and audio to my network and out to my 13 android tablets. With bluray getting away from anything but hdmi im looking for a solution to push my bluray and direct tv signals via hdmi to my tablets. Does anyone have any ideas on doing this other than a multithousand dollar hdmi to iptv encoder ? preferably leaving hdcp intact ? thanks so much for your help 

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Hi Ablackwell,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't think you can get there from here.

The data-rate of HDMI when running1080p24 is approximately 1.2 gigabits, not including the audio. You would need a 10 gigabit Ethernet in order to support Blu-Ray's image quality without compression.

So what you need is a device that can compress the stream in real-time, and also respond correctly to the HDCP protocol. But since this form of re-transmission is exactly what HDCP is intended to prevent, it's unlikely you will find such a device. It is also likely to be expensive, as compressing that much data in real-time is not trivial task.

That is why most of us send the native Blu-Ray compressed data down our networks, with media players at the TV end.
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Hi Ablackwell,
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Yes. The Slingbox 500 might work for you, if you don't mind the quality loss. It does do the compression that you would require, and does accept HDMI, but it does a very lossy compression all the way down to 2mbps.

I just learned that there is now Slingplayer software for tablets. If you plan to use wireless to your Androids, then you couldn't preserve Blu-Ray quality anyway, so Slingbox may work for you.
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