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This post is piggybacking on a discussion of 8" servo subs on the GR-Research forum on Audio Circle. The discussion revolved around an 8" servo sub under development with GR-Research having 16 ohm versions of the drivers for use in open baffle designs and Rythmik having 4 and 8 ohm versions for use in sealed or ported designs.

I am looking to build a small sub for my office desktop system. While I want a sub that will play low, high spl is not necessary since the sub will only be 3-4 ft from me. The main purpose of the system is background music while I am working.

Back in December, Brian was testing the new amp in a two driver setup. What is the current status of these subs?


Oops I meant for this to be posted in the Rythmik owner's thread but pushed the wrong button. I have re-posted it in that thread but I don't know how to delete this one. Sorry bout that

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