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Sony KV-14DA75 won't turn on at random o_O

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Hello Everyone,
I was searching information about repairing a Sony 14" CRT TV I bought here in Japan and stumbled upon this great forum.
The TV is the last 14 inch CRT produced by sony before ceasing CRT production, the KV14-DA75
the item pictured here:
http://item.rakuten.co.jp/frens/152-316/ (it has all sorts of inputs including RGBS and Component, although both using Japanese connectors) 
It was working perfectly when I received this used model (built in 2005), so here's a recap of my experience with it:
I accessed the service menu (actually there are two here, one is solely used to adjust screen rotation and vertical position, the other has two godzillion settings instead) and adjusted some parameters (geometry mainly, the picture was also badly tilted so I adjusted rotation as well).
I saved the settings and the TV went on working for two months pretty fine, when all of a sudden it wasn't switching-on anymore (no blinking lights, it is as if it was unplugged).
I plug the TV directly to the wall socket and anything else I plug on the same socket works perfectly fine. I also tried connecting it to other sockets but same behavior.
Now for the silly part: I kept it there for 3 weeks, idle, as I had no time to look into repairs, when I finally decided to do something about it, I just tried one more time to switch it on, and bam, it worked, no need for repairs!
I thought to myself "lucky me, maybe it was just a glitch!", and kept on using the tv (doing some further adjustments, but only on the first day) for another 2 weeks, then again, without notice, it's not switching on.
The TV is not getting any humidity or anything, and there have been no storms (or other things) that could justify a burn-out of electrical parts due to who knows what kind of sudden spike (besides it did exactly the same thing the last time and then came back to life), also, I opened it up and checked the fuse (the only thing I could do with my limited knowledge) and it's intact.
I really love this little 14incher and they don't make them anymore, it really pains me to see it there dead, so I thought I would ask experts what might be causing the problem.
Thank you in advance for your valued opinion,
Kindest Regards

One thing I noticed is that one of the service menus (the one for screen rotation) asks if you want for the same menu to appear again the next time you turn the TV on. I said yes the first time, but when I switched it back on, it didn't come up, not for several sessions, then all of a sudden, one day, it came out upon switching on the TV. (notice that when this menu is called, the TV does a strange "clicking", audible to the point I knew the menu was coming up before the screen would turn on).
Once again it asked if I wanted the menu to re-appear next, I said yes again, but like last time nothing came out on subsequent switch-ons.

One of the things I though was that the screen rotation menu option (of "re-appearing" again on the next switch-on) might be causing some sort of mess, as even if you say yes it doesn't come up, then will (all of a sudden), and after some more viewing sessions, the TV won't switch on.

But might be totally unrelated of course.

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Try telling it no in that menu and see what it does over time. Maybe it's stuck in a service loop that glitches it or times out.
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Thanks for your reply.

If it comes back to life again (hopefully) I will try that ^^;

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Oops, sorry, I missed the dead part. redface.gif
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Please see David's original post.
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No problem, and besides your opinion gave me some hope it could turn for the better eventually ^^;

Like many here I'm sure, I'm so fond of CRTs, I might seem crazy to people with no interest in them. At home I often hang around it trying to switch it on and see it comes back to life, like the last time (my wife started picking on me about it ^^;).

When we move to a bigger place I want to get a few more, but now space is so limited that if I buy another one I'll have to get rid of this (and it would pain me too much). Professional repair at the Sony center in Ueno, I believe would cost more than buying another used one (brand new they went for 60.000 yen) o_O .

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Just for information: like the last time the TV went back on after the same amount of time, and I got the rotation menu so I think this guy is the culprit.

This time I said I don't want the menu to appear again, I hope things go well. Besides, the CRT was really installed in the wrong way as even with maximum rotation I don't get a perfectly aligned screen, I ended up moving the yoke manually in order to get a perfectly aligned picture ^^;

Anyway for now everything's fine and dandy and I hope it stays that way, this TV is really an amazing CRT:)

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