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VIZIO RAZOR LED M320NV calibration

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Hi guys


1st post. I don't mean to spam the forum with my seeking of help; please trust I've done plenty of googling to no avail— thought my tv model was more popular but I guess not


Before I resort to purchasing a calibration disc I was wondering if maybe someone had my TV and could help


I really like my tv but I always thought it could be tweaked a bit better


Any google results turned up results for similar tvs but not my exact one so any settings I tried out seemed a little wonky to me


Wondering if anyone can help me out here that has the same TV


I mostly use this TV to play PS4


Thanks a lot

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Copying settings gets you a whopping 4% chance of doing better than the stock movie mode in a TV. And this was on the most expensive TVs too. This also means that you have a greater than 96% chance of making things worse than the stock mode ... or coming up with something little different than stock.

But if you are not in the mood to actually verify if copied settings actually gave you a better result (needs test equipment) ... then you just keep swapping numbers until you end up with something you "like" which has nothing to do with what things are supposed to look like or "calibration" for that matter. Then what are you doing in a calibration forum?tongue.gif

If you just get a test disc and follow the instructions ... you will end up much better than any copied numbers can get you. Test discs start from free and go to about $40.


This article lays out your only reasonable alternatives.

1. Buy a test disc and learn how to use it ($0 to $40)
2. Buy a test disc and software and hardware and learn how to use all that. You will get a better result eventually ... may take a year of learning to get there. Scrounging for tidbits of information here and there. ($150-$500 for gear) Cost of your time = $0
3. Hire a good professional calibrator to get your TV set up right ... the first time. And you get the confidence as well. ($300-$500)
4. Buy a test disc and software and hardware and pay for professional level training on how to do this. Cost of training is $100 to $2000+ and paying more does not mean you get a better product.

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