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So Confused As To What To Choose

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This is my first post here, so I appreciate the help.  I am looking for a new TV for my large open living room. I am on what I would consider a medium budget of about $1,500 to an absolute max budget of $2,000. I am looking for a 65" because of the size of the room.  I currently have a approximately 5 year old 46" JVC LCD display that I am actually very happy with, but it is just way to small for the large room. 


I did a bunch of research on TV's did some reading, asked guys at Video Only, and at Best Buy and now I am just not sure what the heck to do.  I looked at the Samsung 65" 7100 which I could get for $1,999, but then read a bunch of reviews on the 65" 6300 which was $400 less, but when I saw it in person it was just not a great picture.  Washed out and poor contrast. Then I started considering Plasma, but I have been told unless I want to spend $3,000 on a plasma that I would get a better picture from LED now.  


I would like to have something before the Super Bowl if possible, but I don't want to rush to a decision either.  I would appreciate any help in a direction to go and am very open to any specific models.  Again a $1,500 to max of $2,000 budget and 65" display.  I would consider going down to 60" if it was a significantly better display for the cost. Thanks again for your help. 


I apologize if I am not in the right place.  Please move accordingly if I am not. 

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Keep in mind more often them not, the televisions you see on display have not been calibrated, so you are not getting a true representation of what the picture will look like once you get it home and make the necessary adjustments.

I too had the same budget as you and was also looking for a 65". After much research (the final piece to the puzzle being WHAT I LIKED) I found the best "bang for my buck" along with the best picture was the Vizio M651d-a2r.

I have had my tv for one week now and not only do I think the picture is truly impressive, but I had some friends over who were videophiles and all were blown away by what they were seeing.

Best of luck on your search!
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Thanks for the feedback.  I will be sure to check that one out as well. Cheers!

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That is the model of TV I will most likely being buying in the 55'' size.. The Vizio M

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I checked & the Samsung 7100 has much better contrast & black levels than the Samsung 6300.

6300 review
Weak black level of 0.065 cd/m2 & a low ANSI contrast of 1580:1.

7100 review
Good black level of 0.028 cd/m2 & a very high contrast of 4,212:1.

That is the reason why you saw the 6300 looking washed out. The extra $400 will be worth it to upgrade to the 7100.

And yes, you will not find any high tier plasma under $2000 for a 65" model.
The price for the 55" Samsung & Panasonic high end plasma models are around that price alone.
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If you can sacrifice to a 60 inch, you may want to look at the Sony KDL-60R550A for $1,500. It's a nice set with a great picture and you get very good Passive 3D.
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Thanks for all the feedback.  I ended up with the Samsung 65" F7100.  I did the calibration I found on the LCD buying guide website.  So far it is great.  Messed with the 3D a little, but I will not likely use that much.  The picture quality is great and it goes great with my 7.1 Onkyo home theatre audio system.  No just the question of what movie to watch tonight???

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