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Denon avr-1613 issues

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I have just added a definitive pro series 600 speakers to my denon receiver using 14 gauge wire less than 50 feet . The receiver shuts down at volumes 62 db and up and red light blinks continuously ( Why) receiver not in cabinet has airflow above and around it . The same problem occurs with DVD movies, tv , music . Is this an overheating problem or wire not being 16 gauge . Please help . Thanks Rob

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Are you using banana plugs or bare wire?

If bare wire check for any loose strands on the terminals on the back of the speakers and receiver too.

16ga wire is thinner than 14ga. If you really have 50 foot runs 14ga is as small as you want to go. You may even think about using 12ga wire which is thicker.

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Thanks for feedback so quickly, I am using raw wire and will now get banana plugs tonight . I bought monster 14 gauge from best buy and hoping banana plugs will resolve issue , as I tried using receiver and it now turns off immediately like there is a short so I will try those Plugs and connection polarities and keep you updated. Thanks a mill, Robert
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Quick note on wire length 25 feet to my surrounds and 8-10 feet on fronts . Should I switch to 16 gauge wire.. Robert
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If you already have the 14ga wire then no need to switch. The 16ga wire wont make your system sound better.
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I have to send back receiver denon avr 1613 as I think it's a defect and I t has 2 year warranty . Does denon back it's product ?
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As long as you purchased the unit from an authorized Denon dealer, Denon will honor the warranty. Ensure you are able to provide the original purchase invoice.
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I can't find my receipt , from best buy since I paid cash Black Friday 2012 so I doubt denon will warranty product as that has to be included before 2 years so I'm s--t out of luck lesson learned, no debating on denon for next purchase . Can anyone recommend a receiver for under 500 that will work well with definitive pro 600 speakers ?
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You can likely get a receipt from Best Buy as it's only been about 15 months since you purchased the unit and well within the 2 year warranty period.
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I just tried to obtain receipt , but I used an old credit card and actually bought it one day after Black Friday 2912 they were unable to trace it. I would have to my bank now and track purchase that way to prove to denon that I purchaed it to get credit or service
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That would work as well. You can also likely get assistance from your credit card issuer as well. smile.gif
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Thanks I'll update as to see if denon accepts my bank statement as proof of purchase.
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Hi roberto63, maybe you can use the email "Order Pickup Confirmation" if ordered through BB online. Also in that order confirmation email is a link to review your order.
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It was a walk in store purchase but that is a great idea since my later purchases were bought on line since BB offers free shipping over $25 , so that's a no brained to save my gas and time. BB does price match it's online competitor but you have to deal with associate for them to get override from manager so that means strip there.
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Update on my avr-1613 I had to call corporate and give reference number from my bank and they were able to forward receipt through system for me to get at best buy and now I brought in to warranty service for repair as receiver is still within its 2 ye warranty .
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Update on denon avr 1613 , denon repair shop says front speaker out on receiver is blown. This result from a wiring issue??? I followed method one on pro cinema 600 hook up. He said to bring in sub and speaker so he can test at shop , if anyone has had this problem please respond as pro cinema says to hook from receiver to high output sub then high out put on sub to speaker front in . This is odd since banana plugs two to same on positive and negative seems wrong . Any and all response to this hook up please help me on this . Thanks AVS followers and techs
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Update on my denon 1613 , my receiver is back and tech said front right input blown out . I went home and guess what my bare wire connection were touching each other which were my fault as I stripped to much wire and threaded one from too and the other up from bottom. Now all have banana ends and system sounds great. My only issue now is getting my apple and cable to get picture and sound as I ran all components into receiver an used hdmi out of receiver to arc 2 input on my samsung 8000 plasma but says no source ???? Any suggestions people
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