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Onkyo owner failed HDMI board poll - Page 2

Poll Results: I own an Onkyo AVR or pre-amp and...

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 61% (51)
    I have experienced a failed HDMI board
  • 32% (27)
    my Onkyo has been problem free
  • 3% (3)
    I own another brand AVR and it had its own failure/problems
  • 12% (10)
    I own another brand AVR and it's been problem free
83 Total Votes  
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I had a TX-NR906 that had an HDMI board fail 2 weeks out of warranty. To my knowledge that was before they started the one board replacement out of warranty program. The service center I brought it to said I should work with Onkyo to try to get them to replace it but I wanted to upgrade to an Integra DHC 80.3 anyway so I just did that. I have been using the 906 as my amplifier ever since I got the pre/pro and haven't had another issue.
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TXSR607 failed HDMI here and NR515 with compatibility issues (doesn't like computer HDMI outputs). Demon AVRX2000 no problems, but I now have to switch on the central heating as the house is no longer being warmed by the Onkyo, both of which could become untouchably hot even under low load. HDMI board location in direct fire of this heat a common problem?

I called customer support multiple times. Then they wanted an email. Sent an email them. Then had to follow up 11 days later after the email and call and email again because of zero response and them unable to find my original email. Only then did they make an effort and it took about a month in all for this to play out. Their customer service is pretty terrible. Didn't make a difference with buying the Integra product either.
Don't really know what your asking, but heat has been reported here to accelerate the hdmi board failure.

Yes Onkyo amplifiers do run warm which may contribute to or accelerate the HDMI board failure, but the boards themselves generate a lot of heat by themselves. Ever since I got my 80.3 I've had a 2 120mm computer case fans attached to the unit directly above the HDMI board; they are sucking air out. I've had it for right around 2 years and haven't had any issues. One year left in warranty. If I turn the fans off the pre/pro will get fairly warm directly above the HDMI board, not sure if it's warm enough to do any damage though. I figure better safe than sorry. With the fans on, the pre/pro remains at room temp.

Early on the primary issue was caps drying up from the heat. I don't know if this has been resolved with the use of higher quality caps but I have not heard of that being an issue with the DHC 80.3. In the past month several people with 80.3s have been reporting HDMI failures. Check the last few pages of the thread below. Apparently the main issue causing 80.3 boards to fail is the video processing chip itself. Supposedly the way it is attached to the HDMI board enables a high transfer of heat to the board and over time the boards fail.

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The HDMi board on my first 905 failed within the first year. My dealer was able to get Onkyo to swap machines rather than make me wait for a repair.

No problems with the replacement machine so far.

Boy does this unit run hot!
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wow Archaea, you and I seem to be traveling similar paths, between the Infinity sub issues and this. I have an issue with the 606 I bought on Craigslist. Was going to fix this one and look into getting an 818 in the near future. After reading this, I guess I'll be looking elsewhere. The fact that they have such a high failure rate and do nothing to address it, makes me nervous about rolling the dice on an 818 that on paper looks really nice.
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My Integra 80.2 HDMI failed and Onkyo was unable to repair it after two attempts, so they were kind enough to give me a new 80.3 as a replacement/upgrade. From that standpoint, it was great customer service, although the 80.2 was months in the shop.

Unfortunately the 80.3 front-panel HDMI port was dead from day one. I decided just to deal with it since I really needed my system up and running.
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Is there a list of Onkyo/Integra's that is, or more to the point is NOT prone to this type of failure? I was considering a DTR 80.3 but now I am having second thoughts. I really like Audyssey but there are others that use it also.

As this question went unanswered and the post just before this one speakes of a 80.2 failing that was eventually replace by a 80.3 with a dead front HDMI port right out of the box, I think it's safe to assume that they all are suspect. Time to scope out another brand.
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Geez, I have a 709 and a 509 and have not had any problems with either and I'm generally happy with them... but this thread does scare me, I was looking at a 626/727 for a third room but decided to jump ship and bought a Denon X2000 instead.
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Sell the 509 tomorrow. My HDMI board failed on 24/3 after 22 months...


Customer support is non-existent.


Never again.. never heard of them before I bought one, never want to hear of them again.

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