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Flutter echo

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Maybe I'll place my speakers in another room. This will cost me some time and heavy lifting! So I want to have some certainty that I will get some results.
I have a flutter echo ploblem in the room I want to place my speakers. I have greatly reduced it by putting al kind of stuff in the room (towels, wood to prefent parallel wal, a turned to the side bed, pillows).
It's just that I wasn't able to put stuff near the ceiling. So now I have no echo when I clap my hands, at ear level and near the floor. But when I clap my hands high in the air, the echo is still extreme, just like before!
Do you think this is going to be a great issue? Or is it the most inportant to have good sound at ear level?

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Flutter echo that you don't hear doesn't matter. Can you hear it from the speakers?
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I don't know yet, I haven't placed them in that room yet.
So, it can be so that you won't hear echo in the listening spot, but can if you stand on a chair? I thought that maybe if you have echo anywhere in the room, it will effect the sound everywhere.
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Flutter echo is generally location dependent - both for source and listener.

The solutions - like absorption - are likely to change the sound of the overall space. So treatment for flutter echo shouldn't be undertaken outside the context of the whole space, but the results of one treatment won't necessarily be audible at other places.
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I have placed the speakers, and so far I don't really ear any sharp or unfocused sound.
I must say, now I have placed them in a smaller room, the soond has improved a lot! Bigger sound stage, more detail, the speakers disappear for the first time smile.gif
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