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Hello everyone!


I have a question to users or oriented people in connecting to Vivitek Qumi q5 3D source.


Personally I used manual from Vivitek.

Using Pc on win7 64bit with geforce 465 gtx and "Stereoscopic player" software

I plugged in cable to the projector by vga, chose that option on projector. (Nothing else was connected to graphic card).

Established resolution on 1024 x 768 120Hz 32bit (tried also on 800x600)

Checked on projector menu in Advanced that 3d is active and DLP link is on.

In Stereoscopic software checked option opengl quad buffered is on on type of viewing and unfortunately the vision is monoscopic

So the reason is propably in my graphic card which gives only triple buffering. (I installed the newest drivers from Nvidia with openGL 4.0 service)

I am using standard DLP Link Shutter glasses.


I found some high end graphic cards with quad buffering option like nvidia quad 4000, but the price is quite high


So the question is. If meybe somebody tried to connect some other sources of 3d like bluray 3d players to that projector. Meybe used some other software which can emulate quad buffering or other type 3d projection which can be comaptible and working with 3d ready vivitek option.




I wrote a letter to the vivitek with the same question and waiting for answer


Do you have some ideas? :)


Thx for answer