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3Ds Graphics: Anyone doing this?

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I was wondering if anyone here was doing anything with creating stereographic elements for titles, logos, fancy intros, etc?

I've seen a few low end software packages but most of these just add anaglyph to 2D elements. There are higher end products such as plugins to After Effects but the new rules for use make them rather cost prohibitive for non-professional use.

I used to be fairly skilled with 3D studio and I understand there are plugins for this to convert a 3D model to stereo 3D in the rendering process but here again the product is not only difficult to learn but also rather expensive.

Discussion is open to ideas and practice-
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I'd like to know about this, too. It's unfortunate that we don't have some better options, especially for titling. I experimented with some pseudo 3D titles some time back, but it's a tedious and time consuming process. I split the left/right stereo pair and "placed" title elements "within" objects in the z-axis of the 3D frame. I never achieved the look I was going for. I'll have to try it again now that I'm more fluent with masks in Edius.
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As a starting point, check out this product:

It seems fairly simple to create the 3D shading and extrusions and animations from 2D shapes. But then we need a way to add stereoscopic rendering. I'm coming up blank so far. I might sift through the user forums to see if anyone else has posed the same question.
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You are sure a pro but can look also at Power Director, you got nice 3D features such as 3D titles

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Yes, I've done it recently with the new Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 (aka Vegas). Works quite well, although all I did was have text come at me for titles.
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I haven't played with it, but, if I understand it correctly, Blender claims to be able to do both 3D titles and animations. Given that it's open source, and available for several platforms, it's certainly a cheap way to experiment. There is a 3D version of the open source movie "Big Buck Bunny," done entirely with Blender. I don't think it outputs SBS or above and bellow directly, but either of these is pretty easy to accomplish in a video editor with independent stereo sequences.


To clarify, I do use Blender, but I just haven't worked with this aspect of it. I will say that Blender has a steep learning curve, which I suspect many have slid down while trying to gain expertise. :-)

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Doing depth with the CG in Vegas is pretty basic and quite limited to flat surfaces that are positioned along the Z axis using the 3D stereographic effect. Been doing that since the beginning of Vegas 3D capability. Then there is the 3D modeler that allows you do to wire frame renderings with texture mapping, bump mapping and rotoscoping like 3D Studio Max. Neither of these is what I'm looking for. I want the ability to generate objects in 3D stereographic space buy creating the object and then rendering with two virtual cameras that give you the left and right eye files. From here you can pair the files in Vegas just like shooting with camera pairs. So far After Effects seems the one capable tool but not only expensive but also has a steep learning curve.

When you can render the two views with left and right virtual cameras you will have the perfect 3D stereo graphic with true solid images.

Many low end products only offer anaglyphic rendering which fixes our stereo output to only anaglyph. That might have been acceptable 20 years ago but not today.

I will look into Blender. Thanks.
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Have you looked at VUE. It's cheap and easier to learn. I suppose it's somewhat like studio max and has been used to generate 3D video for movies.

Edit: Here's a link to e-on software, makers of VUE, which has been used in most 3D movies to date.

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Here are a couple of links to people who have done stereo in Blender. The second has a script to do it. Blender has an object called a "camera" which functions pretty much the way a real camera does, and is the viewpoint for the rendering. These people appear to have created a second camera, suitably separated from the first, and rendered the scene twice, once for each eye/camera.





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I've been using a modeling/ animation software called modo for many years. Since getting a 3D TV I've been experimenting with it's 3D rendering. It has several stereoscopic rendering options including side by side. 



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duplicate post

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For $1,500, it should stand up and whistle! Sounds like it targets the professional community.

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