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Vizio M801d-A3 vs Sharp lc-80le857u

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TV will be multi-pupose, theater room for movies (dark walls, flat finish, no light), sports (mainly football) with all lights on / outside light coming in, and generaly lounge TV watching, with again, all lights on / outside light. Also light gaming will happen on it (hopefully more in the next coming months).

3D is not too big of a deal to me, but it'd be nice to play with, so either set will do there I guess. Large viewing parties could happen, so cheaper glasses the better.

No wallmount, will be on a TV stand / some sort of platform.

TV sound doesn't matter, it'll be hooked into a 11.2 surround system

TV watching is DirecTV, movies are all blu ray rips.

Apps aren't too important, but nice to have. I have an xBox one there, so I can use those apps, but always nice not having to switch devices.

Price from what I'm seeing is around the same, varying from 3500 to 4k or so, for both.

So, it boils down really to picture quality and the ability to output colors in a lighted environment.

What do you guys think would be better for me?
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any recommendations?
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I have no technical opinion but from a purchase standpoint: depending on your motivation you should look into the 2014 models in that price range. Features for the $$$ may factor into your decision vs buying right now.
You'll get both sides of each tvs opinions/detractors/supporters here. I think they are equally matched. For me it'd come down to price and comfort of the place buying from. I'm waiting for more 2014 models to release and be reviewed before I buy. Good luck.
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I am willing to potentially wait for the 2014 models, but it sounds like everything is going 4k, and an 80+" 4k TV is out of my price goal smile.gif

I'm goign from a 104" 2.35:1 screen, so I don't want to go any lower than 80".
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Can anyone give any input on the direct comparison between these two models, and/or if there are any new 2014 80"+ models coming out for around the 4k dollar mark?
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I had two LC-80LE857U's, each defective (one would flash a white line across the screen, the other had dead pixels).. Its a nice looking set, but the problems were enough to steer me in another direction. looking into the M801d-A3 myself.. or waiting for the new 2014 Vizio 80
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I ended up going with a 110" HP Da-Lite screen to come down overtop my current screen when I want to watch with teh lights on, so far I like the results, but it's only been 20 minutes of viewing and not mounted correctly smile.gif
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Sorry I see you got a different model all together
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