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Sony vs Epson vs JVC and elunevision vs screen innovations.

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So I am looking at either the epson 5030/6030ub , sony 55es and jvc x500/4910. They will be used in a room that has white walls and white ceiling but lights can be completely controlled. I will mostly be using for movies but I would also like to use for sports when I have people over for games. I don't want to have to turn off all lights and be in the dark while watching sports, I may also occasionally play ps4. This will be setup in a living room and I have a 60" led for most daytime viewing. I am looking at getting 120" 16:9 screen with a maximum throw distance of about 14ft. I need a motorized screen and am looking at the screen innovation motorized reference series screen with slate material seems like this will cost about $4000. I am also looking at the elunevision reference 4k motorized screen which is about $1400. What I am trying to figure out what will be the best option for me and if spending the extra money on the slate screen will make enough of a difference to justify the price. I'm also currently leasing for probably 1-2 years max so will eventually like to have dedicated room when I buy a house. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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subscribed, moreso for the answer on screens, but this was the exact question i had last year and never REALLY found my answer.

went with the jvc, liked it, so assumed i made the right choice, but i've never seen the comparable sony or epson.

i haven't upgraded my screen yet though, which is why i'd love to hear how the elunevision stacks up
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I will keep you updated on what I decide overall but hoping somebody can chime in with a little feedback.
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For your situation those three projector choices are bad. I say this because they are all very high contrast projectors and with your particular room (white walls, and ambient light) you're going to kill any chance of any of those projectors achieving the contrast each are capable of. Basically you're wasting money buying a product you can't get the full experience out of. Even with a black diamond screen from screen innovations it still isn't worth it. Those screens can only do so much. You need to make some decisions here. If you really want a "home theater" experience you're going to need to treat the walls and paint them at least matte dark grey and kill the ambient light. If that isn't an option you can buy something cheap and VERY bright to try and cope with the ambient light (perhaps a BenQ w1070) because like I said you're wasting your money putting one of these high performance machines into room conditions like that. I'm sure that wasn't an answer you were expecting but it's going to be harsh truth and one you'd quickly find out if and when you set something like this up.

To see what I mean, go in your living room and put the ambient light to a level you were wanting. Look at your white wall and note how much light there is on it. That right there is going to be the darkest black (black level) you can possibly get in your room under those conditions. I can tell you right now that each of the projectors you're looking at go MUCH darker.
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I appreciate the answer but from the reviews on projectorreviews.com. They rated both the epson and sony as doing fairly well with sports with some ambient light. I might not have been quite as clear with my description of the room. I have a sliding glass door that has two layers of curtains That Velcro around the edges to not allow any light leakage. The light I'm looking for when watching sports is about one 60w lamp worth of light. The wall behind the screen will be white and ceiling are both white and the wall to the right and left are painted a sort of olive green currently I'm not sure it would be quite as drastic as you say. I have seen others rooms worse of then mine that looked pretty good to me.
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To each their own. I'm just saying that a lot of performance of these machines WILL be wasted in room conditions like that. If you're fine with that, then that's okay. In your situation I'd go with a black diamond high gain screen and the Sony VPL-HW55ES because of it's higher light output.
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for what it's worth, when I first got my jvc, x35 I had white ceiling and light tan colored walls. with the lights off I thought it looked FANTASTIC and was a huge upgrade over what I'd seen before.

the ability of the jvc did encourage me to take the steps to start making my room darker and better at absorbing light, but I don't feel it was wasted before that. think of it like driving a 4wd vehicle on-road. the extra capability kinda makes you want to take it off-road, but it doesn't really subtract from it's on-road performance.

I actually read your post, and see that you said you'd be using it 'mostly for movies' and even with white walls, these projectors will be a significant upgrade over a cheaper(1070) projector when the lights are off and you're watching a movie. when you turn the lights on a bit for sports, sure, you're going to lose some quality, and difference between these projectors and something cheap won't be as obvious, but that's not the only way it's being used, so it's not a waste to buy a nice projector.
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Thanks for that I'm also buying this for future use In a dedicated room. I do want it to perform well until that happens but I don't want to compromise for this room totally when it will be moving to a room I can one day black out.
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