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Good 360 games to play with my girlfriend?!

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Out of nowhere the other day my girlfiend says to me "I'd like to learn how to play Call of Duty." So that was pretty cool. We sat down last night and I figured starting with COD4-MW would be a good start since it has the training mission at the beginning and all that jazz.

We played that for a while, then co-op special mission on MW3, then a little bit of squads on Ghosts. Over the course of the hour she was doing much better, but it really reminded me how difficult it was for me to get up to speed on FPS game when I bought my Xbox. I'm not particuarly good - about a .400 lifetime KD ratio, but it would be so discouraging for someone like her to even try going online to play. I'm pretty glad I didn't try online play for several years after buying my Xbox.

I downloaded a demo of Sonic Racing, and I think I'm gonna pick that game up since she liked it. Any other ones I should think about? A game we can both play at once would be preferable to taking turns.
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Aside from the controls, did she actually enjoy her time with CoD4? If not, give Portal 2, Borderlands 1&2, Minecraft and Resident Evil 5 a shot. You still need good command of the gamepad for these games, but they have other elements (puzzle, rpg, creation and scariness), rather than just shooting things like in CoD.

If she's having a lot of difficulty with the controller, you might want to try kid-friendly games like the Lego series or Viva Pinata. Similarly, Arcade games (Castle Crashers, The Cave, Trine 2 etc.) are simple, cheap and fun.

If she liked CoD and just wants some variety, then Halo and Gears 3 have local co-op too.
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My ex wasn't a gamer at all, zero. But then she got into Tomb Raider because it was more puzzle and platformer oriented than shooting/killing oriented. Give that a whirl. I think it does help to have a female protagonist. Another one like that would be Mirror's Edge.

For non-FPS, Beautiful Katamari is good fun. I agree about Portal. Hmmm also there's stuff like Braid. How about Ms. Splosion Man?
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Add in any of the lego games to your list. That's what got my wife into gaming.
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My wife always had trouble with fps movement & controls, but got hooked on minecraft... And practice makes perfect. Highly recommended.
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i downloaded the new marvel lego demo and it seemed to be pretty fun. are all the lego games kind of like beat em ups?

i tried dead island this morning. not really my kind of game but she seemed pretty interested in what was going to happen next.

regarding call of duty i think she was frustrated by how difficult learning the controls is. i was exactly the same way - the game looks really fun and you want to play but the controls are a lot to take in at once. that's actually what kept me away from video games for about 10 years.
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if you go back to the older Call of Duty games, they have more tutorials. I think Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2? especially about the left trigger to snap to the enemy. that's what beginners have to get down. Many people hold down left trigger and scan around for enemies. The newer CoD games kind of assume you already play CoD.

The Lego games are all about co-op. In single player, you're constantly switching between the characters manually. But in co-op, you just worry about your own guy and teamwork is needed. I love the Marvel one!
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You're off to a good start but it's time to get a WiiU I'm afraid. Surprise her with a new console (win-win) and of course diamonds (no body wins sadly).

Trust me on this. Google Super Mario 3D, SMB Wii-U, Raymond Legends. Disney Infinity, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, etc. for proof.

"I want to learn/play COD" is girl-code and I doubt it's positive long term - it's just not a fun cooperative game & no woman would understand missing out on a beach/ice field sunset for it. You want something that you can play together.

After it all works out with the girlfriend, your kids will love these games also wink.gif
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You could try the Gears of War 2 and 3. I know a couple guys who gamed with thier gf's and always had a great time. Even the multiplayer online was fun. There is a bunch of us that still play Horde.
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Does she have an xbox, too, or are you looking to just do split-screen?

Mass Effect 3 co-op and if she likes stories, she can play the trilogy
Farcry 3 co-op is a lot of fun
Fable III is a great way to get her to play the main character
World Series of Poker Full House Pro is free and super fun
Forza 4 (or 3) is a good racing game
Sonice All Stars Transformed is a fun arcade racing game
Civilization Revolution for turn-based strategy

If I can think of more, I'll post back.
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She actually does have a 360 - won it in a work contest. Only "games" she has are Zumba type.

But we won't be buying two copies of games to play on two seperate consoles.

We picked up Forza 3 and SSX (a snowboarding game she had for PS2). Wow is Forza difficult. I'm glad I don't crash up my 2004 GTO as much as I did in the game smile.gif Really a bummer that SSX isn't two player. Her PS2 version was, so I guess we just expected this would be too.

Been on the lookout for that Sonic Racing game. None of my used shops in town have it.

I will look into Far Cry. I downloaded Fable 3 when it was a free game and got bored after 20 minutes. Maybe we can give it another shot. Same with Gears of War (only have the first one).
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For you earlier question about lego games, yes they are all beat 'em up games, but they are pretty great. My wife and I play all of them when they come out.
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Originally Posted by pittsoccer33 View Post

We picked up Forza 3 and SSX (a snowboarding game she had for PS2). Wow is Forza difficult. I'm glad I don't crash up my 2004 GTO as much as I did in the game smile.gif
Maybe you should check out Forza 4. I believe that is when they introduced the rewind feature, which is handy when you are learning the game. Then if you go off the track, you can just hit a button and rewind the race and try again.
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Rewind was in Forza 3.

Are you looking to play WITH her, or are you looking at her playing a game at the same time you do?

If you aren't willing to buy two copies of everything, that really limits your choices if you want her to play the same game as you.

Fable III is on sale this week iirc for 50% off. So decide quickly if you want to go for it.
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