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I've been happily married for 22 years and I was really into 2 channel when I met my wife, so she knew what she was getting !

The whole subject of spend now / save for retirement is very interesting and whilst we are keenly aware of having enough to see us through, I've never, ever considered a purchase as adding to my working life. I've sometimes calculated how many days / weeks I need to work to buy something, but I don't add it on at the end ... I think if I started doing that I'd never upgrade again !! eek.gif

Initially my wife was against the idea of a dedicated space, but now she can see how great it is for entertaining, how much use the kids get, and like others have said - I'd rather have the kids here with friends where we can keep an eye on them.

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Its probably not worth spending money on any sort of home theatre if its "scarcely used" but if you watch lots of movies a half decent HT is worth every penny surely?
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I'm really late to this thread, obviously, but I visit AVS from time to time and enjoy reading the various threads. I'm a huge movie fan and have hundreds of DVDs/Blu-rays. The most recent Blu-ray I bought was "Seven Pyschopaths" (dark and hilarious movie with a great cast....check it out if you get a chance).

When my guy and I bought our first flat screen, I was the one who was particular about the television and did a bit of research on it, even returning a Sony because it did some stuff I wasn't crazy about once we got it home.... We ended up with a Samsung. I would love to have a home theater with loud, booming, surround-sound speakers (YASSS!), but no room here for that in an apartment....let alone the rudeness factor if we blared loud speakers in this place....

There may not (sadly) be lot of women that seem to be into this stuff, but we're out there! smile.gif
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I just can't imagine my wife ever finding the details of a DIY HT interesting, she nods off when I explain the technical reason for anything. Oddly though, she'll always ask why something is the way it is and as soon as I open my mouth she's glued back to her facebook account. It's just her, she has a curiosity, but only at a superficial level. When I told her I wanted to dedicate our next rental's basement to being a HT, she had zero objection because she will use it all the time. But upon showing her projectors, speakers and receivers all I get is, "that's nice." Or,"oh get that one I like 3D."
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Funny I was just thinking about this. And I thought of my theater "build" thread. All the minute details on Lot of threads. I'm just like..here I did this
Wonder what it all means smile.gif
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because my wife wants to spend $30,000 on trim, fancy wood paneling in the dining room, paint, and upgraded cabinets, a clock, pictures, and new granite countertops on our 1 year old home, and doesn't understand why i need all this insulation. I won the battle because i have been averaging 60 hours a week working overtime for 5 years to save up for this theater. she was perfectly happy with my $1000 theater in the last house.
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