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For Sale: MartinLogan Prodigy Speakers

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For Sale:
MartinLogan Prodigy Speakers

Will Ship To: CONUS

REDUCED to $2,500 ... you pickup or arrange for boxing and shipping.

The time has come that I must depart with my beloved Prodigy's. I would say these are 8/10 mainly because they are not 100% perfect cosmetically. The minor issues are not something most people will be concerned about, and could be fixed if you have an OCD about things like this. There are some very minor and extremely faint marks on the bass cabinets... nothing serious and again, hardly noticeable. There is a small snag on one of the rear covers, which you can see in the pic below. You could replace the grille cloth if you wanted to. Once you sit down and start listening, you won't care about the cosmetics anyway... you will be enjoying the music too much to care about anything else. They sound marvelous with excellent imaging and a huge soundstage. I did replace the front woofer driver in each speaker right after I got them because one was damaged, so the two front drivers are newer. The panels have been taken very good care of and cleaned regularly. I purchased these from a dealer who had them in his home.

I have the power cords and the very nice metal spikes, with the small hardwood floor plates. I do NOT have boxes. So unless you are local to Troy, AL... then professional packing and shipping could be around $400-500... which I will consider splitting with you. I do not want to haul them around myself, so you will have to be willing to drive to my office in Troy, AL where they are located... or work with me on the shipping.

These retailed for $11,000 new. They are hard to find, and I believe well worth over $4,000... probably around $4,500 would be a good price. I will sell these for $3,500. Cash or certified check if you pick them up, or PayPal if we go the shipping route. I will absorb the PayPal fees.
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For Sale: $950 (USD)
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How old are these speakers and how long have you had them?

Have they been covered when not in use? Have you vacuumed the panels regularly?

Any sonic issues at all.

Any issues with the panels?

Do the panels separate from the bases for easier moving?

I'm in Alabama and could pick up.
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These were built in May 2000, so they are approaching 14 years old.

I purchased them from a dealer who used them in his home, and whom I met on August 7, 2009 to pick them up.

The panels were separated from the bass modules when I got them, although we both were on an SUV to make sure we had room. I hauled them to my office on a trailer, wrapped in several soft blankets.

They sound great... ask Wayne Myers (AudiocRaver over at Home Theater Shack, who is one of our lead reviewers), he has heard them critically in my home.

The panels have been well taken care of and yes I do clean them with a soft cloth and a vacuum on a regular basis.

They have been in my dedicated home theater room since I got them, which is an extremely sealed room... and there is no need for me to cover my speakers when I am not in there, although that room sees me for a few hours every week. This is a room that gets zero outside light and very little dust, 9" thick walls, double solid doors to enter, and they stay shut 24/7. It has its own A/C system that is heavily filtered. No smoking here at home and no animals in that room.

They are at my office in Troy, AL. If you want to come down and take a listen, I will take an CD player and integrated amp to my office and set them up for you to listen to... I will provide a couple of songs to show off their imaging and soundstage, you bring whatever music you like to listen to. You can try before you buy, and I can 100% assure you that there will be absolutely no hard feelings if you decide not to buy them. You can come listen and think about it for a few days, come back and get them if you end up deciding you want them.

FYI... several of us from HTS had a nice tech talk with Roger Sanders of Sanders Sound System when we were at RMAF this past October. He uses the same material that ML uses in his electrostats... he use to work with ML and Innersound. He explained that as long as these speakers are kept in a typical home, that the membrane would last a lifetime and then some. Despite what some individuals would have you believe, they do not need replacing, which is one of the reasons he places a lifetime warranty on his speakers. You can even punch a hole in them and it does not change the sound. I believe ML had that on their site where they have tested panels with numerous holes that made no audible difference. If they are exposed to too much sun they can turn to a yellowish color. If they are exposed to too much humidity, the metal panels could eventually rust and cause some issues. But other than for cosmetic reasons, panels rarely need replacing. You could buy new panels for these and blind A/B test them, you won't notice a difference. If you take care of them, they will be with you forever and sound just as good as they did when new.

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Very interesting and informative reply.

I'll have to think about coming down for a listen, I am about 3 hours from you in NE Alabama.

Why are they at your office now? In storage? How long since they have been in your home?

How firm on the price are you, that's a lot of scratch.

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I took them over to my office a couple of weeks ago because I do not have any place to store them here. They had been in my dedicated HT serving as rear channels, but they are just too big. If I left them here outside of the HT room, our cat might climb on them, and that would be a no-no, so I took them to my office. I am just now getting around to taking pictures and posting ads in various places. I am hoping it will not take very long to sell them at the price I am asking, which is pretty low as it is, although it might be a lot of scratch to some. Whoever gets them is saving a lot of scratch. If I don't have to worry with shipping them and I am paid with cash and do not have to absorb PayPal fees, I would probably take $3,300... but keep in mind the price is already excellent, so any buyer should be careful not to look a gift horse in the mouth, as my momma taught me. wink.gif

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Yea, did some research, these are wonderful speakers.

The problem is their size and weight, 133lbs each! Even with the panels removed, the base has to weigh 100 lbs!

The height and width are also really large, so I think as much as I like them, they are not for me.

Thanks for the replies!

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I am interested in them email me and we will talk donsp210@gmail.com
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