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STC Table

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I’ve been searching for an STC list/table/grid that will tell me the basic values of different building materials but haven’t had any luck. Does anyone know where one of these lists/tables/grids can be found? All I’m looking for is strictly STC values for comparative purposes. For example, 5/8” sheetrock has a value of XX, ¾” plywood has a value of XX, ½” OSB has a value of XX, etc.

I found one thread in the forum that looked like it may have that information but I must not have the same font as it looks like it was written in gibberish.

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STC is a measurement that may not apply to the "big picture" - many other factors have an effect on sound transmission. Head over to www.thesoundproofingcompany.com for a ton of useful information.
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Thanks for the reply, however can I ask you to re-read the post please? Thanks.
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Thanks for the reply, however can I ask you to re-read the original post please? Thanks.
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From my knowlege of STC values they are highly dependant on the finished wall/ceiling structure. So let say you could have an STC of a freestanding piece of drywall which I don't think is actually possible because it needs to be mounted in something to run the test. Then you build a wall with 2x4 framing and put drywall on each side, the STC is not the sum of two pieces of drywall. STC is measured on final assemblies and I've seen tables of various alternative assemblies.

Here is a table of 312 various wall structures:

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Originally Posted by Jack N View Post

Thanks for the reply, however can I ask you to re-read the original post please? Thanks.

I did. The STC values for common materials and construction are shown in that table. I suggest you re-read the information...

And as Big said, the STC values are not measured for raw materials.
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Bigmouthindc, that’s quite a list. However I didn’t find what I’m looking for.

Jautor, just in case I missed something I went back and rechecked the list. What I was looking for wasn’t there.

Sincerely guys, thank-you for trying to help.

After a great deal of searching I did manage to find out that generally speaking (with all other factors being equal) sheetrock and plywood have about the same STC value. An OSB covered wall will yield a 1db better rating while MDF will yield about a 1db worse rating. I was hoping to see a better rating for plywood as that’s what I’d like to use for an underlayment.
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If you want to simply compare the performance of one sheet product against another, instead of looking at assemblies, then the better material is typically the heavier one ... it's all about max pounds for the buck !

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