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4k content - couple questions

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Couple friends of mine have seen 4k televisions at Bestbuy and Costco. They were totally blown away and said it made 1080p look like trash. Literally the second coming of you know who. This got me interested.

One of the sets they saw was at bestbuy appeared to be playing direct tv 4k content over a direct tv box. What gives here? I thought direct tv wasn't even broadcasting in 4k yet? Normally I would just ask the salesperson but IME that is typically a waste of time there. They don't know anything 9/10x.

Second question I have is that even though I can understand on some level that twice the pixels will be SUPER for a computer monitor. What is the big deal about it with regard to TVs and movies? Once you sit far enough back you won't see the additional detail these sets provide anyway right? So you basically have to buy a bigger TV?
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I am reasonably sure that DirecTV is not supplying any 4k content yet. Well, I suppose it is faintly possible that they could have arranged some special test or demonstration, but I saw a recent statement from the CEO, Mike White, saying (I'm paraphrasing) that after the rather disappointing experience with supplying 3d on three channels to their customers, DirecTV was going to take the switch to 4k very cautiously. I think the big problem for DirecTV would be getting new set top boxes into the homes of their customers (which was not necessary for 3d).

There is a dispute about whether 4k resolution improves picture quality in realistic viewing conditions. I haven't seen it, myself. The weight of knowledgeable opinion seems to be that the higher resolution alone cannot improve the picture (though the new 4k sets might have other improvements that do make a difference).

Added: Here is an article from November based on what White said: http://www.multichannel.com/distribution/directv-ceo-4k-rollout-will-be-%E2%80%98complex%E2%80%99/146517.
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4k look nice when you're 3ft away from them - however if you view1080p LCD vs.4k LCD at typical viewing distances the differences no longer generates a Wow difference ...

..."For what it’s worth, to our eyes the native 4K content on the Samsung F9000 consistently presented more detail, particularly on faraway objects in a long shot. The difference was not night and day, but we could tell even from 9 feet away. "


I did compared the two at bestbuy at 10ft and the differences were subtle...with that said 4k is the the future but don't expect a SD to HD like difference from 4k at typical viewing distances not at BestBuy 3ft distances ....
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Interesting that there was a noticeable difference at typical viewing distance. The article linked provides further evidence. I was skeptical. That said people do seem to be in general less bowled over by the difference than my friends were.

I think that in some sense it won't matter. Like the article mentions sooner or later we'll all end up with it. 1080p, even if it is "good enough" at typical viewing distances to satisfy most of us, will be replaced. Having used an old XBR6 LCD for my computer display for years now I can say I wouldn't mind the extra resolution on the desktop. Driving games in 4K however has me a little scared at what kind of hardware that is going to require.
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^You are reporting what your friends have seen. Assuming you are not visually impaired go to the shops, check with your own eyeballs and report your personal impressions noting viewing conditions and asking crew what content is shown and how sets are calibrated.
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I'm going to check out the demo at costco and BB this weekend. I tend to be more skeptical than my friends especially of manufacturer demos designed to sell televisions (which they trust w/o question) and in general less easily impressed than they are so I suspect my impressions won't be quite as earth shatteringly favorable. Especially from six or more feet back from the screen. That said I'm sure I'll probably end up with one sooner or later as I do use my panel for HTPC, desktop, gaming, etc. and the additional resolution is a plus there.

I like the test experiment that was in the link a few posts up because it provides a side by side blind test.
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I know the SONY demo is gorgeous.

It appears that the content issue may move along a lot more quickly compared to the SD to HD transition. I remember watching the INHD channel and they ran the same stuff over and over. The wow factor wore off pretty quickly. Nature is beautiful of course but little frogs and flowers can only take you so far! Plus Hanson videos...
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