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WKRG is broadcasting at low power. When they go to full power you should be able to get them. In 2010.
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I got sound now on 44.1.
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Got audio on UPN 44/45. Tim Reid has solved his problem.

Got WKRG for a brief 3-4 minutes last night. Mostly commericals, then a minute of JAG
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I watched Jag, Guardian, and Judging Amy in HD on WKRG. Had some pixalation, probably due to low signal power. The picture was perfectly clear oitherwise.
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Rick, what channels are you receiving in FWB. I am getting solid reception on 19,31,38,45,47. Only problem is no audio on 31, buts thats not a big problem since they are only running HD for 3 hours a night, I'll stick with the sat feed for now. I have had no luck with CBS or FOX.

Bob H.
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Robert, I have solid reception of three: WRSE (what was the DT number ?) UPN on 45, NBC on 47. I have caught CBS on 27 (WKRG-Mobile), ABC on 19 (WABB-Panama City) and PBS on 56? (WFSU-Panama City) when conditions were right (rarely). Of course WABB is not HD. Not certain what WFSU-PBS is showing, They were multicasting 4 channels one night, no HDTV national feed. At that time the only thing on the national feed was the demo loop.

With summer fading, I see more indications of signal from my Samsung's STB signal indicator, including FOX. Have never caught FOX on WALA once. This weekend, I'm working on raising the antenna from 20 feet to 40. Hoping that will improve my shot at CBS. Will let you know tonight.
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Rick, very interested in your results at 40 feet. I have enough Rohn tower to get that high but am only at 20 now. What antenna/preamp are you using?

Bob H.
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So we were in a Mexican standoff, no?

I was hoping you would have something to report on moving up to 40-50 feet and you were waiting for me to do it. Sorry to say, I got no improvement. I added a section to my Rohn tower and also topped it with a 10 section of mast tubing. I think my total height is now about 38 feet
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Rick, well I guess no rush on getting my tower any higher What antenna and/or preamp are you using? I have a RS VU-190 and was thinking of trying the CM 7777 preamp. Is anyone in the area having good luck with any particular antenna or preamp? Would like to hear what everyone is using and at what height, distance from towers etc. I am using a DTC-100 which is not the most sensitive so I need every bit of signal I get get.

Bob H.
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duplicate message
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I am using the RS VU190 also with no preamp. I am 30 miles from the towers and get above 90% on all except WKRG/CBS. I get 78% on WKRG.
My antenna is on a 20foot pole.
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Are you getting FOX? Which channel and signal strength if you are? I'm receiving everything but FOX and can't understand why.
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I am watching Fox wodescreen right now. Boston Public. Perfect picture on 10-1 at 83-87%
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Well if you cant pickup FOX in Gulf Breeze, we dont stand a snowballs chance over here in FWB. Hows your CBS reception?

Bob H.
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My CBS reception is very good. My problem with FOX is that I am using a UHF only antenna so I won't be able to receive FOX at 10.1 since it is VHF.

The Televes DAT75 receives a good signal with no dropouts for CBS and NBC (5.1 and 15.1)
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WEAR is on the air with a digital signal, but do not waste you time trying to receive it. They are broadcasting at 830 watts on a 300 foot antenna. Unless you live withing viewing distance of the tower, forget it. They are still waiting on equipment for the tower. Sometime in late December or early January, they claim they will have a digital signal up at the 2000 foot level. It will not be HD until an undetermined date in the distant future.
Sinclair still working their magic.
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Argh, i thought they would be HD by the superbowl...
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I was receiving some pretty decent signal in Gulf breeze from the WEAR digital channel for a few days and had people coming to watch the FSU game yesterday. The signal was not good, lots of dropouts. I had to frantically make a cable to run through my house to one room of cable input we use primarily for cable modem. We missed the first 5 minutes of the game as I sweated it out.

I wonder why they even waste the time and power if it is so low.
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I am susprised that you get it at all. I live near University Mall and get no signal at from from WEAR channel 17.

They are on the air to meet the FCC requirement of being on the air ONLY.
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I was afraid my CM 9521 rotor was going to wear out yesterday as I tried to adjust it back and forth to keep enough signal to watch the game on WEAR. My guests weren't upset because it was a show just watching me.

You would think with such a captive group of viewers in our area they would move forward faster or maybe it is the lack of competition from network on satellite that allows the delay.
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Sinclair doesn't care if you, me or anyone else ever gets to watch HD on his stations.
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I have Panny AE100 and COMCAST just connect HD
box for me.

I do not think I am getting any HDTV signal at all

AE100 shows 520i or (480i) on menu option.

If I connect my Panny DVD 82s it changes to 525P (480p) and picture is

Tonight Sopranos was showing 525i.

I was so excited and now I am so disappointed.

Am I doing something wrong?

I get pictures on channel 179 HBOHD and 180 ABCHD but it is not HD

DO I need any special setup on the Comcast box\\ and or AE100.

I am totally confused.

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evinsp, You have posted your problem in a thread on local HDTV reception in the Mobile/Pensacola area. We do not have HD cable here or use the Panny AE100. To get the help that you need you need to start a new thread in the HD hardware section.
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Rick, anything new in FWB? I was bored tonight and did a scan and was surprised to find 9-2 and 34-2 show up. Has WALA upped their transmitter power or was this a wierd tropo effect tonight? I thought 34 was a low power Christian channel so I'm thinking it might be tropo, but hope not.

Bob H.
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I'm guessing it's tropo, likely as not. I was watching WKRG-27 (CBS) again. My experience has been reception of WKRG only at night and as the weather clears and temperatures drop some. I got WKRG Tuesday and Saturday nights this week, other nights were too weak.

I haven't got WALA-9 (FOX). If you got decent reception for any length of time, I'm guessing I'm either in a hole, reception-wise, or my old antenna is way past its prime. The cooler weather helps increase the tropo effect, so you may get FOX-widecreen with some regularity. As far as increasing their power, WALA claims they are sucessfully received in Okaloosa county. They are also at full power, as set by FCC. They could "maximize" or increase the power level, with permission from FCC, but I think they believe that they're doing just fine.
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I just got a e-mail from Joe and he said that the NFL game Thursday on Fox [WALA] 10.1 will be 480p 16:9.
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Hi. I got my HDTV setup about 3 weeks ago. Thought the salesman knew what he was talking about but now find that picture loss and breakup are very bad at my location. I am using a Radio Shack antenna (medium size directional on about 15 feet of pole) after trying several others. Still bad reception at random times. I usually get 100% signal strength but drop off goes to 70% instantly then back up. Is this common? Any recomendations? Thanks.
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Welcome to the thread, cannon50. Give us a little details on you're setup. What tuner are you using? What channels are you having problems with? And for that matter, what did the salesman tell you?

I'm not sure were Fowl River is, assuming it's north of Mobile, yes? Since I'm in Florida, I can't offer anything other than general advice, but I'm sure there will be some of the AL guys with more "local" knowledge signing in sometime soon.
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I have a Sony 53 inch rear projection set with a $30 new Radio Shack rooftop antenna (hdtv compatable) with coax. Was using a Hughes E-86 set top box - sent back at recomendation of Hughes. I am at N30.47437 W088.12220 about a mile or so from Mobile Bay south of Mobile. Regular reception is not a problem from antennas about 20 miles away in the hills across the bay. I do have a cell phone tower about a mile away but who dosen't? No tall buildings, etc. I have tried multidirectional antenna, signal attenuator, filters, amplifier, new cables, moving the pole, etc. to no effect. By the way, the salesman admitted that he did not know that a set top box was needed. I spent a whole week trying to get digital signals without one. I now read where multipath is likely the problem and I wonder what I can try next or maybe bail out while I still can.
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Your salesguy obviously was misinformed. As close as you are to the towers you shouldn't have a reception problem with the right antenna.

I am using the Sony HD200 STB to receive my signal and it does very well bringing in the stations from my location in Gulf Breeze but I am also using it for DirecTV.

I use a directional antenna as all of the broadcast towers are very near the same compass direction for me. I do use a CM 9521 rotor to adjust the antenna direction by remote control and it is a great little device. Sometimes moving the antenna only 2 degrees can make a big difference for my reception.

To the best of my knowledge antennas aren't really HD compatable. They are either UHF, VHF or both. They can also add radio transmission. Most of the digital stations in our area are UHF. Go to www.antennaweb.org to determine more. I really like the info at www.100000watts.com for finding station location and broadcast towers. Make sure to click on the little tower that shows up for each station as it shows a map location for the tower.

You shouldn't need an amplifier that close to the towers but all amplifiers are certainly not created equal. Some have higher gain, higher noise and can be UHF, VHF or both. The CM 7777 is a popular one for both.

Higher is usually better for antenna location. How long is your coax run and what type are using?
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