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Sony 34XBR800 timing?  

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I know some of the folks here have Sony connections. Any revised estimate of availability on the Sony 34XBR800? Is it still October?

I was considering a 34XBR2, but since I'm a DirecTV customer I've decided to wait. I have to get a set-top box anyway, and the problems with the DRC circuit have convinced me to wait.
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Brad Hood said at:


I just heard back from the manager at Magnolia Hi-Fi in Seattle today. She spoke to their Sony rep this morning, and he confirmed that the MSRP for the 34XBR800 is $2500. The custom stand is the same as for the 34XBR2 and MSRP is $400.

He also said that we can expect to see the new sets in the NW the third week of August, and other areas of the country may be getting them even sooner.
Let's hope the Sony rep is on the ball. :D

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What problems with the DRC circuit are you referring to? I have DirecTV and the 34XBR2, the DRC works fine on it, although I mostly let my Zenith STB do all the upconverting.
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Well, I pre-ordered the set from Magnolia on Saturday, so I hope the rep is on the ball, too.

At any rate, I'll get the first one off the truck when they arrive. This is going to be a long 6+ week wait.

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Oh yeah, I also saw this at the Sony Canada web site:

"The KV-36XBR800 and KV-40XBR800 models will be available in August and September, for $3,999 (MSRP) and $5,499 (MSRP), respectively. Also available in July, the 16:9 widescreen KV-34XBR800 will sell for $4,999 (MSRP)."


The post is from April 17, more recent than the U.S. press release. This would correspond with the "roll-out" that the Sony rep reported, with some areas getting sets as early as late July.

Not to worry, those prices are in Canadian dollars. I thought I might jump across the border to Vancouver and pick up a set, but I think attempting a border crossing with 200 pounds of electronics right now is probably a mistake.

I've already scoped out sonystyle.ca, and they don't have them just yet.

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I've been seeing a lot of comments here and elsewhere that state that the DRC circuitry makes a mess of poor quality sources, especially analog cable and DirecTV. I suppose they could be wrong, but I've seen a lot of people saying the same thing. They all recommend waiting for a TV that allows the DRC to be turned off.
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Does anyone know if the style of the 34XBR800 is going to be the same as the 34XBR2 (speakers on the sides of the TV)? Based on the comment that the TV will use the same stand as the XBR2 leads me to believe it will be the same style. Any comments welcome.
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Brad Hood congratulations. Let us know what you think when you get the TV. I am interested in the same set.

MSmith & drvais, I have read on other posts that the new xbr800 series will have the ability to turn off DRC, which was given as a reason to wait for the new sets, but Brad can let us know for sure. A search on "xbr800" will yield more answers but here is a link to one of those

Calabs, I don't know what the set looks like. Has anyone seen a picture of the 34xbr800 on the net?


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I haven't seen it, but a source on Home Theater Spot says he saw it in a fax from Sony Canada to his dealer and it is identical to the 34XBR2.
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To see a picture of the XBR 800, it's stand, and the TV on the stand at various magnifications, go to www.crutchfield.com and search on xbr800
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that is the 36xbr800

were are talking about the 34xbr800
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Thanks for setting him straight.
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