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Wabo, how's that staining going brother?


Morgbug, bad news and good news...


One bottles' down already, good news is I don't think it was yours tongue.gif


More good news, Wine and Beyond got a new shipment of Single Cask GlenDronach in WOOHOOO!!

Batch# 1496 is 16 year old and its very good, almost as good as the #261 I set aside for you.


I may go back for more on payday.


Appearance: High-glossed Mahogany

Nose: Sweet floral notes front a deeper cocoa-dusted date character

Palate: Bursting with Vanilla fudge. A tang of caramelized orange plays with a soft, spiced peach finish



I bought a few new toys for my truck build today,

still waiting for a new transmission that should be ready for pickup at the U.S. border next week.


Boost Gauge, Wide Band for air/fuel ratio, and fuel pressure all mounted into an A pillar gauge pod



Next up is all the wiring, and have to get started on my alcohol injection kit that just arrived ...

and 16 spark plugs (1 stage cooler) to gap and swap in when I put the larger injectors in.


And I even got a little some thing for the Man Cave

... saw it at the speed shop and it matched my room's color pallet so i had to have it :D



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Morgbug,  I'm in Glendronach Heaven lately!


ANOTHER Single Cask hit the shelves exclusive bottling for Wine and Beyond Cask 1598.


This one is a lot younger than most single cask editions at just 10 years old, and it tastes a wee bit younger

but still EXCELLENT! at just  $83 ! and like the others is Cask Strength 54% and has similar tasting notes to the older $118 bottles


Appearance: Rich amber gold

Nose: Warm toffee and vanilla mellow to a gentle gingerbread.

Taste: Warm, rich oak sweetness with raisins and gentle chocolate-coated coffee beans.



They have a lot more stock so at $83 I'll pick up a case of those for sure next pay day,

It's currently my second favorite out of the GD's in my collection (261 is still the champ)

Quite amazing for a 10 year old that's for sure! I thought it was a risk I had to take but paid off in spades at just $10 more than the Revival

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Y'know, you could probably ship two bottles for the same price as one tongue.gif

PM me if you want money.
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You read my mind my friend!


I'll grab an extra one of those for you at the end of the month and ship you the pair when you're ready in August.


You will be impressed.


I'd go get them right now but I have a ton of money tied up in my other toys right now.

Friday I'm running to Montana with a buddy to pick up a couple built transmissions.

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Sup, fellas?

Hey Pio, I need a hand staining my deck. Whatchoo doing this weekend? I see you're handing out Scotch. Hook a brotha up.biggrin.gif

Was time to upgrade the AVP in my HT with a new AVP. Bought this a little over a week ago. Cheers.

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Nice choice in gear Wabo,

If my Yamaha ever gives up the ghost, Marantz would top my list for a replacement.


I've got my paint roller in hand and a bottle in the other, on my way south first thing tomorrow morning smile.gif


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Thread Starter 
My original PS3 died Wednesday night. Lasted 7 years. I drank to its demise. Replaced with a new slim 250gb unit.
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Well my trip to Montana Friday was a LOT cheaper than expected, saved a sh!t load of $$$

So I didn't bother waiting until payday to pick up that case of Single Cask GD biggrin.gif


I knew I'd be kicking myself if I waited too long and everyone locally found out how great it was and cleaned out the supply.


1 bottle set aside for you morgbug



shelves are getting pretty full...may have to have a party again soon






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Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone that I'm hiding out in the theater with a glass of cheap wine and checking out the sound (for the first time. Just Pandora Fusion radio)
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Originally Posted by PioManiac View Post

Well my trip to Montana Friday was a LOT cheaper than expected, saved a sh!t load of $$$

1 bottle set aside for you morgbug

Woot! Thank you sir. cool.gif
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Wife bought me something called cardhu scotch (12 yr single malt). Anyone tried it yet?
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Cardhu is entry level single malt, and would be a great start for a beginner, not very complex but certainly a good step up for a bourbon drinker

Caramel (E-150) added artificial coloring and it's been chill filtered, both frowned upon by most Single Malt Scotch snobs.


It's no GlenDronach, but significantly better than most blended scotch whisky like Chivas Regal/Johnny Walker etc.




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Thanks for the input. I've recently finished Redbreast and Glenfidich and thought both were pretty good. I think I need to go ahead and buy different glassware as I've just used basic rocks glasses. Any particular brand of glassware preferred?
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Glencairn Crystal imported from Scotland is considered the best by most,








They go for about $7-$15 ea


I bought a set of 4 with matching water picture for $32 locally


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Thanks! Ordered some on the cheap from amazon along with some soap stones. Not sure what most people think about those but I thought I'd give them a try.
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Originally Posted by t-town oil View Post

Wife bought me something called cardhu scotch (12 yr single malt). Anyone tried it yet?

Oh I love me some Cardhu. Well, I still enjoy it but it's no longer my favorite, but it was for about ten years as I honed my Scotch pallet. As Pio says it's an excellent entry level Scotch, very mild. It also disappeared from the North American market for a lengthy period of time as all stock was ending up in Spain I think (Ralfy indicates in the video) where they were drinking it with cola eek.gifmad.gif Didn't reappear in the Canadian market until around 2009 or so and then was grossly overpriced at around $100 a bottle. Here in Manitoba it's down to a more reasonable $77 but I can go through Minneapolis and pick it up for about $39. I really like it at $39 a pop but won't pay $77 as that's the same price as the 15 year old GlenDronach and a few dollars less than Cragganmore (which isn't beloved by most Scotch snobs either but damn I enjoy it).

Off to Minnesota and Wisconsin next week, hoping to bring back some Surly beer and a wee bottle of Scotch or two. wink.gif

Edit: Pio and I are both Canadians. I live in Scotch hell and he's slightly better off, but for the most part when we talk prices, if we do, we're talking about up in Canada where everything is taxed to the snotline. Worse for me than him. I can translate Canadian prices into American prices for most Scotch whisky available though biggrin.gif Interestingly GlenDronach is not cheaper stateside.
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Inspired by the thread, a little bored, so searched the local liquor commission website and found this:

GlenDronach 1996 #1488 Single Cask $145.99. Thoughts? (Also they've brought in the 21 y/o Parliament at $134.17)
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I picked up a Parliament for about $120, it was pretty good,

but not quite as good as most of the Single Cask bottlings (brown label)


I cant find anything listed for the Cask #1488


usually whiskybase has a current comprehensive listing,

(my first online reference for checking for tasting notes/scores)

.....so it must be very recent release



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Hmm, interesting. Maybe I'll hold off a bit, especially given the pricing. I like my Scotch, but I'm pretty happy with $80 CAD bottles ($50 USD) still.


There's the link above anyway so I know I'm not screwing up the cask #.
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Just got the Glencairn glassware and poured a drink. Took a lot more time to sip versus my normal seek and destroy style of drinking and I must say it was very pleasant
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Wife just came home with something called talisker 10 year for me. Said she liked the box!?! I can see this newly found hobby is going to get pretty expensive
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Originally Posted by t-town oil View Post

Wife just came home with something called talisker 10 year for me. Said she liked the box!?! I can see this newly found hobby is going to get pretty expensive

I'm wishing my wife was more like your wife, she doesn't bring me home booze.

That said you're pretty close to opposite ends of the spectrum with Cardhu and Talisker. If you do a side-by-side comparison, drink the Cardhu first wink.gif

Back from summer vacation down to the Madison/Milwaukee/Wisconsin Dells area for the week. Brought back a bottle of this:

Though mine is a distilled 1998, bottled 2011. Looking forward to finding some distilled 2000 vintages, same year as my daughter was born. Runs about $110 locally and I was able to score it for $60 stateside, so big win in my books.

Also brought home some of these:

I was also able to score one of these:

I usually don't time it well to get any of Surly's special release products because I'm always down there 'out of season' so to speak. I knew this was out (7th anniversary beer) but had been out for a while so I was pleased to get my hands on something finally. I'm a big fan of Minneapolis as a city, usually visiting there 3-4 times a year, and have been a big fan of Surly since about 2010 when I discovered it.

I followed all that up by stopping at one of our local liquor stores today to pick up some of these since they're in 20th anniversary cans:

And on the way to the checkout saw that they had Bushmills 16 year old on sale for $21 off.

Since I didn't have any Irish whiskey in the house at all, I felt it a reasonable purchase. I thought it might be pricey in comparison to what I could have picked it up for in the U.S. but that didn't turn out to be the case as it was $60 CAD on sale here and a few places I visit in Minneapolis have it listed at $79 and $64 respectively, so a pretty darn good deal.
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Party time! Crown XR LaSalle and The Balvenie Doublewood
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I fully planned on slumming it this weekend, thought I'd save some money and mix Jack and Fireball (both on sale today) WOOHOO!!




Then I stopped in at my my Co-op Liquor not far from home and found they came through on my request from two weeks ago,

I inquired if they could contact their Calgary stores to see if there was any more stock down there from the exclusive bottling of the GlenDronach Single Cask #261.


Turns out there was one more case of 6 bottles that just arrived when I walked in, It was a greedy move on my part but I snapped them all up :D


Lightened my wallet by $660 and change after 10% discount and taxes ...so much for saving money






Parked it right beside the case of #1598 from just two weeks ago...ouch that's over $1k I dropped on booze this month LOL!


Mo' you gotta come to E town and get one! (or two) Help a Brother out Man!


I don't know if you got my PM yet, but the courier companies wont ship alcohol, so you're going to have to make a road trip.

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Got the PM, responded to it. I do have a friend up there in E-town so I've got to check and see if he's making it this way. Really sad that I was just up there for work about eight months ago.

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You gents do much a/v talk or is liquor the preffered language?
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We browse all threads "while drinking" hence the name of the thread,

discuss Bluray topics in the BD section, Projectors in the PJ section, Subwoofers in the Sub section...etc.

...then come back here for a re-fill, comment on latest alcoholic endeavors/aquisitions, sometimes with food pairings,

sometimes AV talk what ever floats your boat....gaming, even cars and motorcycles...any hobbies or interests in general


... but unlike other sections, you will not get mod slapped for going off topic here, anything goes (within forum rules)

and likely why this is one of the longest running, happiest upbeat good hearted threads on the entire board.

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Originally Posted by t-town oil View Post

You gents do much a/v talk or is liquor the preffered language?

Guilty as charged. I do have a theater build thread, but I'm way worse than Logan in terms of speed, so don't really bother posting much. Completely outclassed in knowledge for electronics, so I mostly read and glean information where I can.

Booze on the other hand I have 35 years of experience with drinking and nearly ten years of bartending experience in my past. I love me some whisky and I love me my beers.

I do wish more would post in here as it seems like Pio and I have taken over the thread in the last several months with all the whisky talk. Must be a cold summer everywhere though, I'm not seeing photos of sweaty beer bottles and that makes me sad.

To that end I had one of these tonight:


And moving on to one of these now:


For what it's worth I'm on vacation until next week. Honest.
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I must say I enjoy you frequent posters here. Don't sound stuck up and anal like some of the other threads I cruise. Do you know of any recommended youtube cips on how to properly drink the good whiskies and scotches? I'm really doing my best to enjoy, but i feel I'm lacking something. I'm really trying to refine my tastes and smells if that makes any kind of sense. Thanks for the patience with my novice questions. By the way...crown black and Neil young on vinyl has been my enertai
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*^^Entertainment this evening
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