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34HF81 Geometry  

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How much is too much?

I recently purchased a Toshiba 34HF81 and I started to notice that the geometry is off. The bottom left corner drops below the mask, the left side is bowed in, the left side is bowed out slightly less and the picture height varies from left to right. These symptoms vary slightly with the input mode, but are more or less the same, with 1080i being the worst.

I purchased an extended warranty from the dealer for this set. I called the dealer to arrange a service call and they set me up with a repair facility, which was not on Toshiba's authorized list. So I checked with Toshiba and told me not to let this bunch anywhere near my set (So much for the extended warranty). So I set up my own appointment with a Toshiba authorized service tech, but does not seem to have left me any better off.

The tech arrived with the usual bag of screw drivers and no test pattern generator. All he did was adjust the tilt to correct the drop off in the bottom left corner, which makes any horizontal lines slanted of course.

I've adjusted the geometry on my front projector with much better results than this TV gives, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. However, I noticed that the terminology in the Service Menu is somewhat different than I'm used to, ie. what the heck is a corner adjustment and how would I fix the uneven screen height?

Finally, how far can I expect Toshiba to go on this issue? Will they just keep sending 'Authorized' techs until I go away or can I expect a happy ending? In other words, should I avoid the hassle and return it now?
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The tilt adjustment is the regular menu, all the others are in the service menu. Pincushining is called "PARA" (parabola), that's easy, but the varying height left to right - I don't think there is even an adjustment for that - but I don't understand all of the codes. There are some test patterns in the service menu, but I prefer to use my AVIA DVD (but that doesn't work for 1080i). Between the overscan pattern and a nice grid I can get things looking nice.

Corner sets the width of the corners (top and bottom). TCNR and BCNR are top and bottom corner. TRAP is trapazoid.

I have the service manual (its not great). Send me an email.
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As a followup to the service request, does anyone know the parameter to change the width of the Gray Bars in 4:3 mode?
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I have the service manual
Is there a web source for the service manual?
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Ignore my previous message. I found the forum thread containing the URL. :)
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I guess I was having a "senior moment". :) I thought the URL given in another thread was for the service manual; unfortunately, the referenced Tosh site seems to only list owner's manuals.

So...does anyone have a URL from which service manuals for Tosh direct view TVs can be downloaded?
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There are no downloadable versions of service manuals, they must be purchased for over $50 each for hardcopies.
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And others have attested that they're not very good. Better to get an ISF technician to come over and do it for you.
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