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Sony KV-32HV600 - picture quality  

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I recently purchased a Sony KV-32HV600 HDTV ready set. It seems to me that often this TV is much darker than my previous one. Dimly lit scenes have are harder to see (more shadows) than my old regular 10 year old Sony Trinitron. Overall I get the sense this picture quality is dark. Yes, I know I can turn up the brightness, but at some point that causes other problems as in the picture looking washed out. Is this normal for a HDTV capable set?


- Henrik
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Congratulations on your first post to avsforum. I am new too. I don't know the answer to your question but maybe calibration of your new TV using AVIA or Video Essentials or a similar calibration DVD may help. It worked wonders on my 27" Wega. You may wish to do an avsforum search on "AVIA" or "Video Essentials" and/or check out a description of AVIA at:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...581104-6786362
Hope this helps. Good luck. :)

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Welcome to the AVS forum. Your picture is controled by a number of things number 1 is how you go with lighting. Press menu go to persoanal preferences, choose anyone but *personal* and you'll have a bighter picture.

I use personal because my inputs have memory. I own a RCA F38310,the second factor is warmth on cool your picture will be more bluer, on medium to high you get more red. Lastly on the indivual movies your watching on vhs turn your contrast and your sharpness down, and cotrol your picture with the blacklevel.

DVD turn your contrast up a bit more, your sharpness up about 1/6, and use yur blacklevel to control your brightness. Try each warmth out for your own personal preference. I don't have night blindness at all because I take what worked for R.A.F. pilots in W.W.2

Last of all don't be afraid to experiment it isn't going to bite you!
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I played around with this set a bit at Good Guys last night. The remote has DRC mode and palette buttons. Pressing the mode cyles it thru DRC Progressive, DRC Interlaced and DRC Cinema. I'm not sure if DRC Interlaced is suppose to mean the line doubler is off. I didn't notice much of a difference in any of the modes on the GG store demo channel, which was displaying what looked like an NTSC source.

Incidentally, the HS500, on which you're not suppose to be able to turn off the DRC, had the same 3 modes to cycle through.

Can anyone with the HV600 check what the manual says about turning off the line doubler?

Or how it looks with Direct TV or digital cable, which both have compressed digital sources?

Or how it looked with say the interlaced output from the Sony PS2?
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Thanks to all who responded.

After getting used to the set a little bit more and watching the same scenes on an older TV compared to my new Sony I am not sure the problem exists anymore. Rather I would say the higher resolution (up converted I know) makes the details like shadows stand out more and more noticable in the overall context. In a lower resolution display the shadows and dark scenes just don't stand out as much. Hope this makes sense.

I agree that I must get the Avia disk to calibrate the color. Just have to find a good price now....

I could not find anything in the manual (after a cursory look) about turning off the line doubler.

However, I still think the sound on this high quality TV does not compare to my sound on my 10 year old Sony with upgraded sound. I will post a new thread on this.
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