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Sound quality on high end Sony TV's  

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OK, I need to know if me and wife are alone on this...

Our TV dies --- a 1994 27in Sony KV27V55. We are not home theater fanatics. I have no surround sound, though I do have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 9's hooked up to my 10year old Sony receiver. The sound is better through my speaker system, but the TV sound quality is pretty decent and neither my wife or me felt it necessary to pipe the sound through the big speakers for casual viewing.

So we go and buy a Sony 32in replacement - the KV32fs17. We hooked it up and are excited about the picture quality, but immediately we notice the sound quality is absolute junk. Pathetically bad beyond belief. We have to turn it to insane volumes to understand what people are saying. I am convinced I have a bad TV and go back to the store to listen to the floor model. Same thing. Go to another store, same thing. Check out the other TV's in the same feature league and they are all noticeably better (but IMHO overall still pretty bad). Everywhere I go I ask, are people not complaining about the sound on the Sony? And the answer is no one had ever complained, in fact people comment on how good the sound is!

I end up checking out the KV-32fv300 and the sound is noticeably improved of the fs17, still it does not seem to me as good as that on our
old 27in TV. We ended up buying the KV32fv600 (HDTV) and the sound does not make us want to leave the room, still I found the experience frustrating and educational. Tell me I am not alone in thinking 1) the low end Wega have absolutely lousy sound and 2) the sound quality on Sonys high end sound line as decreased over the years.

It is almost as if they want to have low sound so that they can sell additional sound gear to customers.

From a person who does not consider himself an audiophile....

- Henrik
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I just recently bought the model you returned, at least the one without the PIP. I think the sound is decent, but I do leave it in "fake surround" mode. I am very happy with the picture. For watching TV it is fine. For movies, I use a home theatre. My girl friend has the 27" Wega and you are right, we really need to crank up the volume when watching anything at her house. I suppose I could get her a receiver and speakers for Christmas.....

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