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Zenith C34W23  

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Any info./comments on this set? TIA
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I'm curious to know if CC is going to carry it. Last time I checked it wasn't in their "plan".
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I have this TV, and I must say that the picture is fantastic. The digital OTA stations come in crystal clear. PBS demo loop is all that HDTV has to offer. Good signal cable stations also look impressive, but with all TVs, a bad signal still looks bad. The one thing that is still puzzling me is why Zenith decided not to have a progressive component input (only 480i and 1080i inputs). On the upside, the interlaced DVD input looks REALLY nice anyway. Still trying to get info on when the line doubler comes into play.

Cosmetically, the set is as good as, or better than the 34XBR2. Stretch modes are the typical normal, wide, and zoom. Black bars on the sides with 4:3 ratio (not grey). All in all, this set is well worth the money. They left out a couple of features, but at $2500 MSRP (considerably less street price), it's still a bargain.
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