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What's a reasonable discount on an RPTV  

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I'm about to order an RPTV. What I'm not sure about is what would be a fair price to pay the retailer for it. I know I shouldn't pay the posted price, but I also don't want to come off looking or sounding like an idiot. So I was wondering , in terms of a percentage what can I expect to shave off a retailers price? 15%?? ... more??? less???
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So I guess everybody here paid "sticker" price for their RPTVs????
Come on folks. This can't be that goofy a question!
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This varies a lot by brand and level of product. The 64" Pioneer Elite, for example, has a current MSRP of $7,300 but typically sells for $6,999. Not much of a discount, but then again it is an "Elite". On a set like this you may find a shop willing to give you a 10% break, and that should be considered very good.

On lower end sets it seems like the price breaks are better. The thought process, I'm sure, is that people in the "Elite" range have more money to pay for the quality, while those shopping for lower-end units are more price sensitive.

Also note that some retailers will claim that can't deal or there is some reason that the price they show is fully justified. I think that if pushed enough most will knock 10% off. If they are able to do this during their "special events" then the same should be true during "normal" periods, shouldn't it?
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I'm in the same position, ready to buy. I will settle for no less than 15%. Lots of stores in Toronto, one is bound to give in and be happy to get a sale. Maybe I can get a little more off. Never hurts to try :)
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The info given could well be wrong.

Someone that I know who was in the business told me that low end units have a margin of roughly 26 and high end units have a margin as low as 20.

I have no clue if that is factual but I have no reason to doubt him either. He no longer sells home theater equipment so there was no gain for him to be anything but honest with me.
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That sounds about right.

I would say 10% off is very good.

15% is extremly rare and hard to get.

most customer pay full retail, some catch sales of about 5% or get free delivery or free dvd player, or the worst offer (best buy) that stupid free chair and ottaman they claim is a $269 value in their flyer, yet probably is worth less than $50.

I would say if you can get 10% then take the deal.

Personally, price is a minor concern next to where I would buy it from. Somtimes a fair price from a great retailer is better than a great price from a fair retailer.

Some places are worth the extra money for the suport they can give down the road.

Price is not the only concern, and since almost all store price match, anyone who shops on price alone is stupid, they should also consider where there buy it since store A and store B might both match each others price, but Store A can service the set after the sale with factory authorized and trained support while Store B is more a retailer, and does not have a service center, thus they send you on to the manufactuere for support or help.(bad idea)

Thus, even if store B gave you a better deal, why not take that deal to store A, have them match it 110% (most stores do this) and get an even better deal and better support
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kp-57wv700 selling on sony website and crutchfield for $3999. Local stores are running it for the same price. I have seen it for $3089 plus shipping on other sites. I paid $3514 plus $60 for delivery. That discount was hard fought, and I have been a long time customer. Good luck.
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Price is many times determined by how much commission the individual salesperson is willing to get or give up.

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Not at most national places.

More up to the MGMT, who is in control of the pricing.

Prices are not a result of the evil tv sales man...(LOL)

Some places like CC (paid 2.8%), taking $200-300 off the price only effects the salesman's commision less than 10 Dollars, and is far better than not making the sale.

Most stores and managment have strict pricing policies in place, and very, very few actually are allowed or supposed to negotiate prices.

Thus the "pricematch" results... Basically in order to get a good price you have to give them an excuse to give it to you, cause if a CC or sears or Best Buy guys (manager or sales guy) was caught negotiating price without reason they would be canned quickly. Keep that in mind, it good to know when seeking the best price. Some places just can't give you a great deal, you need to help them give it to you with a reason.

Margin is also getting lower and lower. Somtimes a better price can not be had. With these lower end models comming out at reduced MSRP's to be more price attractive (basically every model under $2500 ) there is less margin than there used to be on it in the past. If a $2500 is on sale for $2199 plus free delivery, set up, free dvd player and 12 months no interest, there is not that much more discount to be had it the cost is near the $1800 since after all is said and done, (shipping, overhead ect.. )they are making little money on the deal as it is. It is not reasonable to expect a discount on every bigscreen tv purchase, espeacially if you catch a good sale at the time. If it is full price, I would atleast expect the sales price though....
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I paid 3599 delivered for the kp-57wv700 at PC-richards in NJ. The guy did not want to deal at first and said the price was 4200. I told him to go check with his boss for the best price. He came back and asked me if I was going to purchase it tonight. I told him if the price was right the answer was yes. He came back with 3599 plus 50 for delivery, I asked for free delivery and then I would close the deal. He made the price 3550 for tv and left the 50 for delivery. They always deal with me on most items. Got to love when they say MSRP is xxx and that is the price. We all know that is not the case and some places will not move an inch. CC and Best Buy compete against each other but you must bring in sales ads when things are on sale so they can beat it. I never had good luck at CC or BB when it comes to getting better prices. The best luck I had was from a local AV dealer that gave me a great discount on some pioneer HI-Fi gear that I got around the same time. I find that CC and BB or sears do not carry the high end stuff at all. CC does to some extent on the audio relm but it's mid range stuff

I was at another AV local mom and pop shop and the prices were out of site. I asked for a discount and the guy said he would not move since he feels the price is good. It was $100 off MSRP
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I bought my TV off the internet and saved quite a bit of money. Tweeter etc. wanted several hundred dollars more than I paid, but I also got Pioneer's best DVD player at the time and didn't have to pay tax -- and my price includes shipping from the internet retailer but not from Tweeter, so Tweeter would have been even higher. When you consider that I saved several hundred dollars off of Tweeter's "sale" price and still got an excellent DVD/DVD-A/CD player, I think I got a bargain. I bought almost every HT device I own off the internet or used. The only things not bought used or off the internet are my VCR and Dish receivers. Everything else (TV, AVP, two amps -- 5-channel and 2-channel, speakers) was used or Internet. I refuse to pay retail.
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