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Which RPTV? Where??  

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Help!!! I am tired of looking at tv's and threads!!!
Which RPTV (widescreen) to get under $2500 and where??
Here's what I'm looking at: The 43" Hitachi, 42" Toshiba (H82), 47 and 53" panny, 51" Sony, 42 and 48" Mits...
Any downsides to any of these? ? ?
Help is appreciated, I will be obliged to return the favor with a wise-s reply someday.:)
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I think that Mits is generally recognized as a "high value" product, meaning that you get a lot of HD punch for your money. Calibrated appropriately, any of the sets you mention can give you a good HD picture, however. The biggest difference I have noted is in their performance on SD material, where Sony seems to do the best job, Mits probably second. Pioneer blows everything else away on SD and also does great HD, but seems to be outside of your price range.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to what you value and like the best. There are certainly a lot of opinions here....
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The of the TV's you mentioned, the Hitachi does some things really good:

It has a 160 degree view angle, the others have 110
It's brighter
It has the best upconverter, and thus the best SD picture for regular cable and DSS.

It has a small footprint, and the depth is only about 20" or so...

The previous post was correct,

all those tv's would calibrate nicely...

Good luck - MIKE
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Only problem with going with the Hitachi is I thought it had been discussed that they have no separate settings memory for the different inputs (i.e., video 1, 2, tv, etc.).
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Yes they do..

instead of inputs, they do MODES.

the same thing...

Plus, Most people are unware that with the excellent VirtualHD system, it creates a common high defintion platform. Since the CRT and lense systems were optimized to display HDTV, it not only gives you the best pciture quaility when view standard definition sources, but is also eliminates the need to change picture settings for differents inputs.


This explains it pretty well
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Take a look at the JVC AV48WP30 as well. It's an HD widescreen 48". I was looking at the same list you mentioned (save the Mits) and thought it looked better, both aethetically (it is a piece of furniture after all) and picture quality wise for the money. It also has DVI (I know, I know, copy protection sucks, but just in case...)

Also, like the Hitachi it upconverts SDTV to 1080i.
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So the Hitachi does have separate settings for different inputs or it does not ? ? ?

edkotch, thanks, I did look at the JVC but am wanting to go 42 or 43 inches right now.
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It has picture modes that retain the different settings for each mode.

Just as easy, same thing.

I never touch my Hitachi, it stays set all the time to the same settings for all sources. That the beauty of VirtualHD system.
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