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Is size everything?(!) 51-in versus 53 versus 57 versus higher models?  

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Question 1: Hitachi makes RPTVs in 51, 53, 57 and 65 inch sizes.

For some things, size isn't everything. ...on the other hand, for some things, size is everything.

Assuming that I can fit up to a 57-in unit comfortably, what am I buying for the extra money over a 51?

Am I buying additional "issues" such as seeing a poorer picture when running off of cable with a bigger TV? (this will be my main TV and so news, sports and a few favorite TV shows will be watched on the RPTV).

Question 2: Hitachi also makes sets that have presumably better pictures within a particular size. Eg. They have, in order of increasing price: UWX series, SWS, GWX, TWX and XWX (correct me if I'm wrong on the order).

How much better is one series over another?

I haven't priced it out yet, but I think I can get (as an example) a 53-in UWX series for the same price as a 51-in SWX series. If both are in the same ball in price (and again, assuming both will fit in the room), should I get a smaller one with a better picture quality or a larger one with one that is one or 2 levels down in the "hierarchy"?
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For me size is not everything. Downsides of larger size do include watching normal TV. Pictures are quite soft on my 57" Toshiba. Brightnes can be an issue, especially in a bright room.
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HDTV's key feature is denser line spacing and higher overall resolution. This enables you to sit closer to the screen without seeing scan-line structure, filling a wider viewing angle with images. Greater realism results. Haven't seen any studies, but I'm convinced just having a larger surface area of color, say a golf green or baseball diamond, is a physiological visual clue that enhances simulated realism.

Non-HDTV viewing? Depends. IMO, you need a set with a good (excellent is better) deinterlacing circuit (480i to 480p). Cable signal quality varies tremendously around the world. Some non H/DTV channels from NYC's Time Warner Cable, I find, can be viewed comfortably at an 8-foot distance from my 64-inch RPTV (ideal for HDTV). Image quality often depends on signal routing. CNN, for example, has been bounced over numerous satellite links and figures here often have 'fuzzy' edges from the processing. But studio shots from a local 24/7 cable news source are crisp all the time. Also, all the numerous premium movie channels are usually fantastic in resolution (a theoretical 480X720 pixels, matching DVD quality at times). Upclose viewing of non-HDTV, IMO, is helped by the excellent--Canadian-made :)--Genesis deinterlacing microchip in my Philips RPTV. Also, this year-2000 model (64PH9905) doesn't upconvert 480i to 540p or higher to save manufacturing costs, boosting both scan lines and horizontal resolution, as many newer sets do. Such upconversion requires exceptionally good source signals or artifacts will be unacceptably magnified. So, IMO, with good deinterlacing and other image-generation circuits, plus clean signal sources, bigger images are definitely better. -- John
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I am in the bigger is better camp!

The UWX is a nice set, probably as good as anything out there in it's range. You should be able to pick up the 57" in the area of $2500.

SWX would be a better choice since it has better HD wideneck CRT's the resolve more detail in the picture, and I would spring the extra cost of the SWX over the UWX if you watch high amounts of DVD and HDTV programs, since the SWX is a better choice for these sources.

Basically the SWX and the UWX are the main lines, you can find them at national retailers like CC and Sears.

The others are simply more obscure combo's. The SWX has over the UWX:

Anti reflective advanced ultra black screen
HD wideneck CRT'
AV network
Better remote
Magic focus 8 with 8 sensors

I think the SWX is the best blend of value and features
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I think your order of model/price is slightly wrong. I believe it goes GWX, UWX, SWX, TWX, XWX.

The only difference I can see from the GWX to the UWX is that the UWX had a DVI Input while the GWX doesn't

The differences between the UWX and SWX seem to be the new Wide Neck CRTs, better screen, and better sound on the SWX.

The only difference I can see between the SWX and TWX seems to be seems to be a better screen on the TWX. I think the TWX has the same screen as the top-of-the-line XWX.

The differences between the TWX and XWX seem to be that the XWX has a built-in ATSC tuner, Dolby Digital output, Dolby Digital 2channel down-mix. 1 more antenna(RF) input, and 2 IEEE 1394/5C interfaces.

I also believe that the new 20B 16:9 series TV's are not available in a 53" size. I think it's only 51, 57, 65. In the TWX models, there does not appear to be a 51" model.

Personally, I would get a 57", if it fits and would not buy last years 10B series. I would get the SWX unless the TWX is not that much more. I heard something like $200 extra but who knows until it's available.

I have seen both a UWX and SWX in a 51" model and definitely can see a better picture in the SWX model. Haven't seen a TWX and the XWX really doesn't interest me. I don't think the built in tuner is of value to us Canadians. For Digital/HD action, we need either a satellite setup or a STB from our cable co. The DD action is the same as either the satellite IRD or cable STB will have DD out.

I apologize in advanced if I am wrong but I think I got it straight.

Good Luck
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I cannot comment on the picture quality as I have not received my 51swx20b, its coming Aug 20th. But the order is UWX, GWX, SWX, TWX, XWX.

The main units are the UWX, SWX, and XWX. The GWX is the same as the UWX with a cosmetic upgrade to the Screen(for glare) and the Case(for looks). The same features are added to the SWX in the TWX model.

The UWX is the bottom of the line, the SWX xomes with a better CRT, A/V network, and better sound system. The better CRT is the reason for my choice to go with the SWX. The XWX is the top of the line and come with a built in ATSC tuner, and Firewire port. All models come with DVI.

Hope this helps.
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You made it sound like the SWX did not come with an anti-reflective coating.

The SWX does come with the anti-reflective coating (%60 absorbs). The TWX does not seem to make much sense given the extra cost for very little more (opinion)

I would say the SWX is the perfect blends of value and features
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My understanding is that the XWX has a better anti-reflective screen which is supposed to be 80% effective rather than 60% effective on the other models with anti-reflective screens.
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Your understanding is correct.

it also has a finer pitch and deep ultra-black enhanced design.

Basically, it is supposed to be better.
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Sorry about that Mfusick, I didn't mean to do that, I should say the GWX and TWX come with an better anti-reflective coating(80% I think but could be wrong).

Also I do want to also note I am in no way an expert but have been going over the specs for a while trying to decide. I should also not this is my first HDTV, my existing TV is a 32" RCA about 6 years old, I am no expert on them.

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My understanding is that the TWX and XWX share the exact same screen and properties. Only the ATSC Tuner, DD output and down-mix, and IEEE 1394 are available on the XWX.

I still believe the only difference between the GWX and UWX is that the UWX had DVI.
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Originally posted by Donm
Sorry about that Mfusick, I didn't mean to do that, I should say the GWX and TWX come with an better anti-reflective coating(80% I think but could be wrong).
No need to apologize..

I did not mean to come off like that at all...

Only reason I chimed back in was because there is two other Hitachi threads running, and they are starting to converge on the same subjects. (model diffrences) and, the info in them is starting to conflict.

The best way to describe the TWX is not to subtract from the XWX, which is a different chassis altogether and too many difference to even compare.

The TWX is the SWX with 80% anti-reflective instead of the standard 60%.
Thats it, plain and simple.

I would still say that there is so little glare on the SWX, and the screen is so good that the extra $ for the TWX seems a waste. I also fear that it could effect the picture more too... but that is speculation. I can't imagine out of the box picture quality getting much better than the SWX, so I can't wait to see the XWX.

The SWX is in many ways the best out of the box model I have ever seen, and it seems to have the perfect blend of all the features you would want in that price tier, making it a stand out value. (opinion)
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I stand corrected on the DVI issue. All models have DVI.

I did find the following link on the Hitachi site which made no mention of DVI on the GWX model but it was apparently omitted by mistake.


Sorry guys
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I don't think the new 43FWX20B has it...

I think the 43" widescreen model Hitachi will not have DVI...
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