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zenith hd 520  

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Does anyone know if the new Zenith HD 520 has any timer functions. The spec sheet from the Zenith website says "Auto Programming" which may involve a timer. Also, when will this unit be available?
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I am not sure about the timer function but I know it suppost to be released on September 20.
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I read that the new Sony SAT-HD200 is being manufactured by Zenith and is virtually identical to the new 520.

Do you know if the release date of Sept. 20 for the Zenith would mean that the Sony would hit the street at the same time?
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What's the MSRP on the Zenith? I thought it was supposed to be $799, but that's what Cousins Video & others are charging for it (no discounts).
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Where did you get the September 2oth date?

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I heard from copperbox.com that the Zenith 520 would ship in mid October in limited quantities.
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Zenith told me that it would be released on September 20. I don't know anything about the Sony HD-200.
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My local dealer tells me new STBs in Sept. He is usually reliable.
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MSRP is actually 1199, MAP is 799. The latest info I have from Zenith is that they will begin to ship at CEDIA which is the end of Sept. I have already ordered 20 hoping to get 4 or 5.:D
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"I read that the new Sony SAT-HD200 is being manufactured by Zenith and is virtually identical to the new 520."


Where did you read this? What is the source for this statement? Do you have it in writing? Is there a link to this info?
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I'm not Dbacksfan, but I've seen post about LG Electronics, a Korean company who owns Zenith, making the new Sony Sat HD200 . I inquired of Gary Merson (who evaluates equipment and has articles in equipment magazines) if this was correct and he answerd yes! If you look at the write-up of the Sony, it has identical features as the Zenith. This may be a first: a Korean company manufacturing a product for a Japanese company!

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I'm willing to bet the Sony will be more $$$.
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Thanks for your reply. Perhaps Sony felt that rather than try to resolve all the HD100 issues it was more efficient to let LG Electronics deal with the design issues and just become a marketer of HD Settop boxes rather than a manufacture.


Looks like you may be correct on the pricing. The Sony August 7th press release states that the SAT- HD200 it will be available in September for about $900.
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Please forgive a Newbie question. I am in the process of setting up my first HDTV and am interested in the ability of the HD 520 to pass signals through in their native format. That has appeal to me, but I also noticed that the box is also a DirectTv box. If you purchase it, are you required to get DirectTv. I am not sure if I am ready for that at this time. My wife enjoys the local channels still and we are not in an area that has those available.

Thanks for your help.
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I am helping a friend do some wiring for a Pioneer Plasma this week & he plans to use the 520 receiver.

I have a few questions:

DVI output: Is this 24 or 29 pin?
Edit: (I see 19 pins on the diagram??)

The 520 upscales NTSC to 1080I , 720P & 480P at the users discretion , ATSC signals have the same resolution output options .

Can all of these signals be "switched" to utilize either the DVI output, HD Component output, and the HD-15 (SVGA) output according to the users wishes?

What chipset is Zenith (or LG Electronics) using to do this upscaling?
Is DCDi a possibility? LG uses it on other products & this thing is pretty pricey!
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Maury, no you do not have to get D*. A lot of people buy HD set top boxes and never sub. to D*. Now if you get it from some retailers at a discount you may have to subscribe but that is unlikely with this new box. I have one on order for $699. I saw the 520 in Las Vegas and was very impressed.
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I have one on order also, but not at your price. Where did you find it for $699?


I am not certain of the answers to your other questions, but here is an email address for an engineer I've corresponded with at LGE in Korea. You might want to ask him: icho@lge.com. His name is Taegil CHO.

As trich stated, you don't have to subscribe to DirecTV, but some of the best HD programing, IMHO, is provided by HDNet. That in conjuction with HBO-H and SHO-H make it a good feal for $22 a month.

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Check your PM
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[quote]Originally posted by tomrhyne

I have one on order also, but not at your price. Where did you find it for $699.

Trich - I have one on order as well, $799. Where did you find one at $699? Thanks..............
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trich and tomrhyne

Thanks for your help. I too am curious as to where you found it at that price.
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OK here is the site. They have two list. Pre pay and pre order. Pre pay list is short, pre order is long. I pre paid mine $699 plus $20 shipping. I have said this before,I saw this box in Las Vegas [Info-Comm 2002] and I believe its the best stb out there right now.
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I'm curious. What makes you say it is the best? Why do you believe it is so much better than the Samsung sir-t160 or t165?
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Does anyone have any really good technical reasons why the Zenith Sat 520 or the Sony Sat HD 200 makes one better than the other?
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Originally posted by jpmcm
Does anyone have any really good technical reasons why the Zenith Sat 520 or the Sony Sat HD 200 makes one better than the other?
Ditto that question, ESPECIALLY the upconversion quality of NTSC signals done by the Zenith compared to say, Samsung. Thanks.
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That e-mail bounced. Can you double check that E-mail?

I would like to here straight from LG.
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Maury, sorry about that; I must have dropped the leading "t" when I copied the address. It is ticho@lge.com. Good luck! Another possibility is Chris Engel, who was (is?) Program Manager for STBs for Zenith in the states. His email is Christopher.Engel@zenith.com. However, I've had better luck just calling his telephone number and talking to him. I don't have his number handy, but you can go to the Corporate page on the Zenith website and get their headquarters number and contact him that way.

Good luck!

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Has anyone heard anymore confirmation as to when the 520 is coming out? Zenith told me today their ETA is November, just want to find out if this is really true.
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I talked to a Zenith rep at HQ today and he told me that the unit will be in the dealers in late September. He told me that Circuit City would be a primary dealer and that a dealer list was being formulated and would be available in a couple of weeks. Remember, don't kill the messenger!!
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Hey jpmcm

I believe you because one of the local retailers here in Dallas told me they thought they would get the Zenith in the next couple of weeks (that was last week when we spoke). That would be nice if Circuit City was selling the unit because it might be cheaper than at the high end places...
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I've read that I must commit to a subsription to DirecTV to be able to buy the 520. Others have told me it's not necessary.
I just want the "goodies" in the 520, and I'm not interested in DirecTV.
Can I buy the STB w/o a subscription?
(better chance on the internet?)
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