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Its predecessor, the DTV1080, didn't require a subscription to DirecTV, and I've seen nothing that would suggest the 520 has that requirement attached. However, some of the best quality HD, IMHO, is from HDNet. I have mine on order.

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Careful! Datavisioncomputer.com has the Zenith SAT520 listed on their web page as "in stock." I called to verify this, and the salesman said "October 1st."
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I guess thats a very loose definition of "in stock" :)
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I'm an HDTV newbie -- can someone please summarize for me, what is "exciting" about the upcoming Z HD 520 ... I gather this unit has some features that are new or different compared to the previous generation of HDTV decoders, but I haven't yet seen these described.

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It replaces the DTV1080 which many feel is the best and corrects (hopefully) the 1080 bugs while adding a DVI output and switchable output (via remote) verses a switch in the back.
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Tom, I pre-ordered the 520 this afternoon ($699) on-line.
You're right, I didn't have to subscribe to DirecTV to buy the receiver. I've got no problem waiting til Oct. 1st. It will be matched up with the new Sammy DLP.
I hope the 520 meets our expectations.

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Has anyone considered the HDV420? Appears to be a non-DirectTV STB due out at the same time. Copperbox.com has it listed on preorder at $399.97. Has native output and DVI.
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Do we know if either of these can zoom a 1080i or 720p signal?
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Actually Copperbox.com has the HD520 on pre-order for $799.97, a bit pricey for me. I wonder if that is just the MSRP.
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Go to the Zenith site and click on `products`. When you find the SAT-520, click the `compare` button and it will give you a very comprehensive, side by side comparison of the 420 and 520, other than the satellite feature.
The 520 looks like it has more/better components inside, which was the deciding factor for me.
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Originally posted by Maury Thornton
Has anyone considered the HDV420? Appears to be a non-DirectTV STB due out at the same time. Copperbox.com has it listed on preorder at $399.97. Has native output and DVI.
From all I have read I did not see anything about DVI on the HDV420. I believe copperbox is pulling your leg.
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Has anyone been able to confirm with Zenith if the HD520 fixes the "fun house mirror effect" the DTV1080 has in the panorama mode?
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Originally posted by MrFister

From all I have read I did not see anything about DVI on the HDV420. I believe copperbox is pulling your leg.
That's what happens to us newbies when we believe what a retailer says. Thanks for picking up on that and correcting for me
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In a note from John Taylor, VP of Zenith, in The Perfect Vision he stated that the Panorama problem with DirecTV was corrected in the 520. This was the issue that Gary Merson reviewed the DTV1080 (around May/June).

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Tom: I hope that's true and comes through!!
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back panel of the 520 for what it's worth.

once i get a projector with DVI, i'll probably pick one of these up.
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A dedicated calibration port? I like it already!
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ADbar, thanks for the back panel pic of the 520. That's terrific!
Zenith tech support is unable to tell me which of the 2 types of DVI configuration they use on the 520!
I want to get the RIGHT cable ahead of time.

Ken, I've got one pre-ordered. Are you getting one?

~Alex G.
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What bugs are in the DTV1080? With the new unit coming out I might be able to find a good deal on the DTV1080.
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Major bugs of the DTV1080 are audio dropouts on Dolby sources and the "funhouse effect" when using the Panorama ratio mode on DirecTV sources.

Now, regarding the HD SAT520, has it been confirmed by anyone that they will be choosing an Optical Dolby Digital out as opposed to a Coaxial Dolby Digital out (all the materials that I can find regarding the box say only 1 Dolby Digital out, so I'm curious)?
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I have not seen anything definitive, but the rear panel layout shows a square, unlabeled output which leads me to believe it is optical. All other jacks are labeled and there is none labeled for audio out, so I am assuming this is the 5.1 output. I hope to know for sure in a few weeks when mine shows up.

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I wonder if that black square, to the left of the S-video plug, could be a TOSlink output.
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For those ordering from Datavision....Be careful. One of the best sites out there to check ratings of vendors is www.resellerratings.com
Here is the link to Datavis (datavision) rating comments

Bill H
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I agree, Bill. I've already cancelled my 520 order with them.
Great post. People.... beware!

~Alex G.
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after looking at the rear diagram of the zenith 520 which video would be rec for a faroudja nrs----the component Y Pb Pr from the zenith using a breakout cable to the faroudja D15M or the RGB out of the zenith to the D15M on the Faroudja??
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The same unlabeled black rectangle is used on other Zenith panel diagrams to represent the optical output. The calibration port is a DB-9 9-pin serial port, not a 15 pin port. I do not know what type of DVI connector it has.


The component signal is not the same as RGB. You will need to use the HD-15 connector out to the NRS. I am assuming you are using RGB out of the NRS to your display.

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I have a hookup question since I am a new Marantz VP-12S1 owner and am considering this Zenith. Will I be using the RGB connection for anything if I will have the DLP projector, the Zenith, a Denon AVR3802 receiver and a new DVD player hooked up? Down the road I may want to hook up the computer to play games in the media room or other stuff too...

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Got an email today from a Sony PR person. She said that the Sony HD 200 will be available at retailers in early October. Since LG(Zenith) is making it for them, I am pretty confident that the Zenith Sat 520 will be out either before them or at the same time.
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Talked to Zenith today and was told possibly October but maybe November for release of the 520. I was told that same thing last month. I wish me a Merry Christmas........
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So much for the rumors of late September... My current DTV1080's warranty expires late November. I hope the 520 is out before that as I plan on waging a campaign with Zenith to swap my DTV1080 out for a 520 due to how many problems I've had with my DTV1080.
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