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Lexington, KY and Insight cable (hd 1q 2003!)  

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A few months ago I emailed Insight asking about their future of HDTV (see old post here).

I decided to email them the other day w/ some questions about their broadband and decided to throw in a question about HDTV as well. It looks like 1st quarter 2003 they will be offering it.

Hi James, I believe we have discussed HDTV before. A lot has happened since I last emailed you. We will be doing HDTV by the 1st Quarter of 2003. We have a national contract with PBS, and are in talks with CBS and ABC. We are also looking at HBO, SHOWTIME and DiscoveryHD, but I do not know how those discussions are coming. As you are probably already aware, the Dish companies will not be able to provide you with your local stations in Lexington, so local HDTV would have to come using your own 8VSB receiver. At first we will have a seperate set top box in addition to or current one for HDTV reception. Eventually those 2 boxes will be integrated into one.
....[cable modem talk]...
....[quality issues]... As for the quality of the digital cable, our analog signals should all be sharp, please call a 514-1400 and we will have a technician come out and fix any problems with your cable. It is common for channels 2-4 to have problems and our techs know how to fix that. Some of our digital channels are processed by the National Digital Television Center in Littleton, Colorado. We carry quite a few channels as requested by our subscribers (though we still receive requests daily for additional channels) so we get feeds from the NDTC which squeezes the most channels into available spectrum. Engineers have weighed the Quantity vs. Quality issue of those channels and have settled on a current standard. The Dish network has also increased their channel density on similar networks to the same ratio. Many of our digital channels are brought in directly from the programmers feed. Those include PPV, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Cinemax, Sundance and several others. The quality of those channels is the same leaving the broadcaster as it is at the digital set top box at the customer's house. No one delivers a better picture than we do on those channels. I hope I have answered all of your questions. Do not hesitate to voice any concerns you have, and please allow us to send a tech out to look at your reception problems. Thanks!
It looks like unless directtv is much cheaper, then I'll savec money and go with cable! Of course I'll believe it when I see it.

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I wonder what this means for Louisville Insight?
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You may know this already but... I talked to Insight last week and they said they would be going live in December. They will be using a sidecar box (Motorola I think) until they get the 'real' boxes. They'll have 5 stations: CBS, ABC, PBS, HBO and Showtime.

I've called several times and finally got someone who knew what they were talking about -- sounded believable. Told me to keep checking back.

- Randy
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willandjohn, any cost idea? Are the boxes free or rented or bought? I've called locally a couple of times and the Insight CR's did not know what I was talking about. They think their digital product is HD! LOL! If anyone could share any info on costs I too, might throw Directv out (as well as ExpressVu).
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Not to rain on your parade but Insight has been having major issues with broadband in Kentucky areas. Please visit the Insight Forum at DSL Reports.


Insight has been rock solid for broadband in my neck of the woods. I am waiting for HD Digital myself. They best hurry before an HD PVR solution arrives from Dish.

Also, could you pass me the e-mail address of your Insight contact. You can PM or e-mail me with the information. I would love to find out the scoop in/for Kokomo.
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MichaelZ, I had gotten the same info from the rep's everytime I called also. I went down to Barney Miller's last week and one of the guys there told me that Insight was about ready to roll HD out. So, I called that day. By a stroke of luck, I actually got someone that knew what HD meant (I got the "our digital is HD...." line several times before also). She said the sidecar box would be about $2-3 extra /month (plus the cost of the current digital box).

BTW, had a friend call the exact same day and he got the same clueless response we've been getting for months (So, I guess word hasn't gotten around internally either). With the comments from the guy at B-Miller's and the info from the CSR, I felt like there was a good chance it was actually going to happen. We'll see...

Jim_Hunt, I had heard about their broadband issues - in fact, they have a planned outage here in the near future. I attributed the problems to upgrades they have been making to sell phone service. Don't know that for sure but they have entered that market here. I don't have a contact -- just the CSR at the local number. Hope you guys are getting HD soon up there also...
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