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Sony's units are known for long break in period, so dont judge too fast on SACD comparison.

The 9000ES is a tough one to beat...after 400 hours of break in.
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One of the thing's that interests me about the DVP-NS999ES is the "audio-video alignment feature". I am hoping that this can be used to delay the audio and cure a lip-sync problem I have (I'm running the video from the DVD directly to a Panny plasma, and the audio from the DVD directly to my 2-channel pre-amplifier -- the video processing inside the Panny delays the picture and creates a lip-sync problem).

Can any of you who already have the DVP-NS999ES help clarify what the audio-video alignment feature does? I've tried to find a downloadable user manual, without success!!

Thanks in advance,

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You are correct about the 'A/V alignment' feature. It does just that - adjusts for time delays between audio & video. There's nothing detailed in the manual (that I can find). If your interested in the manual I have a PDF version available. -gh

Note: Judging from a picture found in the manual (p.63) the maximum time delay is 120ms.
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Still impatiently waiting for the arrival of my unit!!:(
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Crutchfield has the product listed now. Lots of details and pictures

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Martin, no, I still haven't recieved mine. I'm getting darned anxious. Even Crutchfield has them in stock now. I did notice that the Canadian store is out of stock, however. I don't know what is holding mine up. Oh well, maybe today.

Mark, the alignment feature is just as Greg said. I think it is a worthwhile feature.
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Does this player have the Chroma Bug?
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For the europeans,

I spoke to someone from SONY today, and was told that the 999 has been suspended at least for europe (no mention if some had already been delivered for sales to consumers as is) for 2 reasons, PAL Progressive and the fact that they are considering to make it a "high end" recordable version instead.
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I thought I'd throw this in to the mix.. General description of the Video DAC onboard:

The ADV7304A is a digital to analog encoder for Standard Definition and/or High Definition [525p, 625p, 1080i, 720p, etc] video from Analog Devices.

The ADV7304A converts any 10-Bit YCrCb High Definition and/or Standard Definition Video in NTSC, PAL [B, D, G, H, I, M, N, PAL-60] into YPrPb or RGB analog component High Definition video and/or Standard Definition CVBS, S-Video, YUV or RGB component video. It is also possible to input High Definition RGB data in 4:4:4 format, outputs being RS170 and RS343A compatible.

Component High Definition video outputs are compatible with EIA770.1, EIA770.2 and EIA770.3. Standard Definition supports YUV BetaCam, MII, SMPTE/EBU N10, SMPTE 170M NTSC and ITU-R.BT 470 PAL output formats.

The ADV7304A consists of six NSVâ„¢ 14-Bit Sigma-Delta DACs. Oversampled outputs are available for Standard Definition [8x at 108MHz], Progressive Scan [4x at 108 MHz] and HDTV [2x at 148.5 MHz].

Programmable features include a test pattern generator for HD and SD, YCrCb to RGB matrix, Gamma Correction, Adaptive Filter Control, Sharpness Filter Control, Digital Noise Reduction, multiple Luma and Chroma filters for SD, Luma SSAF with programmable gain/attenuation, separate Pedestal on component and CVBS/S-Video, VBI, an Undershoot Limiter, Color Control.

The ADV7304A provides CGMS-A [HD], CGMS/WSS [SD], Closed Captioning [SD]. Furthermore the ADV7304A incorporates the Macrovision Anticopy Algorithm for 625p, 525p and SD video.
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The Q&A section of the "Secrets..." website had this to say about the ADV7304 DAC:
" The higher MHz DACs, in theory, can produce a cleaner more accurate image, but the 108 MHz DACs based products we have seen are not always doing this. The Denon 9000 is using the latest AD7304 video encoder is 14-bit with 108 MHz DACs. However, we see a lot of ringing on this DVD player. We have compared it directly to a Meridian 598 DVD player that is using an 11-bit / 54 MHz DAC. There is much less ringing on the Meridian player. We suspect this is because of cheap digital filters used inside the DAC and the analog section after the DAC. " Please refer: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/qa/qa2002/qa315.html

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I can understand the following: "..and the analog section after the DAC." but I do not buy into the "..cheap digital filters used inside the DAC".

First off the Denon 9000 and the Sony 999ES will more than likely use different analog sections after the DAC. So, if the Denon 9000 shows ringing than the Sony might or might not show ringing.

Secondly, what exactly does "cheap digital filters" mean? That simply leads me to think that they mean poor implementation of instruction sets or S/W. The DAC is a single 64-pin LQFP - how can one decide to put poor quality filters into a chip? Maybe poor design. I don't know a great deal about single chip video DACS but maybe a manufacturer can opt for a poorer quality digital filter within a video DAC- but I cannot see how.

Interesting comments none-the-less from HTHifi.

I'm also curious if anyone knows whether or not this Sony will have a CD(r) interface allowing upgradeability - to actually modify the registers within the DAC? Historically, Sony doesn't do this.

And yet another question.. On the Denon 9000 - the upgrades that were performed to mask or reduce the Chroma Bug - where they changes on the Video DAC or the MPEG decoder? I suspect they were done on the Video DAC (I could be wrong) as this DAC has ample amounts of filters to fix a wide array of issues.

I found my answer.. On the Denon 9000 the changes were made on the ESS mpeg decoder not the A.D. video DAC
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Boy, I sure hope they haven't suspended production in the U.S. It is strange that I haven't got mine yet. I had the 999 ordered (and payed for) since about a week before the release date. I really did not have a second choice. I was hoping to avoid the chroma bug by getting the latest player.

I think the 999 would at least match the Denon's performance for less money. I was able to purchase the 999 for about cost so that made it even more attractive.
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Same with me Bob.
Did you order your unit directly from Sony?
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Wish that Sony had someone interested enough to comment here, or at least an informed customer service/technical advice division. When a company gets too big to inform their highly interested potential customers, it can be a forewarning of bad service or poor design due to arrogance. Hope Sony doesn't go down the tubes, as the recent corporate scandals prove, ANY COMPANY can be toppled, no matter how big. Their innovations over the decades have been wonderful. I remember the startling joy of hearing my first Walkman, it was truly awesome at that time.
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No Maggie, my dealer ordered it. IMO, it's been quite a while. I think we should be hearing something by now. I'm stopping by my dealer today and see if I can find something out.

I wonder what the progressive problem was that caused production to be suspended in Europe? (Also, I'm not sure what PAL stands for.)

I think it's strange to stop production on this player so they can make it a recorder. Why not make a separate one?
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Bob / Maggie,

Sorry, but I am a little confused !

Have you heard or assume that there is a problem with the 999ES and it's progressive output ?

Is that the reason the stopped production for the European market ?

What about the revision to make it a recorder that you mention ?

I will appreciate if you can explain.

My 999 ES is performing well.


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I have been in contact with Jim Oade of Oade Brothers Audio and he sent me an email last week that the units had been trickling in about 10 at a time. So far he had received only 10 units and he expected to receive another 10 soon. He said that all of the units he is receiving are pre-orders and are being sent out immediately.

My unit is coming directly from Sony and my Sony contact told me last week that it would probably be close to the end of the month before I receive my unit.
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O.K. 999 ES owners, are you seeing the chroma bug or not? :confused:

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Anyone have the Sony DVP-NS999ES Yet?

Bob / Maggie,

Sorry, but I am a little confused !

Have you heard or assume that there is a problem with the 999ES and it's progressive output ?

Is that the reason the stopped production for the European market ?

What about the revision to make it a recorder that you mention ?

I will appreciate if you can explain.

My 999 ES is performing well.



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I have not heard anything about any problems with the unit.
I expect to get mine from sony by the end of the month.
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Maggie, I went to my dealers and he was out on a delivery. He's supposed to call me when he gets back.

I suspect he'll tell me pretty much what you've already heard. But at least it sounds like we'll be getting them.

What Odae Brothers told you isn't entirely true about shipping pre-orders first. Crutchfield has them in stock also.

I would think our "sold" units should have shipped before places like Crutchfield or Odae Brothers were sent inventory.

I hope we get them before the end of the month. I'll keep you posted. We'll both have to give a bit of a review for the rest of the members.

All I know about the production suspension is what I read in a reply by "mohtman" earlier in this post. It sounds like it's just the European units.
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Bob & Maggie,

Please DO give some reviews as soon as you get the machines. The MOST important question is: Does the player have the CHROMA BUG????

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Maybe Guelin can answer the chroma bug question for us.

My dealer called me and said that the 999ES is on back order. So it does, at least sound like they are still shipping in the States.

He is going to be talking to the Sony rep tomorrow and he's going to ask if things can be sped up a bit. I think they should since the unit is paid for.

BTW, my dealer ordered one for himself when I ordered mine. He said it sounded like a great unit. Maybe he'll try harder to speed things up because he wants his too!
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I am very happy with the 999 ES

I have not yet detected anything related to the "Chroma Bug" while watching eight (8) DVD movies for now.

The first unit that was defective (Digital Audio - Coax output) was returned to J & R Musicworld and the replacement unit should be here tomorrow.

The second 999ES is the one I am using right now.


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What kind of surprise? I'm trying to decide between buying the Sony 999ES and the Pioneer DV-47Ai.

Any ideas?
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Just a note on availability in the US. My inquiries into dealers for the 999ES got me the following reply:

The Longshoreman strike on the west coast has severerly delayed the arrival of these players to the US. What was an early-mid Oct. expected broad availability has turned into late October availability.

This may explain why these are hard to find in your local store on on net stores.

Thanks to all for the great info on this thread, which has essentially convinced me to get one sooner that later!
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Xphile, good things are worth waiting for.
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Why wait - Onecall has had these in stock since 10/02/02

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I'm not sure I could have got it from One Call for $800.00.
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Any thoughts on the SACD sound quality of this unit vs. the 555ES?
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