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Hello all.............................

As of earlier today, I am not getting anything from WMC at all on 52.

I have noticed that I can now cotrol the aspect of 31-1 and 51-1. Untill now, these stations have been locked in "full" mode by my E86. I guess they must have changed something in the PSIP stream to indicate they are transmiting in 4:3.
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ABC-HD has been added to TWC channel 807 for NBA Finals.
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I'm sitting here watching the Stanley Cup Finals on Time Warner HD and I must say it looks great! I also noticed that Time Warner is now showing CBS in HD (Channel 803).
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I'm glad you guys are finally catching up with us OTA folks. On July 1, I'll let you know how ESPN HD looks.

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I was wondering if I was the only OTA user still looking at this thread!!

Where are you getting ESPN from Robert??
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I'm OTA. Is anyone else not getting WMC?? I'm pretty pissed that I haven't been able to get it for the past 3 weeks. I've sent emails to WMC about this, but haven't gotten any emails back. Anyone know of a contact over there?

I haven't been home to watch the NBA finals, but the NHL's look damn good. Except for when they cut to the overhead camera.
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I was wondering if I was the only OTA user still looking at this thread!!

I'm still reading it whenever it pops back to the first page.


Where are you getting ESPN from Robert??

I'll be signing up for it from D* as soon as it is available. The press release says July 1 but I hope they start it sooner.


Is anyone else not getting WMC??

My signal strength is barely meter barely registers anything sometimes. I have no idea what's going on. You are probably the closest to the towers so if you are having problems, then there's no hope for us. On the other hand, I don't watch a single HD show on NBC on a regular basis.

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I guess I was not paying very good attention to the HD programming section as it was Friday before I even noticed the D* HD package to be available 7/1.
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I got this email back from WMC after writing the VP because I never recieved a response back.

First let me apologize for any inconvience that has been caused to you. We are experiencing problems with our DTV equipment... both the transmitter and encoder rack. I just received our upconverter back from Leitch yesterday for the encoder rack and it has been installed and is now working. Currently we are unable to bring the transmitter up and I have been working with Thales on resolving the problem. The digital transmitter that we have has been very unreliable and has already been discontinued by Thales. We are schedule to have the control cabinet in the Advantage transmitter replaced in August with the control cabinet used in the DCX transmitter that Thales has used for several years now and is proven to be more reliable. Please be patient with us while we make this transition and if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 726-0505.

Derick McMillian
Chief Engineer, WMC-TV

I have a ? for people using TW, what HD channels do yall have right now? Do you have all the locals in HD?
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I have HD HBO, WPTY (NBA and NHL), and WREG. Star Wars looks amazing right now.
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I have D* and there was a lot of pixelation when watching SW, especially during action scenes. It was so bad I am seriously thinking about going to TW. For those with cable, how was SW the other night? Has TW had any news about adding other HD channels? ie ESPN, HDNet, and WMC? Last, can you pick up OTA HD thru an antenna with TW like you can with D*?
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Looks like WMC is back on the air. I was picking up a nice signal from them earlier tonight up here in Paragould.
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Thanks for the heads up........................

I havent even looked for them in a few days...........
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Thanks for the word on WMC I had given up hope....Just hope the FOX 13 gets a transmitter up and going before Football season.

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Not only is WMC back, but I'm getting a stronger signal from them now than ever before. Virtually equal to WREG. Don't know just what changes they made, some new equipment I guess, but it sure is for the better.

I hope FOX 13 gets things going soon, too. 100kwatts.com indicates that their contract is for what looks to be the highest power digital transmitter in Memphis. That would be a major change, after being on trickle power for so long.
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Leno is looking very good this evening.
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I am having up and down results with 52-1 again..........................

Can anyone else confirm??
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Yes, 52 has not been very consistant. Sometimes I get a fairly good signal, other times no signal at all.
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AGAIN more disappointment from NBC WMC 5 for the last 3 nights NO HD feed not a trace of a signal...anyone know what the h*ll the problem with them is.

PO'ed in C'ville

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I just got an RCA F38310 and I'm having trouble tuning in CBS simultaneously with NBC and ABC. Antennaweb.org says I should be pointing at 15 to 21 degrees but I get a better signal at about 47.5. I'm out in East Memphis near Quince and Ridgeway, and I've tried different cables(coax and flat) connectors and antenna. I'm now on a radio shack UHF anttenna thats says it's good for a "red" zone. Do you think it could be the the built in receiver or should I bite the bullet and get a rotor?
I have it mounted on the roof of a 2 story house an there are no 4 story buildings around,only trees!
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I am not that familiar with the compass directions and areas in Memphis.

I dont know how far you are from the towers, but I think that they are in the same area. If you are too close to "see" them all in one direction, then a non-directional antenna or even an indoor antenna would be good for you.

If you can see them all in the same general area I would go with a more highly directional antenna.

I am over 60 miles away and I get all Memphis staions with only occasional dropouts with a RS vu-190.
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I had a similar problem as you. I live 3 miles north of the Wolfchase mall. I would constantly get 100% on CBS and then BAD dropouts if any signal on WMC and WPTY. Once I turned my antenna the way of WMC and WPTY, I lost CBS. I have a Terk 35 antenna up in the attic of my 2 story house. After getting extremely frustrated, since this was very near the NCAA championship, I ended up stumbling upon the fix. I at first had both ends of the antenna hung from rope, pretty much flat. I undid the bottom rope, and now have the antenna pointing straight up in the air. The backwards Y(yagi I think) is at the top. The antenna I'm using is small enuf to be able to have it like that. Maybe this will help you out, cause I know how frustrating it can be.

About WMC, the contact there is Derek McMillian, DMcMillian@wmctv.com if you want to complain about their digital feed. I posted earlier about their hardware problems. But I'm sure they could use a little more voices to get them going. :-)

Last, who is the person to contact at FOX, WHBQ about the new HD for FOX stations?? I sent a message on their website to please get it to the correct person, but haven't heard anything back yet. I remember someone posted that they were in someones office there, but cant remember who it was here. I'm anxious to hear when we should expect to get the 720 feed or if the new tower they are having built will be suited for it.
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Thanks Dirk1843 and Mx6bfast,
I talked to the electronic guru at work today, and he said the wrong compass direction was probably a reflection and the true heading could be at a null point.
So he suggested I LOWER the antenna (I had it on top of the mast) and BOOM it works now. Now if only NBC would come back.
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Sometimes the strangest things you wouldn't think of fixes it.
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I would almost bet that the foot dragging by FOX in Memphis has something to do with the HD announcement by Fox. They probably knew it was coming but maybe not in what format or when................
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Your probably right. Good observation. I just hope that it doesn't take them until Fall 2004 to get the HD running.

Anyone else get the HD package today from D*? I think it looks pretty darn good. Once WMC gets fixed, FOX and PBS get running, and maybe the WB broadcasting real time, we should have a good ole time with HD here in Memphis.
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I have the HD package from D* and enjoy it so far, ESPN is a big disappointment however....I concur with the other part of your post especially the WMC thing however fat chance on the WB since WPTY is the affiliate here, I've spoken to the WB people and they tell me as long as WPTY is the affiliate they will NOT go live here...But I do look forward to FOX in the fall and HD.

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What is the deal with WB?? are they are network are an also-ran??

I hear alot about them and their great shows, but I have yet to ever see the station in sd or hd..........................

I am in Peasux land so as of yet I still cant get the D* HD package.............
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Any word on when Time Warner Cable starts ESPN-HD & Discovery-HD? I would think that with Dish carrying these sations plus upcoming PPV-HD TWC would have to move or risk losing customers.
Also with all the talk of WMC antenna problems why get they get with TWC and carry WMC-DT on TWC like the local CBS and ABC affliates are already?
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The WB has 2 of the best primetime shows available IMHO, but because WPTY has them during the wee hours of the night they will not allow D* or TW to run as a separate channel.

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