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rjh, 7 is when they start broadcasting HD signals. Not unless you are home from 11-noon and can catch The Young and Restless. Other than that I'm not aware of any other HD programs before 7. But the stations do broadcast their DTV feeds before that. When I am home before 7, I can usually catch the 6 o'clock news on the digital feed. I'm sure that its on before then, but I'm just not home to see it. You said its too low. At my house, I have my antenna in my attic and I found that I get the best signals when its pointed up/down. I don't think it sounds right, but its a thought.

As far as TWC, did they tell you what HD channels are available? I'm interested to know. Does TWC offer an option for HD only?

Good luck,
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Originally posted by FritzinTN
Also if you are using TW are you being charged 7bucks for the cable box? My girlfriend was told on the phone there would be no charge, however when the gentleman showed up Monday with the cable box (not HD like specified on the invoice ) it also showed a 6.95 fee for 'HDTV' and the lady at the payment center said that was normal, however obviously didnt understand what HDTV was.

I've had the HD box for almost a year, and TWC just started charging the $6.95 last month. So it used to be no charge, but not anymore.

TWC has also added INHD (at least the free preview version) on channel 801 (labeled USOPN, since it was there to carry the HD US open feed for USA network). If they keep it, and add INHD2 and ESPNHD, I'll consider the $6.95 money well spent. But they'll probably come up with an additional charge.

-- Robert
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Thanks for the information about the charge. I really just want DiscoveryHD even if the programing is rotated a bit.

I was scheduled to have a TWC person stop by to deliver the HDcable box however as expected he didnt even show up. Another wasted day. I really wish they would just let me go pick this up instead of having it delivered, it makes no sense....

EDIT: Wow TW sucks. My girlfriend just got off the phone with a customer service person who happened to know me so they were actually helpfull. They had changed our subscription to the most expensive one, and cancelled my appointment. I guess thats what they do when you piss them off. Also he said that the 6.95 fee wasnt for HD in particular, but for the 'rental' of ANY cable box, hd or not. They werent able to tell us whether they had a HD box available, however they did schedule an appointment again for Sat. I hope my luck improves..
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Originally posted by mx6bfast
WMC has been having hardware issues for a few months now. I sent an email to someone there to ask if the problem has been resolved or if it is close to being fixed.

Did you ever hear back on your email??? There's been no HD for a while now...
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No not yet. Hopefully I will get a response soon. The last time I got a response I had to email the VP of WMC and I got the email back about the hardware issues the next day. I'm not gonna go that far again. I'll just wait until I hear something back from the guy I emailed.
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Just read the Commercial appeal and WPTY 24 has given up the WB programming and moved them over to WLMT 30. SO no more interuptions due to bloody CHICAGO sports..

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I got word of this months ago form someone at WPTY, but never heard anything more of it. This will be good news IF:

1) The shows come on real time as the are broadcast from WB. (It doesn't look like it, which means #2 isn't true)

2) The shows are broadcasts in HD.

I'm not sure about #2. I know I can pick up the UPN feed at 100% all the time.

Does the article mention any of this?
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My UPN, 31-01 digital, has been blank with no audio for a few days now. Anyone else experiencing this? Using a DISH6000.

It's doing the same thing as WREGDT was doing a while back...
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The article did not say anything about HD, but a quick scan of our season pass manager on the TIVO indicates that most of the programming appears to be in the 9p to 10p time frames. So it's anyones guess about the HD availability.
Dan I just tuned to 30-1 and got both video and audio.

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I just signed up for HD Digital Cable and have an appointment scheduled for wednesday. I have a couple questions, what box will they be bringing? Are there any cool features on it? What channels are on the service? Time Warner only lists HBO and SHO, but some of my customers have said they carry ABC and CBS now, is that true? Are there any plans to add additional stuff in the near future?
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I have the 3100HD box and have not noticed any features I would consider cool.
From memory TWC has the following HD channels:
801 (INHD preview)
815 HBOHD (incorrectly listed by TWC as 315)
840 SHOHD (incorrectly listed by TWC as 340)

Hopefully 801 and 802 will become INHD1 & 2 soon.
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There goes my hope for the Pace/Pio box. I wanted the component loop through in hopes that it would scale .
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I finally got a TWC monkey to come out and hook up the Pace 550HD and I was damn pleased with the box. I havent used the passthrough feature since it requires turning the unit off (booo) and the tivo needs it to record the stations over 100.

Regarding scaling, I'm not sure what you mean but the 4:3 data it keeps within a 16:9 frame so if your TV is set to 16:9 (we are using a projector) it wont stretch the image. I just wish they would hurry up and add the INHD (its blank right now) and DiscoveryHD.
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I mean passing through a 480p or 720p signal and the box sending out a 1080i signal. I did read about the letterboxing of the box too. I have a 16:9 Samsung Direct View set.
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Channel 807 pic quality is horrendous (it can't be HD). 801 INHD was showing a bit leading up to the blank screen with the preview stuff. They also showed some women's tennis (not pro), Deathtrap and some movie with Carrie Fisher/Chevy Chase. 803 really shines on Sunday with the NFL. The 3100 box is featureless in my opinion. I'm weighing the option of Direct TV. Has anyone compared the prices?
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They just delivered the box to me. The guy brought in a 3100HD, but when he went to activate it the dispatch told him to get another box. He came back with a brand new PACE unit. I haven't had a chance to use it yet because of the lack of a signal, but it is nice. It has DVI and optical, as well as optical and component pass through for those without enough inputs on their tv.
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Hey everyone,

MNF comes in great OTA on channel 24-1. The picture is awesome on my F38310, but there is a very annoying audio problem. Every 2 or 3 minutes, the 5.1 surround is accompanied by an awful-sounding "scratch" noise...kind of like I have a DJ scratching a record in my home theater.

Any other Memphis / non-Memphis MNFers have this problem? TIA!
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I'm on TWC and having the same problem. It's definately a station/network issue, and not a reception one.
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Originally posted by BostonT
I'm on TWC and having the same problem. It's definately a station/network issue, and not a reception one.

Thanks for the follow-up. Are you receiving ABC-HD over Time Warner cable? When did they start broadcasting local HD?

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Yeah I'm getting it too OTA. I was hiding some cables and I first thought it was cables getting loose. Then I heard it on another tv, so I knew it had to be something with ABC.

Is the sound coming in 5.1? My reciever is only showing L/R Digital/Prologic/II, but there is sound coming out of all my speakers.
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Yes, TWC has ABC, CBS, HBO, and SHO in HD. Don't know exactly when they started.
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I too am getting the "scratch" sound from ABC with OTA.................
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No abc HD tonight from 24 .
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ABC OTA was up and going (watched 8 things and I'm with her), but I didn't get Law and Order in HD last night on NBC....channel was up and transmitting but not hd signal.

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Just an FYI.... There is a thread over on HDTV | Programming regarding TWC adding a HD tier which would include INHD and INHD2. I just called TWC and asked about it... the CSR said they do not offer a HD Tier.... of course she also said they only offer HBO & SHOW in HD...
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Originally posted by radarme
Just an FYI.... There is a thread over on HDTV | Programming regarding TWC adding a HD tier which would include INHD and INHD2. I just called TWC and asked about it... the CSR said they do not offer a HD Tier.... of course she also said they only offer HBO & SHOW in HD...

I know there are numerous 'contacts' listed for local stations to pester about HD broadcasts (or often lack there of). Is there a particular person at TWC that we can bug. The cust. serv. people do nothing aside from irritate me with their ignorance, it would be nice to talk to someone at TWC that could give us straight answers and let know that we want more HD programming. Its sad reading this threads that some TWC regions have ESPNHD, DiscHD, inHD, etc...
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Just what local stations does Time Warner carry and what are the channel numbers? My neighbor told me last night that TW said they didn't carry local digital channels...

That's why he hasn't gone with the digital tier.

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803 WREG
807 WPTY

I am very curious: if you happen to have both an OTA stb and the TWC hd box, is anyone comparing OTA picture quality with TWC, on, say, ABC Monday Night Football, or CBS Sunday footbal? If yes, what do you think, and what box are you using?

What is the "Pace" box from TWC?

I can't believe TWC is starting to charge for boxes. I had finally taken back the non-hd digital box, cause I never used it, thinking I was gonna save the 7 bucks.
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Originally posted by bootz
Thanks for the follow-up. Are you receiving ABC-HD over Time Warner cable? When did they start broadcasting local HD?


This is what I remember. May not be all accurate:

TWC started WPTY-DT on channel 807 for (or a little before) the NBA finals this year. They kept it on for a while after that, then off. Then they had it on for the Stanley Cup. Took it off again.

I bought me a Zenith OTA box, cause I coudn't stand the thought of not having Monday Night Football in HD. That first inaugural Monday Night Football on a Thursday, WPTY-DT was back on channel 807.
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Don't forget:

815 HBO
840 SHOW

We had the INHD previews on 801 for a few weeks until 9/15.
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