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mx6bfast, I too see the 5.1 digital aunnuniated on my receiver. There's no sound coming out of my surronds. Do you have sound in the surrounds??
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It seems Time Warner is finally promoting HDTV...however they still don't have ESPN HD.

I do see they advertise channel 825 as HD "Fox Sports"...I assume this is the standard local Fox station, not Fox Sports.

Anyone have an update on this?

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There is nothing on 825 contrary to what they advertise, I would look on december 1st. I'd imagine we'll get something new, they have been adding stuff every month for the past 3.
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Yes I have sound coming from my surrounds. Although the SEC game sounded awesome, some other programs like CSI I wish didn't have 5.1 as the dialouge is lower with too much base. But at times it sounds really good!!

I lost WMC again Thursday night. My wife said it stopped right before ER. Is anyone getting it?

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Had CSI Miami on tonight, and my receiver was showing AC3 surround sound, but I was only getting sound from left and right channels. No sound from center or surrounds. I switched to PCM sound, which works much better for me than DD 2.0. However, I think I was getting some DD surround sound from WLMT tonight. Didn't have it on long enough to tell, but was getting sound from center and a little from L+R and surrounds.

We lost WMC just after 7pm last Thursday also. They haven't shown up, that I've noticed since.
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The LSU/Ole Miss game was my first game with the surround sound. It was pretty cool. You had the announcers coming in from the fronts and the stadium PA announcer from the rear speakers. I'm assuming it was DD5.1. My receiver doesn't tell me what type Dolby it is, just that it's DD.
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Tha sounds like you had the 5.1 working. Does the reciever show you which speakers have the sound coming out of them? Mine just lights up Digital but it also lights up the speakers being used.

i thought that game sounded really good, better than others with the PA being in the back.
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In case you didn't see it, WREG is going to have a "What you need to know about HDTV" program Thursday night at 6:30. I might tape it just to see what they have to say. Its pretty cool that they are doing this. I personally would rather see them do this type of program rather than WMC for example do it.
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I'm over in Helena, AR, about 90 miles by road to memphis. I'm wondering if I have a shot at getting ota HD from memphis? I havent tried the antenna yet, Radio shack has a 58 tine , 120 mile range. I remember my parents being able to get all the memphis and little rock channels ota, but I know HD is different and not everyone is at full power yet.

thanks in advance
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Hi aquacure,

Looks like you are closer to the Memphis towers than I am. Helena is about 65 miles as the radio wave flyes. You really don't need one of those big Radio Shack antennas for HDTV, as all the Memphis stations are UHF. But you will probably want the most antenna gain you can get. Channel Master 4228 or 4248 would be excellent. You may also need a pre-amp for the antenna, and Channel Master makes the best of those too.

I'm getting fairly good reception here in Paragould, which is between 69 and 73 miles from the Memphis stations, with a CM 4228 and pre-amp.

You won't be able to get DTV 24/7 from that distance, but you will likely be able to receive some of the channels most of the time. And all of the full power ones, some of the time. Give it a try!

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Here's what I get from antennaweb.org...

Digital Antenna Type Call Sign Channel Network City State Live Date Compass
* blue WPTY-DT 25 ABC Memphis TN Now Live 49°
* blue WREG-DT 28 CBS Memphis TN Now Live 52°
* blue WKNO-DT 29 PBS Memphis TN May 1 2004 53°
* blue WLMT-DT 31 UPN Memphis TN Now Live 49°
* blue WMAV-DT 36 PBS Oxford MS Now Live 103°
* blue WPXX-DT 51 PAX Memphis TN Now Live 51°
* blue WABG-DT 54 ABC Greenwood MS Under Review 166°
violet WREG 3 CBS Memphis TN 52°
violet WMC 5 NBC Memphis TN 51°
violet WABG 6 ABC Greenwood MS 166°
violet WMAV 18 PBS Oxford MS 103°

But I was more impressed with your info neil..I'm gonna give it a try.

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Originally posted by mx6bfast
In case you didn't see it, WREG is going to have a "What you need to know about HDTV" program Thursday night at 6:30.

Curious to know what they had to say, I tuned in but didn't see or hear anything about HDTV. Did I miss it? What did they have to say?
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Originally posted by neil525
Curious to know what they had to say, I tuned in but didn't see or hear anything about HDTV. Did I miss it? What did they have to say?

I'm curious about this too. Did anyone get a chance to see it??
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Well, I taped WREG at that time last night and I got ET. Maybe the program is next week. I'll send an email to see if I can get a correct date.

My mind is about a week ahead calendar wise. I think I have 2 weeks left for Christmas shopping, not 3. Oh well....
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I sent an email to WREG and this is my email and the response I got:
I thought I saw something the other day saying that WREG was going to have a program about all you need to know about HD. If I saw this correctly, can you let me know when it comes on? I thought it was yesterday but I was wrong.

But I do have two questions. I have noticed at the end of the 9 o'clock program, with about 30 seconds left in the show it goes to SD. Is this something that is done locally or does that come from CBS?

And last, is there any chance of keeping the DT feed on later in the evening? I don't get home until 11 pm 3 days a week and every now and then it will still be on, but not for long. Maybe keeping it on until Craig Kilborn is over.

I just want to say that I am enjoying the 5.1, especially during football games. Sometimes it's hard to hear during other shows, but I like it a lot.

The special presentation that we had on HD television aired on Thursday during our newscasts, beginning at 4 and going to 6 p.m. We had a panel of experts who answered many viewer questions. Sorry you missed it.

Now, we do go to SD at the end of our 9 p.m. shows to present a preview what will be in our 10 o'clock News. This is a local maneuver, not CBS.

In April of 2004, we will extend our HD broadcast to 18 hours, and part of that will be on the latter part of the broadcast day. Right now, CBS does not have programming after prime time in HD. If they convert Letterman to HD, we will probably broadcast it in HD.
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Originally posted by mx6bfast
Now, we do go to SD at the end of our 9 p.m. shows to present a preview what will be in our 10 o'clock News. This is a local maneuver, not CBS

Every time I've watched CSI, orCSI: Miami they do that. Just before the show is over they switch to SD. At least they could wait until the show is over, don't you think?
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Originally posted by mx6bfast
I just want to say that I am enjoying the 5.1, especially during football games. Sometimes it's hard to hear during other shows, but I like it a lot.

Saturday during the LSU/Georgia game was the first time I had heard CBS 5.1 sound. They were advertising that the game was to be in HDTV with 5.1 sound, and sure enough it was. But I was very disappointed with the sound production choices. I know it has nothing to do with WREG, as it is a CBS production, but I found it very hard to listen to. Nothing like the 5 channel surround sound I'm used to with movies. It sounded more like 5 independent tracks with no blending. Kind of reminded my of the early days of two channel stereo when music recordings would put the drums in the left channel and the guitar in the right channel with no sound-stage spread between the speakers.

What I heard during the game was commentary from the center, with no other sound mixed into the center. On field sounds, and stadium sounds in the left from, and different field and stadium sounds in the right front, but not a mix that would produce a three dimensional sound field. And stadium announcer in the right rear channel, and a little crowd sound in the left rear.

I went back to having my receiver mix the sound to pro-logic. That gave me a more involving surround sound experience than the CBS 5.1 mix did.
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A friend of mine just got a new widescreen tv and he has TW cable. I am trying to talk him into getting HD. He lives in an apartment so satellite is not an option. For the guys who have TW-HD, can you let me know which HD channels you currently get? Also, what are the costs of the HD box, any up front costs, monthly costs, and anything else I would have to know about. Maybe an HD tier?

I'm also going to give him the option of getting the locals OTA with a small antenna.
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I've been silent lately, but are any of you able to get fox now that the "new" transmmiter is up and running. I've always watched 24 and NFL games from here in midtown, but now have had to move my antenna to 53 degrees to pick it up and have a great signal. (my toshiba STB maps the channel as 13.1 but had to initially use 53).. for the past year Ive been one of the few near enough to pick up the signal.
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I didn't know that it was up and running yet. I have tried to see if I have a signal for 53 every now and then but I haven't yet. I get all the others 100%. But that is usually later at night or before 11 am. Can you post what times you have been able to get it?
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I know they broadcast at nite and on sundays for NFL, they used to broadcast during daytime also but havent checked that lately, in fact they are broadcasting now at 6:50 PM
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I sent an email to the person at WHBQ to see if the programming had been moved to the new tower yet. This is his reply:

No, we're still waiting on approval to start the construction. I'm hoping that it can start by the first of the year. Once it is complete, I'll be sure to let you know about it. We will be on 24 hour a day with it once it's moved, although true HD programming will only be there when Fox sends it to us during prime time (and on the weekend sports during the day).

I'm also waiting on word on when Fox will switch to 720p format. Once they do, I want to pass it through as soon as possible.

24 hours a day, alright! I can't wait. It sounds like he is anxious to get HD rolling as soon as FOX sends it out. I've only emailed him a few times but he has been very helpful in answering my questions and giving me information.

In the meantime, I want to run a cable from John's house to mine. :-)
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Got a 60" XBR950 today. Everything seems fine. However the OTA digital tuner has me a bit puzzled. I grabbed some old rabbit ears and attached it temporarily just to see what I could pick up as far as digital stations. However when I'm tuned into one, a few minutes goes buy then the screen goes blank and says Ch 24 is now showing on 25. I press exit then it does it again...25 is on Ch 24. Exit 24 is on 25. Back and forth back and forth. I am assuming (I hope) it has something to do with the antenna but I don't understand what is going on. Can someone enlighten me. Cause you basically can't watch the digital OTA channel at all cause it has you switching back and forth, over, over and over.
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Did anyone catch the Grizzly's game on Fox Sports HD (TWC channel 825) on Friday night? I'm curious how it looked.
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Do you need to subscribe to the showtime and hbo channels to get the hd digital box from time warner in memphis?
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It used to be that way when those were the only HD channels. I'm not sure if that's the case anymore since there are ~6 other channels.
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I originally posted this in the wrong forum--please excuse--but I'm delighted to find a group of Memphis area hdtv users! I'm in OB, MS and hooked to TWC with a Pace HDTV box. I'm running the signal into an X10 projector.

I'm wondering if any of you TWC customers could give me an answer to my problem. Although reg channels look great, the HDTV channels that are active are 803 (chan 3), 807 (ABC) & 844 (discovery). Of those, I'm only able to get a signal on 807. But on any of the three, when I press the display button on the Pace box, the 'HDTV' light only is shown over the 480i resolution. Am I missing something, or is that the resolution that's being broadcast? Is anyone else getting a signal on 803 or 844? THX!
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On the Pace box, press the 'display' button located on the front of the box, the resolution should be set at 1080i, aspect should be 16:9 (unless you have a 4:3 set). 844 is always on and playing. 803 and 807 are on quite a bit but only HD in the evenings and the occasional soap. Your TV's input should be set to the DTV feed... The Pace box will auto adjust it's format so your screen will fill regardless of the signal.
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When I press the 'display' button, the 'HDTV' light only appears over the 480i resolution setting. Are you saying that this is just the default & must be changed to 1080i? Thanks for your help!
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yes... change it to 1080.
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