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Daniel, thanks. That is awesome.

Gut, the only place I saw a Silver Sensor (the only Silver Sensor they had) was at Sears at Wolfchase. I bought it. But you may be in luck, if they still have it, because I took it back. My cheap-o rabbit year gets everything just as well...

At the time I posted my hd darkness problems, I didn't know that my E86 can get NTSC SD channels, like 3 for CBS, for example (The SIR-T151 can't do that). Therefore, I thought that different inputs were the prblem. Guess what? On the same input on my Mits (DTV input), if I change from 0003 (CBS) to 28-1 (CBS-DT) on my E86, the picture goes from good to dark (talking again about the brightness and not PQ). The input is always at 1080i (set in the prefs of the E86), no matter if I watch SD or HD through my E86. What is going on? Is it the HD feed? If so, shouldn't all of you see the same things I am describing? Or is it my TV set when it it fed a true (how would it know?) HD signal? CSI was beautiful in HD, but my brightness setting was about 90%...

Any ideas would be appreciated. I know I am rambling, and i may not be making sense. Sorry.

Gut, how do you like the Zenith STB? Where did you get it? Man, it is pricy! I looked for on in Memphis locally, no luck.

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I am next door here in Little Rock, and all CBS's HD shows are dark here too. I have a LCD monitor, so I can keep the brightness and contrast set cranked (actually, I use HDNETs test pattern to set it up) a lot more than I could with a tube type set due to burn in worries, which I dont have. There is a major difference in CBS's HD and SD feeds. Must be a network thing. I actually prefer a lower black level myself, and find the PQ great.
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I found a silver sensor yesterday at Circuit City on Winchester for $39.99! It works great, got my signal up in the top range!
I got the zenith hdv420 about 3 weeks ago at circuit city at Wolfchase, it was the last one in Memphis. Only $399.00 and I had a 10% coupon CC had sent me.. Seems to be great, nothing to compare it to though. Very easy to set up and get running. CSI looked great last night, wish my wife appreciated it as much as I do. LOL
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I just got an email from the engineer at WMC. I told him I hadn't been getting a picture or sound for a week now. He said their encoder is down and they're having trouble getting it fixed. Although you get a transmitter signal, there's nothing else there...

If I hear anything else, I'll let you folks know.
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I also got an email from WMC, but it was just a cursory, "We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time." Hopefully, they'll get it fixed soon. We're missing out on some good HD content.

BTW, I'm using a Sony KP-43HT20, with a Sony SAT-HD200 and a Channel Master antenna.
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Did you get your CM antenna locally? I'm looking to upgrade from my Double Bow-Tie and Lowes only carries the VHF/UHF combo. I want a 4 Bow-Tie.

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Originally posted by rlj5242
... I want a 4 Bow-Tie.

If you can't find the CM locally, Warren Electronics has the CM 4221 4bay bowtie for around 22 bucks + shipping.
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Did anybody take a look at Ms. Doubtfire last night on ABC? The picture was very grainy w/ the audio coming in and out most of the time. That was the first time I have seen any HD on ABC. Is that the way it normally is?
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I got my Channel Master at Lowe's, and it works great. I have it mounted in the the attic above my garage, and I'm picking all available analog and digital signals.
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Yeah I agree Ms. Doubtfire looked really bad last night, but the District on CBS looked really good.
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I noticed NBC is back up...but I am getting an echo on the voice track.

I am also getting 25-2....it locks up but unable to get a pic.
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Well I would like to be watching HDTV, but so far can't pull anything in way up here in Paragould.

I'm using a HiPix PC card, and just got my RS yagi UHF antenna on the roof a couple of weeks ago. I did get a weak signal from channel 52 but no picture. And nothing from any of the other stations. Well except for NTSC, I get 10 good and 13 marginal, 24 and 30 I can just make out in the snow with no sound. Strange thing is, I have an old B/W tv in the garage workshop and can get channel 30 better on it with the attached antenna than with the rooftop. I know it doesn't take nearly as much signal strength for B/W as for color and the little portable B/W tv probably has a more sensative tuner, but interesting anyhow. Anyway, getting of topic. Wonder if I need to mount my antenna higher?

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Yeah, the last couple of nights, it seems like WMC (NBC) has been turning their digital signal on at 10:00 pm, but is seems to be screwed up. I'm experiencing the same echo problem mentioned, and last night the video wasn't very good either. Maybe they're doing some testing or something. BTW, I was actually getting DD 5.1 audio last night during Leno, although the horrible echo made it unbearable.

As far as 25-2 goes, it's the same thing as 24-1, my tuner seems to float back and forth between the two sometimes picking up the signal on 25-2 and sometimes on 24-1; I'm not sure what's causing that.

The last couple of nights, WLMT (UPN30) has been acting up for me also. The picture and audio are cutting in and out.
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I've tried my double bow-tie antenna (worked great in Cincinnati) and recently the Channel Master STEALTHtenna. I'm not getting any reception except for 52-2 (NBC). This signal comes in pretty strong - 70 w/ the bow tie and no amplifier.

I'm in a one-story home, so I guess that puts me at a disadvantage...before I give up, are there any suggestions? I doubt the Silver Sensor would solve the problem.

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NBC is not broadcasting regularly for some reason. They were on early this afternoon, but are not on during primetime. They were broadcasting starting at 10:00 pm last week a few nights. I emailed the station, and the only response I got is that they were having technical difficulties.

You arent' having a problem, NBC is.
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I am in Trumann, and I do allright........although in Paragould you may have an elevation factor, too. Which RS* antenna is your yagi?? I am using a vu190 about 30 feet up...........


Have you tried any indoor antenna?? I would think that you would be close enough to get most stations in Memphis with a good indoor antenna set..............
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Anyone else having trouble with UPN (31.1)? And is anyone getting a good picture from NBC (52.1)? I'm getting a signal now, but the pictures is heavily pixelated.
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I picked up the Silver Sensor antenna at Circuit City. This little bugger knocks the socks off of my double bowtie and the STEALTHtenna.

NBC (52) comes in the strongest...seems to be always on. The antenna captured signals from UPN and PAX, but I haven't seen any programming. ABC seems to receive a signal up until 10 PM CST. CBS seems to hardly EVER be on...I was thinking about having people over for the Steelers / Titans game, but I'm not sure if they'll even broadcast the game in HD!

Can't capture any Fox station...seems to be beyond the reach of my antenna. I'm excited the little Silver Sensor did such a good job, but really disappointed in the quantity AND quality of HDTV supplied by the local Memphis stations.

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The Saturday and Sunday NFL games on CBS will be in HD.

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As best I can tell, this is the broadcasting schedule for all the Memphis stations currently broadcasting digitally.

WPTY (ABC), 24-1, 5pm - ~1am (WB programming 11pm-1am)
WREG (CBS), 28-1, 7pm - 10pm
WLMT(UPN), 31.1, 7pm -
WMC (NBC), 52-2, 5pm - 12am
WHBQ (FOX), 53-1, ????

If you not getting CBS, you're missing out on some of the better HD content available. Most of their prime time lineup is being broadcast in HD. ABC has some HD, but not as much as CBS. UPN and PAX have no HD content, but are both broadcasting all their prime time programming digitally. NBC has been having problems and has just recently in the couple of days gotten back to a regular schedule, so I'm not able to report on them yet. FOX is at low power, and no one is able to pick up their signal.

I'm not sure about the playoff games Saturday. Hopefully, CBS will broadcast the HD feeds, but there's no guarantee.
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WPTY (ABC), 24-1
WREG (CBS), 28-1
WLMT(UPN), 31.1
WMC (NBC), 52-2
WHBQ (FOX), 53-1
Are the Memphis stations not remapping to their analog channel numbers? If so, the channels should be:
WPTY (ABC), 24-1 (DTV RF ch 25)
WREG (CBS), 3-1 (DTV RF ch 28)
WLMT(UPN), 30-1 (DTV RF ch 31)
WMC (NBC), 5-1 (DTV RF ch 52)
WHBQ (FOX), 13-1 (DTV RF ch 53)
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The only one remapping to its analog number is ABC. The rest display thier digital channel numbers...

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Did anyone have trouble with CSI and Without A Trace last night? I had several dropouts (mostly audio), freezes and pixelations. It got so bad that I switched to the regular channel. I am close to Wolfchase and not far from the tower and have an outdoor antenna.

As a side note - Has anyone had their sets professionally calibrated? If so, who performed the work?

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12:30 CST and no signal from our local CBS station. Just wondering if anyone has picked up a signal from them today.

As long as it is live by 3:30...
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It's coming in fine, good game too...
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What a great job by CBS!!!

Did anybody get a signal from fox?
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Does anyone know whether CBS in Memphis is going to carry the AFC Championship game in HDTV? I live in Oxford and get CBS crystal clear in HDTV with a RS YAGI Antenna and a RS Pre-Amp. I am having problems getting NBC and ABC. Does anyone else live around 60-70 miles from the TV towers in Memphis and pick these stations up? As far as Fox is concerned, when I looked them up on 100kwatts.tmi.net they were broadcasting at some insane power of 1.2kw. I do not know if this is still true, but FOX is not broadcasting in HDTV anyway. They broadcast in EDTV (Enhanced Digital Television).
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I am about the same distance and get NBC & ABC also the SD feeds of UPN and PAXX............I do get pixelazation from time to time, but I belive this is a multipath issue.

I have a radio shack antenna a vu190, but I am not using a pre-amp.

I dont know for sure, but if your pre-amp is very old it may not be passing the higher channels.........

I had this problem with a surge suppressor that I was running my OTA feed through, I couldnt get the NBC HD channel which is 52, and I belive teh highest in Memphis......
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Yes, CBS will be broadcasting the AFC Championship in HD. And, Yes FOX is still broadcasting at really low power. Unless you live about a block from their tower, you can't pick up their signal.
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Does anyone have any insight on when Time Warner of Memphis may start broacasting the local station in HDTV? thanks
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