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Theatre in a dome?  

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Anybody know of any inherent problems with a home theatre in a dome? Accoustics, sound problems? It is still in the planning stage, but will incorporate a pool table, bar, and theatre. Probably along the lines of 26 to 28 foot diameter by 12 tall. It is concrete so will I have to use some sort of sound deadening to prevent sound from bouncing around. As you can tell I'm new to all this, but after reading this board for a while am greatly excited about it. Any and all commments appreciated. Will probably be going with a Sony 400q for now. We all know how the "upgrade" bug goes though. Thanks in advance.
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Both a dome or barreled ceiling can provide some very dramatic effects (whether in a theater of not). The real acoustic issue you need to tackle is the mathematics of the curvature of the ceiling. These types of ceilings will act as a lense. The "lense" effect can either serve to difuse the sound (good) or focus it on a listening position (horrible).

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