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Originally Posted by moonhawk View Post

A couple more, showing the CC and stand a little closer, and a head-on shot in a final config.
These guys are sounding really, really, good, but after 5 years of dragging this project out, I'm really, really, glad to be done.

The sides are all pre-veneered Cherry ply, the end caps are solid Cherry, and the fascia are all hard white Maple, which was really tough to rout the 1" radiii on without tearing out big chunks. They came out pretty nice with a few minor blems.

But like I said, they sound great, so who cares?

Moonhawk, congratulations, they look great and I'm sure they sound great too.

Other than the sub, my Northcreek 5.1 system was built in the reverse order. My Vision Signature mains are noted on the first page of this thread back in 2002. I then built the center and finally finished the rears in March 2009. Since then I've built a 2nd Sub so I have the 18 Leviathan for the LFE and a 12 2 cubic foot sealed Aurasound NS12-7094-4A handling under 80 hz for the mains.

Some pics are in the thread linked to below.

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Thanks George. Checked out your thread. They look really, really, nice.

And I know how good they sound.
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Originally Posted by Ted White View Post

Looking for plans for very high quality theater speakers. I'm not into design software, but rather looking for some plans that have been proven winners.



Try these: Digital Audio Speakers and Speaker Plans. These are some pretty incredible designs. Very large. And heavy by the descriptions.

Or these: Mini Cube Speakers

Seems like a decent site with some interesting plans. They don't have much selection though but I think the small speaker plans are actually free. Probably only good for a HTiB replacement or computer speakers though.
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You might want to check out the following:


I have built the NeoD CC's - they walk all over my 1991 vintage B&W 802's

Here is my build thread:


Many people are building the Statements for their Home Theater.

Also look here:


John has excellent designs.

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they are very beautiful!
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mikal and Doug,
You guys may not have noticed this thread is 8 yrs old. This thread also started before there was a diy speaker forum. I am pretty sure that Ted designed and build line arrays for his LCR speakers years ago. The thread eventually turned into an Audax HT build thread. I built a set still enjoy mine to this day. The only problem is Audax basically quit selling those drivers to the diy market.

I started on a set of Dayton RS TMWW towers three years ago. I built the cabinets and then burned out on speaker building before I built the crossovers. All the drivers are still in there boxes. I suppose I need to finish them.
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I've used these resources in the past. All seem pretty good. I don't think I saw all of them mentioned here so they might add to what everyone else has already said.

Digital Audio Speakers Page


And Speaker Building.com which may have already been mentioned.
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Nice Build! I seem to recall that the Neos cost in around $500 a pop. That is not bad considering the performance they bring. I wonder if Jon will ever get around to updating these with new tweeters.
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