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Denon 1802 Sopranos Audio problem  

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Using a Zenith DTV 1080 DirecTV on HD channel 509.

Zenith has Digital cable going to Denon 1802.

When the last season highlights start, audio is fine and showing Dolby processing and sound comes out of the speakers.

The moment the show starts after the highlights for the new season, the audio drops out and start to make a faint popping sound every 5-10 seconds.

Once I switch the receiver to Virtual TV, sound will come out of the speakers fed by the receiver. No Dolby processing is occuring, or something strange is going on.

I also have RCA audio hookups going straight from my Zenith to my TV, and the audio comes over the TV speakers during the show. So it seems like a Dolby processing issue with the Denon and the way Sopranos is encoding it, or something odd.

Any ideas appreciated on why on DirecTV HD 509 when the Sopranos show actually starts, the audio drops out for Dolby processing.

Neve had this problem with HD HBO and any other audio like Band of Brothers, Curb your Enthusiasm, or older Sopranos, and still don't. Just the new season of Sopranos.

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So check this out, I was just looking for information about the same problem.

I have a Denon 1802 receiver and a DTC-100 Directv HD receiver.

Last week I turned on Sopranos to watch the new season and no audio (channel 509).

I turned the channel to 543 Showtime and watched Enemy at the Gates in dolby digital with no problems. I changed the HD received and Denon receiver to PCM (whatever the hell that is ) and then I get audio for Sopranos.

What's the deal? I do hear the poping sound every once in a while.

I'm glad to hear it's not something with me hardware but it seems like HBO is having trouble with Soprano's audio signal.

Let me know if you ever hear anything,

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Hey, good, someone else has the problem with the same receiver.

It has to be some Dolby encoding/decoding issue, you have to turn the volume up to hear the popping once in awhile.

I can't find any information about this, you are the first to say you have the same issue.

I bought my Denon from an unauthorized dealer, serials I am sure are all good and sealed box, packed like factory, have to verify serial with Denon. But I am sure they would scoff at me if I call them for support for this since it wasn't an authorized dealer.

Let me know if you hear anything yourself, or can call Denon. It must be the receiver since your DTV is a different model, but exact same issue.

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i'll call denon but I don't think its the receiver since the receiver decodes the dolby digital on Showtime.

I'll keep you posted.

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I have the same problem with the DD track on the new Sopranos episodes. I'm not sure, but I suspect that the track has the "Pearl Harbor" bug (Named for the Pearl Harbor DVD, where it first appeared.)

This has been discussed at length in the DVD hardware forum. It seems some recent DD tracks cause the decoder chips in certain receivers to blank the audio for a second every 15-30 seconds. The receiver manufacturers say it's Dolby Labs fault for adding a new flag to the tracks that isn't supposed to be there. Dolby sorta admits there's a problem, but it's not clear what they're going to do about it.

Untill these Sopranos tracks, the problem had only turned up on a few DVDs, where, luckily, there was a DTS track that played fine. The only way I've been able to watch Sopranos on 509 is to switch my receiver to the analog sound feed from my tuner.

(My receiver is an Onkyo 898, which definitely had this problem playing "Pearl Harbor.)
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I never tested the Pearl Harbor DVD (I thougt the movie sucked, great special effects but horrible story line).

As for the Sopranos track, I don't get any audio at all, just a pop every 10 or 15 seconds.

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I have the same problem (audio dropouts on Soprano's HD feed from HBO's direct TV channel 509) through my Zenith 1080 and Integra Reseach pre amp. Any suggestions on what can be done to correct it?
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I watched Sopranos in HD with the Dolby Digital 5.1 last night. Appearently they fixed the problem!.
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Yes, mine worked fine last night also.

Must have been a HBO thing or something and some quirky problem with Denon in combination, or Zenith DTV 1080.
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So did mine
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