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I use my M20X-a in Normal mode (day) AND Economy mode (night).

Slight problem/inconvenience:

On power-up, the image sometimes fluctuates in brightness every second: bright, dim, bright, dim, as if it's automatically switching from Normal to Economy mode. This is not a source problem, since it happens with the blue Notevision screen also. This continues from power up for about a minute. I have to check if this is a result of starting in Economy mode. I'm wondering if it only happens for a minute because I've switched to Normal mode... haven't totally trouble-shot this yet... usually after a minute I'm lost in my movie.

Anyone else see this? Since there's no benefit in lamp life, maybe I should just always use Normal mode (if that solves the issue?)
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My projector would fire up but stay dim for about eight minutes, after which it would either brighten up or shut down. After reading a few of these posts I turned off the "economy" mode and have had no problems after five sessions.
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Well, once again my m20x has crapped out on me. All of a sudden while I'm watching football yesterday, it just shuts off--like the power had been lost. It tries to restart itself--no go. I unplugged it, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and tried to start it back up. It starts back up, works for about 1 minute, and does the exact same thing. This is turning out to be the worst $2500 investment I've ever made. Should I demand that sharp give me a new unit, since this is the second time this has been in for repair? This really pisses me off!!
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Yes, I'd ask for a new unit but definately ask for a loaner.


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I had a similar issue. When I sent it in they replaced the key unit. It was the 2nd time it had been in, but I now have 200 more hours on it. The only problem I've had since is that the projector wouldn't do anything when I plugged it into a powerstrip at someone else's house. It basically just blinked the power light without even trying to start up. I took it home and it was fine, so I'm thinking that it might not have liked the power it was getting as there were quite a few other things on the same strip. It will be interesting to hear what they do to take care of you.

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I'm pushing 500 hours on mine now and while I've had some minor problems like others here, something very strange has cropped up.

3 times recently the lamp seems to light, yet only a light gray is coming out. That and some fuzzy lines at the very bottom.

Turning it off and back on fixes it, this just makes me nervous.
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When was all of your M20x's purchased?
And when did the problems start occuring? (how many hours on the lamp)

Maybe it'd be smart to start documenting the models that have problems.

I'm wondering if the earlier models are the ones susceptible to these issues or if all M20x are. Early models always seem to be the ones that help iron out the problems.

Granted, the M20x is not even a year old, but if Sharp is receiving a lot of returns for the lamp or key unit, one would think Sharp would be sure that future models would be made with the revised parts.

I have about 30 hours on my M20x, and so far not a single problem (knock on wood). I do not use the econo mode at all.
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I have purchased 2 sharp PG M20x units. One for myself, the other for a client of mine. Both units died at 200 hours. My unit went back for a keypad replacement. The unit would shutdown intermittently. I always use the full power mode. No sooner than Sharp returned that unit, my clients unit had the same problem.

Sharp was quick to fix (4 days total, paid all overnight shipping). On the second unit, they replaced the keypad and bulb.

My first unit fails again, now sharp replaces the PCS(power?) unit.

I keep reading about the keypad replacements on this site, so I asked Sharp service if the keypad replacements were part of an ongoing problem. The official response is "we have not been informed of any problems".

These are wonderful full featured projectors....... I hope Sharp isn't hiding something.........
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Just had to vent this to someone...I figured people in this thread could feel my pain...I called last Monday for my replacement projector...still isn't here. I'm so fed up with Sharp at this point--I'll never buy another Sharp projector, this service level is unbelievable for a product of this price.
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That is surprising. They got mine to me pretty quickly. You might want to call and get a tracking number if you haven't done that already.

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I've had the same problems. My first unit had a dead pixel. Sent it back the first week. The 2nd unit had a very loud fan and problem lighting up bulb. Now my 3d unit always takes 2 tries to light up the bulb. This might call for a recall from sharp. It seems everyone who has bought one of these has had some type of problem.

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Oh no, Darin, I've called 4 times. Every time I call I'm told that they didn't have any available to ship to me, but they would have one today. They tell me this every time. I called again this morning and was told the same thing--"The reason you haven't received one is because we don't have any to send. We will have one to send to you today, however." I'm calling tonight and asking to speak to a supervisor, and will them know that I'm making sure everyone on this forum is aware of what is going on with Sharp. God, I'm pissed!
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I would ask for a different model of projector if I were you. You might look at it as an opportunity to try out something else. I don't know if that division has anything nicer than the M20x, though. Maybe you could get them to loan you a 9000u :)

I tried to get them to loan me an M20s just as those came out, but they said they would only do that if they didn't have any M20xs in stock.

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I had hoped not to report something like this...

Last night the picture from my M20x started flickering. I immediately checked the lamp hours which showed 65 hours.

I then did an experiment for myself which was to switch it into econo mode. The instant I did that the flickering stopped, so I switched it back into regular mode. The flickering had not returned.

Knowing what people have posted on this forum, I'll keep an eye on it to see if it progressively gets worse to where I have to send the unit back to Sharp.

This could very well be the beginning of a large headache. I'm still hoping not. Though it could be only a matter of time.
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Mine did this flickering thing too, before it crapped out last week. On a brighter note, I finally received my loaner after 4 phone calls and a week's worth of waiting. Appears to be a brand-new unit with 0 hours--I'll be watching it tonight, assuming that it doesn't fail on me:)
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Originally posted by bjohnson1105
I'll be watching it tonight, assuming that it doesn't fail on me:)
Let's see. If you sent your's in today you shouldn't see it back until at least next Tuesday. If you return the loaner on Wednesday, then I figure that is at least 110 hours. If you leave it on the whole time you could test the <100 hour failure point that many people saw :) Just kidding, it probably wouldn't have problems if the lamp wasn't being relit, anyway.

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i found a price for the m20x for less than $1500.. with it's features i was all about to get it, and then i found this thread... since yall seem to be pretty expert on these types of problems by now, i was wondering, what % of these projectors do you estimate have these kinds of problems so early on? in a related question, can you guys think of anything with a similar featureset and price that is famed for its incredible reliability?
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Originally posted by dacrackho
i found a price for the m20x for less than $1500

Are you sure this wasn't it's little brother, the M20s (800x600)? Otherwise it seems like you are either talking about a used one or a scam. I would be careful about used with the M20 series, just because it seems like we need warranty. It is nice to never be without a projector, which is one advantage of the business projectors. Fortunately, mine never failed to the point that I couldn't use it in the 2 times I had to send it in.

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The ad specifically stated "m20x" and "new with warranty" but with all the problems people seem to be having with it i think i'm just going to save myself the trouble and grab the new x1 :)
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I have been reading a lot about different projectors and I am getting ready to make a purchase. I have read this board regularly and I am aware of the lamp issues with the Sharp M20X, but I want to know if owners are otherwise happy with the picture quality of this projector. I have a poll going:


Keep all your likes and dislikes about the projector in mind when you vote.

Los Angeles
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that's where i found it for $1500... it's specifically states new and m20x... let me know what you think. right now it's down to that (on ebay :( ) or getting an x1 from a reputable dealer :)
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Looks like they take Visa, have good feedback, and are in the US, so it doesn't look like a risky transaction on the surface. They claim that the warranty is good, but I'm not sure if there is a way to verify that. I would definitely take the M20x over the X1 for the same price, but it depends on how nervous ebay makes you.

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I'm a curious soul, so I decided to order one of the M20x projectors. I figure I could get a friend to take it at that price. I got an email back from the seller and they told me how I could pay. None of them were protected and the usual ways they would want you to pay if it were a scam. I sent them an email informing them that their posting claims that they take Visa. I'm waiting to get a response. I wouldn't be surprised if they come back and say that I can use my Visa at Western Union to get cash that I can send them. There is no way that I will be sending them any money that isn't protected and that they have posted they will accept. I'll post when I hear more.

I hope nobody here will agree to send money without some protection.

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Well, I looked at all the feedbacks for which there were still active links. Most were $2-3 items and the most expensive was $35. Not saying its the case, but running up positive feedbacks via small sales has been discussed on this forum as one indication of potential scams. If he were a dealer, I'd think he would post that info. Certainly would make his sales easier. Especially since he could easily sell all 7 he claims to have to members of this forum alone. I know I'd certainly jump on one for his sell price if it were new and warranty could be verified.

Just where does one get 7 new M20x's at a price where he can afford to sell for $1???

Caveat emptor!
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I paid $3K for my M20X last summer, so I'm also kind of curious if this is for real. I took a look at the ebay link. If you take a look at their feedback, all of the transactions I checked were for $2 and $3 items. This and Darin's comments would make me vary cautious. I've never ordered anything through EBay and am certainly no expert, but I'd be careful about ordering a $1500 item through a company that normally sells $5 items.

The lowest advertised price I've seen for the M20X is around $2500. Thus, $1500 including shipping seems to good a deal to be real. Buyer beware.

Just my two cents...

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Just sent him an email myself asking if he is dealer and where located as I'd like to see one. We'll see what response is. He also claims to have M25Xs and another model Sharp as well.
Please folks, if he isn't on here lets don't steer him here until we know what's going on.

PS - I really hope this is legit. I'm more than ready to buy one at over $1K less than best price I've gotten so far.
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Sounds like we're on the same page on this one.
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Have you guys heard about hackers hijacking other people's Ebay identities? I would never pay with anything but a true credit card transaction at $1500 on Ebay unless I knew the person. Sure wouldn't take a chance on this "too good to be true deal".
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Most of you are aware of this, but handy as PayPal is, there are not the usual Credit Card protections in place with the service.

Sometimes people presume that because your credit card is can be used with the PayPal transaction that you have the normal credit card protections. This is NOT the case. Once you send funds via PayPal, even if they come from your credit card, it'd be very difficult if not impossible to get the funds back ...even in a case of fraud.

If you send PayPal, you've more or less authorized an non-refundable cash transfer.

I mean nothing against PayPal, as I've used them happily many times and very much like the service. In the context of a possilbly dodgy deal though, I thought I'd ad this heads up ...


P.S. Does anyone know the name of the store selling these M20X's on ebay ? (I don't think they say in the ad).
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It's even worse than PayPal. He explains how to send him cash through Western Union with your credit card. They have not responded to any of my other emails, either. All the other sales from this member list them as being from Hartford, Michigan. The address I got was in Chicago.

He left me a name and address to send the money in care of. Anybody in Chicago want to go check out the address? It is on west 31st street. Just PM me if this sounds like fun.

I wish I had a friend in the FBI.

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