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Actually they've all dropped a tad from just checking right now. The Sanyo is barely $208.00 USD more than the AE200 now. Fierce competition. The AE200/300 have the high bulb life expectancy in their favour. Hmmmmmmmm......I can't wait until the AE300 and LP-Z1 are compared to the AE200. This is going to be cool :cool:
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I'm confused :confused:

PLV-Z1 ... LP-Z1 ... Studio Experience Rebadge

is there any difference between these?
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I don't know. I have been using both. I have possibly confused you and others. The Sanyo is called LP-Z1. The Studio Experience rebadge has a similar model I guess. I thought it was LPZ-V1. I am not sure. I do know it is an SE version, whatever that means.
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I thought SE just stood for "Studio Experience."
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It does. Doh! I was multi-tasking, typing too quickly and reading too fast and when I scrolled back I read SE like it was part of the model name, as in Special Edition. So its a Studio Experience then but what exactly is the model number? Anyways. I just don't know how the Studio Experience version will differ. Its a rebadge but will the "SE" version be identical to the Sanyo model? If not, how will it differ?
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