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Status of differnet D-cinema technologies?  

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Has DLP won the game with early market presence?
Can DILA based products catch up ?
What about outsiders such as Laser-CRT and GLV?

DLP seems limited in resolution to me struggeling to reach full HDTV specifications. Will they win on price/performance?

DILA is promising resolutions that DLP can only dream of having shown prototypes of 8k*4K panels. They are also well on their way towards quad HDTV (SHD) resolutions. I saw someone mentioning that NEC is looking at such a product. Who is in this camp, JVC, Kodak and NEC?

Sony is possibly the dark horse with GLV. GLV promising great colour, resolution and contrast. Has the advantage of varying aspect ratio with only the vertical "resolution" fixed. It was mentioned years ago that this technology easily could scale to SHD, about 8 megapixels.

Laser-CRT seems like the biggest outsider, smallest company backing the technology.

Will the future of home cinema projectors shape the technolgy choice for professional D-Cinema or will they be two separte markets?
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i just purchase a digital projection blackgight 4000 3 chip dlp with 1200:1 contrast and 1280X1024 chip.
this chip is the old 10°.
the new 12° will offers more than 2000:1 cr.and i believe in the next 15 month we will see 1920X1080 dlps(single chip) and after 2048X1536 3 chip models both with cr above 2000:1.
jvc is may be faster with a 3 chip 1920X1080 but can we expect an encrease from the 1000:1 cr?
so for my point off view expenisve products like the professionell 3 chip, big d ilas are for both aplications:real cinema and realy high end home cinemas.
there is no difference between real cinemas and home cinemas.
only may be the size of the screen is bigger in the normaly cinema.
but when i first demo the blackligh i feel it is to bright for my 10 feet screen(compare to my g 90)
now after 4 weeks i see it opposit the g 90 was not bright enough.
when you get used to such high light output its very hard to goes back.
i will replace my old screen and go up to 12 feet.
all over we can expect next year a lot of high end projectors above the 20000 price.and hd cams for 3000 us see posting in hd recorders.
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Will not consumer and professional DLP products vary alot when it comes to light output. Can a smaller DMD device take any amount of light from the requirements of home theater up to D-Cinema ? If this is not a case there will have to be smaller series produced of larger DMD devices. This reduces the const saving for the DLP camp.

On another note. Why do many manufacurers produce 2048*1536 panels. The JVC QX1 uses such a panel. W. Mayer speculates ? that DLP will come in single chip HDTV resolution and 3 chip 2048*1536. Why are not all panels widesceen such as with SHD (3840*2048) In the JVC roadmap there is a 4k*3k panel, that seems strange. The panel talked about SID 8k*4k makes more sense along with SHD. I have seen figures in articles from Microdisplay Report on DILA D-Cinema of 1600:1.

In the future we want as good or better than film at the movie theater. DLP equals or betters on many movie prints , but does DLP surpass film in resolution? This is where I think there is an opening for DILA with SHD resolution.

Does anybody know how serious Sony is with D-Cinema? This must be a huge market.
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Although DLP was first in the space, I wouldn't count anyone out.

From what I've been seeing, the other vendors are trying to get the "permanent" solution ready for the market. The current three-chip DLPs are probably going to need to be replaced due to their low resolution, but the next generation should be very interesting!

I know that Kodak's 2038x1536 solution is looking very promising, and they have been working very hard on getting it ready for market. I can't wait to see it!

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Originally posted by milori

I know that Kodak's 2038x1536 solution is looking very promising, and they have been working very hard on getting it ready for market. I can't wait to see it!

What type of PJ is the Kodak unit?
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Its the Dila. They are working on adding custom gamma curves to emulate film like NEC.They are working on a whole delivery system for the theater which includes their projector and a disk array with special rules to follow. Almost like a THX program.

Movies to disc will also be transfered to match the gamma curve of their projector. One is no good without the other.
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I like the Japanese. They think long term and plan in advance.
Here is an interesting link to a pdf that in the end describes a ultra high resolution project with 7680*4320.

It is NHK that is doing this development and research. In another piece of information from http://www.mdreport.com in their monthly summary of their newsletter there is information on a panel which supposedly has 7680*4096. That is LCOS (D-ILA) from JVC.

It seems like QHDTV (SHD) is just a step in the evolution to even greater reproduction of reality for total immersion in virtually real virtual reality.
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