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need help finding the right pj  

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I'm looking for my first pj, been reading the boards for about a week, and this site's been very helpful. I still have a few questions though, if someone could help me out.
I'm looking for a pj under $1,500, that produces the biggest image possible in a 15' long room. I'd like PQ to be decent, but size is top priority. The sharp m20s looks like a good choice, but I have not been able to figure out a way to measure how big the screen would be at 15' away.
Is there a number on all spec lists that would help me to figure this out?
Also, any suggestions on projectors in this range would be great
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Is this the PJ you're talking about...

Sharp PG-M20X Throw distance chart

Screen Minimum Maximum
Size Distance Distance
60" 1.53m 2.40m
80" 2.04m 3.20m
100" 2.55m 4.00m
150" 3.82m 6.00m

If so 15 feet would put you at about 125"
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thanks, im looking at the m20s but that helps as I assume the s is the same as the x. Is there a chart like this on most every spec sheet, because I haven't seen one before.
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are those measurements diagonal? Is there a PJ in my price range that would project bigger from the same distance? Sorry so many questions
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I believe that they are pretty close and yes, it's diagonal. You could do a search on www.projectorcentral.com for PJ specs.
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I didn't like the sharp and am getting ready to return it. The unit has some serious rainbows, which may or may not be apparent to everyone. The few amatures easily saw them before I explained what to look for.

Since your goal is a large screen there will be plenty of eye movement and they will definetly show up. I had no clue about rainbows until I bought this projector.

Everything else is great. The scaling and progressive processing works great. I just wish it was an LCD.
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so you feel rainbows are a much bigger issue than screendoor? What PJ would you suggest under $1500? thanks
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Rainbows will vary from person to person... I've had 20 plus people (ranging in ages) over to my house at various times and not one of them have seen a rainbow. (and yes I've checked) :) I've said this before but I feel it has to be repeated sometimes. (Some of these people include fellow AVS members. And some of them are those picky CRT owners ;) )

Check out these projectors for yourself and let your eyes be the judge.

EDIT: I own the LT150
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Now is this the projector that has been reported to have a lot of problems starting up(turning on). not sure but think it is, so do a search!

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Personally, I think that screen door would be a dream compared to what I saw on this particular projector. It really made it hard to concentrate on what was happening onscreen. I could make myself not turn my head quick, but then I would lose track of the movie. If you buy it just make sure they won't charge a restocking fee. I made that mistake because it looked great on paper.

This was my first projector too, so I don't really know what to recommend. I think that the Panasonics would offer a good value, except I can't find them anywhere in the states for a reasonable price. I am hoping that Alans Sanyo projector will reach my price range. Otherwise I will be forced into the used relm.


I realize rainbows will vary from person to person, but I think that this particular projector shows more. This was actually my first projector and I had no idea what to look for. I was gung ho on DLP before I actually witnessed this phenomon. I also tried for 3 days adjusting and tweaking to get them out with no success. I wanted this projector so bad that I tried to ignore them.

I definetly think that you should trust your own eyes, but in this projectors case I'm not sure. DLP has just left a bad taste in my mouth after the experience and it just isn't worth it for me to try another model.


I never had a problem with the power. If this had been a LCD panel it would be mine! It has the same processing and chip design as its big brother 20X.
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I realize rainbows will vary from person to person, but I think that this particular projector shows more.
Or... it could be that you are just sensitive to them? Maybe the Sharp PJ is worse than mine (haven't seen it myself) but I just didn't want anybody getting the wrong impression. In my experience it's not a problem for anyone I know but obviously it's a problem for you. (sorry to hear that)

Everyone's different but I think that people who see rainbows are few and far between. IMHO.

P.S. I know there are a few people on this forum who see them but we are very critical here aren't we? ;)

Like I said before, check it out for yourself. I could pick out flaws in every PJ if I wanted to but sometimes you just have to ask yourself... "Do I like this?" Good luck!
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I agree about it not effecting everyone. I am definetly in the minority. It is probably such a small group that manufacturers are not even paying attention to the issues that people are having. Then again TI does do a good job of marketing their product, so maybe it is just a bandwagon issue. :)

I completely agree about members on the forum being too picky about projectors, especially entry level models. All I wanted was a large crisp picture, not a chromatically accurate super machine.

I didn't have a large test audience, but the three people that saw this projector noticed rainbows. It didn't bother them as much as it did me though.

I am just advising that people not get burned by the restocking fee like I did because the unit looks like an entry level king.
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I agree. I just hope that people will check out these projectors on their own before making up their mind. Most retailers will allow you to test them out beforehand (unless you buy overseas) .
Good points though! I think we scared jbesio enough. ;)
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thanks guys. The only reason I don't see for myself is because I live in central NY and there is Nowhere I can actually look at these projectors. The only places I've found in a radius of 50 miles are Comp Usa(Epson powerlite 51c--crazy screen door) and Clarks music(Some 10K projector thats way out of my league). I have to buy based on whats on the net only, which kind of sucks, but people on this forum are very helpful. Now its an even harder decision, but I'm more informed at least. Anyone hear anything about the Benq7763pa? Seems like a good buy. Also, is there a PJ out there that can be had for $1000 or less new or used? I know my number keeps going down but I weigh all the options
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If you have a dedicated room which can be darkened, then think about CRT projectors. They are not for everyone as with everything there are pro's and con's.

The best bet is to draw up a table of say 3 or 4 projectors and list the good/bad points about them from advice taken on various forums and reviews in magazines/online.

Then either go ahead with a blind purchase or try to view the projector either from a fellow local home cinema enthusiast or a projector retailer.
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