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Zenith DTV1080 software upgrade?  

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I have modified the topic title regarding the 1080. The rest of this post and topic is unaltered. It will remain at the top until further notice.

I'm wondering if this upgrade will come on time. The promised date was 10/9 but there still is nothing indicated in the "future upgrade" section of the DTV1080 menu. It seems to me that any STB I've had that had gotten an upgrade would have already shown the date of the download by now (only 2 days away). It happened with the RCA DTC100 and with the Sony HD100. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see if no upgrade even occured. It seems Zenith is always changing their dates for some reason.
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We will find out soon enough. Maybe Zenith handles their upgrades differently than other companies?
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T minus ??????????? and counting.
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Just got off the phone with Zenith and they're still saying it's on schedule for tomorrw (after midnight tonight). We'll see.
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I'm assuming it'll take it even if switched on? I leave mine up for recording local OTA. I guess I could shut it down when I get up at 3AM.

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Good question Doc. I'm not sure. Perhaps idle is the more desirable state for receiving the upgrade? These units may not like multi-tasking. :)
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It should be OK whether on or off. Just don't unplug the receiver.
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Thanks Ken & Steve. I'll check it (and here) tomorrow..
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What issues will the s/w upgrade address?
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A whole bunch of issues including the "Panaroma Mode" problem, channel lists issues, plasma compatibility and a bunch more I don't recall.
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Ken, where did you originally here about this patch and its specs?
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3AM (ET) and nothing yet. Am I impatient, or what?

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We heard about it from Zenith tech support. One member got a date of 10/1 and I was told by tech support 10/9. However it's now about 7:10am (east coast time) and still nothing. I know from prior software updates on other STBs I've had we would already have seen it. They generally start in the very early morning hours. I was suspicious over the last couple of days when there was nothing showing in the "future updates" box. We should have seen today's date if it were actually coming today.

The day is young, we'll see, but I've got my doubts.
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I had a feeling that there would nothing. Someone needs to contact Zenith and tell them. I wonder if Zenith even knows how to do a software upgrade through Directv?
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Is there a way to get the upgrade if you are not yet on DirecTV?
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"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your e-mail.
Here is the answer for your inquiry.
If you ever need more information,
please do not hesitate to contact us again.

* Customer's Inquiry :

Hello, I was told that software upgrades for DTV1080 will be downloaded in the month of Oct. via DirecTV. I do not subscribe to
DirecTV service but would like to receive the upgrades. Is there an alternate way to receive the upgrades?
* Followup Question :

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your correspondence. Forward to Tech Suport.

Thank you,
Customer Interactive Center

Answer :
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your correspondence. Forward to Tech Suport.

Thank you,
Customer Interactive Center"

Is it lame? Or, is it lame?
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Originally posted by Jagerball
Is there a way to get the upgrade if you are not yet on DirecTV?
Supposedly, you can just hook your receiver into any DirecTV dish (a friend's house, for instance) configure it for DirecTV and put in the access card. Reboot. Tune to channel 100 or 201. You should see previews or Customer Service videos, even without a subscription. A subscription isn't necessary to receive the update. After it gets the update, you can go back into "setup" and reconfigure it for "no dish" and go back to life as usual. No telling how long it would take to retrieve the update, but I'd imagine you'd want to leave it hooked up for a few hours in standby.

The other method is to have an "authorized Zenith service center" jack into it and apply the update. I'd hazard a guess they've never seen one and wouldn't know what to do with it.

Right now, the best bet is to wait until the update shows up and we all have time to work with it. Could be you're better off without it. Might never even appear. Hard to say. Stay ...tuned.

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O.K. guys here's the latest from Zenith tech support. They insist the upgrade has already been sent out once. It is repeated twice a day at 2am & 2pm Pacific Time. I told him I didn't get the first one and he asked if the unit was on or off (mine was off). He suggested leaving the unit on and keeping it tuned to Transponder 8 where the upgrade is sent from. He thought that Channel 201 would correspond to Transponder 8. So look for the next one at 2PM this afternoon West Coast and 5PM East Coast time.

Keep your fingers crossed.
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I guess I will have to get the update tomorrow, because I'm at work and won't be home at 5pm(EST) and my unit is off.
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I just spoke to Daniel at Zenith Tech Support. He told me the following (actually read parts from a paper he has).

The update for the 1080 began at 2am today. The update will be sent each day for the first month, once a week for the next eleven months. At that point, it will be assumed that everyone has been updated. Each transmission is a complete update (ie, it is not being sent in parts) which may or may not be accepted by a specific receiver. Whether or not a receiver gets the update on a specific day is "luck of the draw" and there is nothing that can be done to increase the probability of getting it early.

Although I am a little suspicious of some of the details, I am now fairly confident that the update is underway. Whether it actually began last night (or perhaps there was a technical problem) is questionable. It will be nice when there are some reports of people actually receiving the update.
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Originally posted by nhurst

Whether or not a receiver gets the update on a specific day is "luck of the draw" and there is nothing that can be done to increase the probability of getting it early.

Luck of draw? What kind of s*&t is that? So basically I'm at the mercy of when my receiver feels like receiving the update?
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My DTV1080 is programmed to tune to channel 201 when powered down (via my Pronto) due to recommendations on this forum. Does channel 201 correspond to Transponder 8?

I've never heard that a STB has to be powered on to receive an upgrade. That certainly wasn't the case with my DTC100 that received a firmware upgrade when it was powered down. I suspect Zenith is incorrect in stating the DTV1080 must be turned on.

I guess I'll see when I get home tonight...
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Transponder 8? 101 is on 5. I think. Anyway, here's a list of transponder 8 channels: http://dbsforums.com/dbs/DTV101.htm

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If that one guy from Zenith is right, then I'm screwed for today because my Zenith was on ch. 201 when I turned it off last night.
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Ok, mine's on and set to 111 (Tp8). I'll letcha know in a couple of hours.

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Does anyone know if leaving the receiver tuned to a particulat sat channel has anything to do with getting the update?. I can imagine that having the multiswitch set to the correct LNB could affect what the receiver "sees" but apart from that, it doesn't seem likely, otherwise a Para-Todos subscriber that only ever watches channels on the 119 sat would never get the update.

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The manual states that if the receiver is on when receiving the update, the picture may be interrupted for a while until the update is complete, but that it will be OK after that.
It also says that it is fine for the receiver to be off, just not unplugged.
If it's off, is it tuned to any channel at all ? I would think not.
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Originally posted by SteveMcWilliams

If it's off, is it tuned to any channel at all ? I would think not.
Yeah, it is. Because it's not really "off." It's just not converting the digital signal into component video. The receiver portion is very much still on and receiving the datastream you last had it tuned to. It's still supplying voltage to the LNB and (if tuned to the 119) the 22khz switching tone to the multiswitch.

One would hope the update fixes that, too, so it always drops back to whatever "home" transponder Zenith wants it tuned to when turned "off."

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We still have conflicting responses from different Zenith techs. One says keeping the unit on and tuning into Transponder 8 will help receive the update, while another says that there's really nothing that will actually increase the probability of receiving the update.

Who to believe? I guess I will find out between tonight and tomorrow.
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