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Thanks for the info, DrDon.
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I'm confused now. I have v2.10 on my unit. I can't tell that it ever upgraded. A friend of mine also has 2.10.

Outside of losing the guide every once and a while, I haven't noted any other problems.

Were our sets supposed to get 2.11 via the upgrade and it didn't occur, or is 2.11 obtained by sending in the unit to Zenith?
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2.11 is currently obtained by sending your unit to Zenith. However, if you would read my earlier post, you would see that Zenith will be sending 2.11 via DirecTV sometime in the immediate future.
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Anybody receive an updated box serial 1A1 12480119 in the past three weeks?

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I would not wait for a download from DirecTV if you are experiencing problems that you want fixed soon. Do the exchange if your unit has numerous hours on it, fairly quick and painless. If you want your same box back, plan on the repair taking aprox. 2 weeks. No one to my knowledge can give you a date with any degree of certainty as to when a download is coming. All you need to do is call the number in one of the previous posts to confirm this. Randy
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Has anyone heard if/when Direct TV intends to download the 2.11 upgrade?
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This thread looks dead
Is there any update on the Direct TV 2.11 download timing----??
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Anyone, anyone, Bueller???
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Ok, just spoke with the STB Director at Zenith, and he said that DirecTV has decided not to release 2.11 via satellite transfer.

The only way to get the update is to send it back to Zenith. There is now no hope for any other option.

Thread closed?
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Well, rumoured in the Sony HD200 audio drop thread is that they will have a downloadable fix.

In theory the same fix may be applicable to the 1080 and 520 which are based on the same platform.

Perhaps the people at LG will roll out a fix for the dropout on the DTV1080 which would include the 2.11 fix and then maybe DirecTV will download....

Just speculating....
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LG is pretty much the OEM for the boxes, so don't expect a fix directly from them.
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Well I got impatient waiting for a fix and waiting to change channels. Zenith was pretty good about sending me a new unit, a 1080 which does change channels faster. Overall, I'm happy I changed.


Mike (Da Bears)
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