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front projectors - the great myth?........  

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why is it when you tell someone about front projectors
they look at you like you are crazy?
everyone is closed minded to the fact that they can buy a small
projector that will blow away a rptv.
on top of that, the main stores never have a display to show people.
it is almost as if they dont want it to catch on.
whats up with that?
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WAF? ;)
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i live in san diego
what store has front projectors set
up for me to view?
one major store in the city, hidden away in the back.
with no sales man who knows any thing about them.
and way, way overpriced, not hooked up right.
svideo, not vga.
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I'm in the San Diego area and had the same problem when I was looking to buy a projector. This area seems to be very lacking in HT stores that carry anything but big, boxy RP sets.

I'm assuming the "one major store" is Frys. Their setup is awful and the people there really don't know a thing about the projectors. I heard a rumor that some of the Tweeter stores now have a limited selection of projectors. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much.
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Hmmmmmm......here are a few reasons
1. too much ambient light in the stores to properly display a PJ
2. Joe 6pack doesn't want to dedicate a room strictly for HT
3. Many people are too cheap / thrifty / income challenged to afford anything that costs more than $500.
4. If you're on analogue cable.......what's the point?
5. PJ's usually require a decent sound system (mine has a 2 watt speaker I think)........see #3 above.
6. convergance, rainbows, waiting for the bulb to cool, screen-door........they ain't the most friendly devices out there

That being said, I love FP and wouldn't go back to a "TV" for anything.....until I see an 8' Plasma for less than 10 years wages:)
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So I go into a store which "specializes" here in "Home Theater'. It is filled with HUGE rear projection boxlike TV's and a couple plasma sets. There are several demo rooms which are filled with cheap "surround sound" audio sets most in the $500 range, complete with the amp and a full complement of speakers. I ask if they have any front projection and the fellow I am talking to points me to a young high-school age guy and says he can show me what they have. I am lead to one of the demo rooms (which has 25 foot tall ceilings and a bunch of those 4 lamp fluorescent light fixtures spaced evenly every 6 or so feet). It was so bright you could have surgery in there!!! There is a large pull down at the end of the room and a little AE100 dangling from a pole which must be close to 20 feet long from that really tall ceiling. The kid flips on a switch or two and then pokes a couple of buttons on a receiver and viola... a HD loop of some kind meant to demo equipment... but it appears about 1/2 on the screen and half off...

The kid swears and complains that the equipment has just been returned from a big 24 hour sales event they had just sponsored. He jumps up... gives the little Panny a whack with his hand to straighten out where it is pointing.... this starts it to swinging!!! like a pendulum!!! He says the Price at the Show was discounted to $3,000 for the show... to bad I missed it now they are $4,000 and they had sure sold a WHACK of them at the show ... and with this comment he makes another jump and gives the projector another slap this time in an attempt to stop the swinging.

If you have no place to see the equipment demo by my experience you aren't missing much:D
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Now that's funny!
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We have a very large electrical goods chain in the UK called Comet, I believe their owners are Dixons and various other large electrical chains. Anyway Im not sure what you could equate their stores to in the USA but most people in the UK regard their staff as pretty ignorant about their products and their pricing isnt exactly the best.

Anyway Ive been pleasantly surprised on two occasions when I have visited comet while browsing. The first was in one of their new warehouses where I got chatting to one of their older members of staff about large TV's. At the time I was looking at RPTV's and we both agreed that the setup of all Comets RPTV's was terrible!!. I said to the employee that nobody would buy their RPTV's because you have to crouch down to see a half decent picture. I said to the guy jokingly that they should tilt the RPTV's so the customers can see a half decent picture. I said I would leave the purchasing decision, and later on read up about front projection and the rest is history. Anyway a few days later I was in the same store and to my surprise all their RPTV's were tilted and they looked far far better. I walked up to the same salesman and said they look a lot better now and he agreed. We still both agreed that RPTV's were rubbish in clarity compared to CRT TV's and then he started chatting about his 29" TV hes had for almost 9 years but I digress on this story :)...

A few months ago I called into my local comet superstore, I always like looking around at the latest televisions, especially their incredibly large RPTV's/Plasma's they have setup in that superstore where they have loads of space. A salesman came accross and started to try to sell me one , I stopped him in his tracks and explained that I had a 114" screen at home so RPTV was a bit small for me :p . This sales guy was really interested about front projectors, I think we must of chatted for about 30 mins and he wrote down some of the av webforums which introduce people to the world of home cinema. He always presumed that front projection technology had to be expensive to get into, I think times have changed a lot and a lot of people dont know whats out there.

So the next time a salesman comes up to you, take the time out to introduce them to projectors, you never know their enthusiasm might rub off and you might see projector technology even more readily available at your local electrical store and ultimately projector prices will reduce further more.

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one of the major chain stores have a sony 11 and a sharp 9000 projecting from 18 feet back, and at first they had horrible lighting control. they corrected that but the picture is to big to compare to rear projection. people see rear p. and they say to themselves that this picture is more vibrate and brighter. I tell you if they just make a smaller screen like 100 inch they could get a larger crowd to notice a big diffrence. front projection blows away any rear.
1. flexiblity
2. larger viewing area, form all angles
3. portablity
4. larger screen
5. cost on some is equal to rears.
6. rear is bulky
7. glare on glass screens on rears
8. take glass off and potenial rip from animals or kids
9. less sq. footage in house is taken up by front prog. put a popcorn machine in the place for the rear prog.
10. a front can install in a bathroom.

I could add a few more if i think about it.

I think stores want to get all they can out of rears before they become history.

I give rears and tv's in general 5 years before they become more scares than fronts selling in stores.

thats my opinion.

Larry ep.
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Good idea actually. I think LCD front projectors will penetrate the world market big time over the next few years. Its only a matter of time, so why not speed it up. Out of sight, out of mind. You jar their brains enough and they'll come to their senses and start demanding this stuff from their suppliers. About one and a 1/2 years ago when I was shopping for the audio components for my home theatre I saw a breath taking front projection system at BRACK electronics, where I made the mistake of asking to hear a Mirage BPS-400 (which I later bought elsewhere for $600.00 CDN less, sorry Brack!). I was watching that football movie with Keanu Reeves. The room wasn't light controlled but the picture had NO artifacts, no pixels, no screen door, nothing. I think it might have been a CRT, LCOS or high end DLP but whatever it was, I was stunned and just stared at it mesmerized. I thought, I can't afford this today, but someday I bet I will be able to buy something comparable. At the store where I did buy the rest of my audio components I saw a Sony Cineza or something and I asked how much it was. I think they told me $12,000.00 CDN and my jaw just dropped. I had no idea that in less than one year I'd see an AE100 perform better than the $12K Sony and be told the person paid $2400.00 CDN for it! But one year later I'm shopping for an LCD PJ for less than the cost of a $4000.00 RPTV. So you AE100/200/300 and other LCD PJ owners, the next time you are in a store and you sense the salepeople's un-awareness of LCD front projectors, trick into going over to your house and show them your AE100 setups. Buy something small and ask that they come over to help install it. Or maybe if you invite them over they'll actually just accept. You make enough salepeople face the music of cheap 100" front projection and they'll go back to their stores pissed off that they can't sell the same stuff. Also, just ask for the stuff when in the store, say "Do you have the $2000.00 LCD front projectors?". That'll stimulate some retail demand!
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Looks like we are quite lucky here in Melbourne, Australia. We can pretty much get any brand mentioned and the demo rooms of most specialised hifi retailers are very good. Proper screen with light controlled rooms. There are approximately 12 Audio Visual Retailers within a radius of 35 km who carry big brand projectors.
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Here I think only the best stores have proper setups. They are around, but its disappointing that more stores don't have the proper lighting and projector setups.
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Only a handfull of places in San Diego that showcase and front projetion units that I'm personally aware of.However,there are a few that carry digital projectors that are in decent rooms to view the possibilities.

Stereo Design - Clairmont Mesa Blvd.

Breir's (sp) - Claimont Mesa Blvd. (Runco)

Convoy Audio - Kearney Mesa area (Sony )

Stereo Unlimited - Sports Arena Blvd.
(They have a Piano Plus and a Runco DLP setup)

Hope this is some help.
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I find many people shocked when I say I spent $4,000 for my last "TV". These shocked people are often the same ones spending $50 a month for cable or satellite.

I guess they never multiply that $50 out for 5 years and see they've spent $3,000 for entertainment (assuming they never buy any DVDs), only to watch it on a $300 screen.
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Originally posted by Gregoire
1. too much ambient light in the stores to properly display a PJ
Tweeters has multiple light controlled rooms to display plasma screens and no front projector displays :(

3. Many people are too cheap / thrifty / income challenged to afford anything that costs more than $500.
But best Buy will still display more than one $13,000 plasma screen and not a $2000 projector?

It annoys me too because I am about to spend the most amount of money Ive ever had at one time in my life on something I haven't seen... Although I'm sure I'll love what I get, I wish I wasn't so limited in my ability to compare models / brands. :(
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