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I asked this in the LD forum but I guess I need to re-ask it here!

I just watched Star Wars SE with my Pioneer CLD-79 on my 32" NTSC TV. I wonder how it would look using a Pioneer X9, an iScan and a good LCD front projector? That would be the ultimate. I say LCD cause thats what I am shopping for. I will be getting an AE200, AE300 or Sanyo LPZ-V1 in the next little while. I was planning to sell my Lasers and player eventually, but I was curious if someone has an X9 a good line doubler and an AE100 LCD front projector. I was just wondering how good it looks. Kinda weird question but I just wonder how good it is. I know the LD isn't anamorphic, but I'm still curious how that setup compares to DVD on an AE100. The closest I've seen is LD playback via a Pioneer DVL700 (dvd/ld) player. Not a bad player but certainly not nearly as good as an X9.

I actually DON'T want someone to convince me to keep my LD player but I just want to know what I'll be missing should I manage to sell the LD player BEFORE I get the projector. (obviously my 79 isn't the match of an X9 but you get the idea).