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M20XA is this normal?  

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I've had my Sharp for 2 weeks now and have looked around on this forum about the picture quality and settings.But was wondering if this is normal for a dvd(non progressive) to have great picture quality but my Directv looks blurry (it looks clear with people's close ups).My sat receiver has comp out but this does not help.What does everyone have their settings at if you don't mind me asking.My projector is about 15ft back on a little over 100" home depot screen.By the way I love this projector!
Thanks Bruce
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The only channel that truely looks good to me is HBO-HD. The OTA digital channels look very good, even the 480i ones look better than the normal DSS channels. I guess the bit rate on most sat channels is not high enough for an 8' image.
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I agree with jmrobbins.

Over the weekend I installed a new OTA antenna to work with MyHD and my M20X. The nice surprise was how good my analog channels looked in comparison to DirecTv. Over time they have squeezed the bitrate down so much that the picture is not really that good. They sold the service based on it's "digital picture", however, they were less than forthcoming about the bitrates. I have been watching OTA DTV whenever I have the choice. Even if a program is not HD it still looks so much better in digital. Last week I recorded Amazing Race and Survivor using MyHD. While they were not HD they still looked so much better that anything else available. And the fact that I was able to time shift onto my M20X just made me giddy.

I've now decided that my dream box would be an HD Tivo that received AND recorded both DSS and OTA digital. That's a lot of hardware in one box but it would be priceless.

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Thanks, that makes me feel alot better that its not my setup.
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